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Driving School Business – Requirements, Documentation and Legality

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Starting a driving school business

If you are passionate about the world of cars and on top of that have patience and love for teaching and instruction, setting up a driving school could be the profitable business idea you’ve been waiting for. We are all certainly attracted to the idea of being able to start and run our own business, which allows us to set our own hours, earn an income and all, based on our own efforts, fulfilling our dreams and not those of others.

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To answer the initial question, the answer is yes, it is a profitable business. The profitability of this business is due to the fact that the demand is very high, as many people want to obtain their own vehicle with which they can travel anywhere, even at an early age, as soon as they reach the established age. The truth is that the profits provided by this business are considerably high, which promotes this sector as a stimulator for microenterprise.

It is not a secret that the purchase of vehicles has been a business that has grown over time, because at this time represents a great opportunity performance this business, however, this is not the approach that we will have, but this is directed to the teaching of driving, document or certification key that must have someone to drive without problems. Many families, try at least, to have a vehicle that facilitates their displacement, so the learning is extremely important, so many people access to driving schools in order to learn, improve their techniques and so on.

You should know that at present, the demand for this type of business, is growing, because many of the expectations of people are located in obtaining a car, their first car. In addition to the high profits that the business promises, you can contribute to the reduction of accidents and failures with the teaching.

Starting a driving school business

What you must take into account to set up your driving school

Here are a few things to keep in mind and not let go, to mount this type of business today:

Learning and knowledge: It is key that you have the ability to teach and instruct, as well as patience for fearful drivers, because over time, the techniques will be strengthened. However, an even more important aspect is the knowledge you must have about it. It is essential that you know the rules and regulations governing the car industry in your country, you must research and have all the knowledge, evaluate it, examine it and know it fully. Some of the rules that should govern within the school also focus on the conditions that must be met by the place, such as: the inspection of each of the vehicles, licenses, insurance, among others. Don’t forget to count as the license that recognizes you as a driving instructor.
The school’s registration: It is necessary that the school you set up, like any other type of business, has a license that allows it to operate. For this reason, you must register your school, since sometimes you must present your respective licenses for accreditation as a teaching center.
Development of a business plan: Developing a business plan is extremely useful for any entrepreneur, even for establishments that are already set up. This plan should include the potential expenses that the school will have, since this will be the key that will give us the estimated data on the investment capital that we need. In addition to this, it is important that you identify and establish, what is the main objective of the business, the marketing strategies you will use to achieve the expectation, the space you will occupy, the staff, the competition and in general, all the initial operation of the driving school. On the other hand, the calculation will allow us to clarify if we will need help from a financing, to which we will have to expose the business plan.
The location of the school: One of the most important points to clarify is the location of the school, because this point could certainly mean the failure or the absolute success of your business. Some of the ideal spaces that you can consider are the areas near the avenues, where the entrance and access to the school is extremely simple, besides having an excellent visualization by the public. Don’t forget to have enough space so that customers can practice without any problem.
The staff and the work tool: To begin with, it is not necessary to acquire a large number of vehicles, however, one may not be enough, since the average is between 3 and 4 vehicles. It is important that the cars are not old, but relatively new, as they must be adapted to the clients

and the car they’re thinking of getting. It is necessary that you have vehicles in the best conditions, because in this way we save maintenance that could be possible to avoid. As for the personnel, there could be an additional instructor, a person who advises and offers information about the business and a person in charge of the general maintenance of the vehicles.
Insurance: It is essential that you have insurance, since the use will be given by third parties who will practice on this exercise. Insurance for driving schools is special, because the people who use it, remember that they do not have a driver’s license yet. If you don’t have this type of insurance, it would probably be the school’s responsibility to pay for the damages caused by the practice and not by the company directly.
Advertising your business: To advertise your own business you have several options, one of them is through the Internet, a tool that proposes, in addition to advertising, the creation of your own website, which represents an extremely useful tool where your services, offers, means of contact and location and so on may be available. While the social networks, allow you to be in contact with customers, so you can know their main needs about the sector and implement them in your school. Do not forget the classic and efficient media such as newspapers, television, radio or others like flyers, ads and so on.

Requirements to start with a driving school

There is a high level of competition in the driving school market due to the number of schools.

The growth of the driving school sector has been decreasing in a significant proportion. Thus, driving schools depend on the needs of the population. Therefore, to get driving school customers the most important thing is to have patience, especially during the first months.

Setting up a driving school business requires an academic degree and at least an ESO graduate, or equivalent. You must have staff with a Class B driver’s license for at least 2 years.

Requirements to start with a driving school

Advantages of having a driving school

Having a driving school provides a service to help people who are looking to learn to drive and need guidance and support to do so. Not only for this learning, but also to pass the test and get a driver’s license.

In Spain the activity is regulated by the ROYAL DECREE 369/2010, 26th March, and the Regulation of the Private Driving Schools in the ROYAL DECREE 1295/2003, 17th October

Success stories of a driving school

A successful company is Pons Seguridad Vial, they support the client to pass the driving test, passing the tests to obtain the driver’s license.

Another successful driving school is Santa Cruz, which also prepares its clients for the practical driving test and the tests regarding the specifications and regulations that must be complied with for traffic signs and other duties as a driver.

Problems that may arise in your driving school business

 It may happen that the trainee in his insecurity has trouble following instructions correctly and may have a collision. The trainer, when using the general road of vehicles, puts the safety of others at risk. The trainer may not have enough patience to guide the trainee and conflicts may arise that could lead to the customer being driven away.

Final recommendations for the success of your driving school

It is recommended that before opening your driving school you have all the permits up to date. In addition, acquire a vehicle liability insurance in case of accidents. Cultivate patience and perseverance to tolerate any learning difficulties the customer may have.