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Driver Academy – Entrepreneurship and Reasons

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Open a Driver’s Academy

We teach you all the ins and outs so that you can open a Driver’s Academy and make a living teaching others how to drive vehicles of all kinds.

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Reasons to Open a Driver’s Academy

When we think about the reasons behind our project to open a Driving Academy, we might ask ourselves why anyone would want to learn to drive. Here are the possible reasons that will make you decide:

Vehicle Purchase: When a person buys or is about to buy or receive a vehicle, the first thing they think about is driving it. To do so, he needs to have his driver’s license, which will be given to him after a test that he will have to pass. Therefore, someone will have to teach you how to drive in order to pass the test. This is the first reason that justifies opening a Driver’s Academy.

Job Requirement: Other people may need to know how to drive as a job requirement, both now and in the future. In the first case, it may be a skill that you are required to have when you join a company. In the second case, the person may plan to work as a driver, either for a family or a private company.

Spouse of a person with a vehicle: when in a couple one of the members has a vehicle and the other person does not know how to drive, it becomes uncomfortable and may even cause inconveniences in the future. In these cases, it is best to take driving lessons, take the test and use the vehicle when it is necessary to pick up the children from school, among other things.

Requirements to Open a Driving Academy

When you think about opening a Chauffeur’s Academy, take into account the following requirements:

Local: have a place to set up the office and do the paperwork. It can be small, even 30 m2, since the only thing you will need is a couple of desks with their respective computers and the people who work in your academy, from the drivers to the administrative staff, if necessary.

Cars: to open a Driving Academy and teach other people how to drive, you will inevitably need at least two cars for the classes. These must be in good condition, as it is feasible that you receive inspections from the Traffic Department of your country, but they do not need to be new models, but can be several years or decades old. A very important detail of the cars is that they must have brakes on both front sides, ie the passenger seat must have one so that, if the student does not react in time, the teacher has the possibility of stopping the car.

Teachers: you will need a qualified and trained teaching staff and their number will depend on the demand for classes you have. Try to interview each one and see that they meet the requirements of knowledge and human quality that you want your academy to represent by opening a Driving Academy.

Open a Driver's Academy

Advantages of having a Driver’s Academy

The need for professional drivers and driving instruction to a position of first need, which makes this type of business an excellent idea of business investment, once made the initial investment will always be perceived profits.

It is a business that gets users quickly as soon as it starts operating due to its high demand, in addition the pedagogical processes for instruction are relatively simple which makes the learning process a feasible case for many school users.

Tips for setting up a Driver’s Academy

Always have good accident insurance, so that you can respond easily and effectively to any unforeseen event. This type of business always has a percentage of risk during teaching practices.

Acquire resistant vehicles, whose brand is recognized by its quality standard, in this way it will be possible to get the maximum performance from the units for training and to keep a maintenance control according to it.

Success stories 

Driver’s school, an institution that manages the highest quality policies for teaching professional driving, with the mission of imparting a broad vision and values to its students about the driver’s profession.

Supported by the Valencian Association of Driving Schools, they have a large dedicated space, minimising the risk of accidents and improving the learning experience for the centre’s users.

Problems that can arise in this business

Acquiring different units to teach the classes can be very expensive, besides this is a business that lends itself easily to accidents, so you must have the space and acquire the appropriate insurance to minimize the responsibilities in case of such a circumstance

The maintenance or constant change of units for driving courses can represent a high range of expenditure in the business so be prepared with an amount of money that could be allocated to other business functions.