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French Language Academy – Characteristics, Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Open a French Academy 

Of the living languages that have survived and are still in use, French remains the “language of love”. Therefore, everyone wants to learn it and thus be able to speak with its musicality. For this reason, we tell you how to open a French Academy so that you can teach it and earn a lot of money at the same time.

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Why open a French Academy

Opening a French language school is based on the fact that this language has a sweet attraction that makes people want to learn it. Whether it is as an intellectual leisure activity or because there are work needs, an Academy of French responds to certain needs that make it a very convenient business.

The French language, besides being the one chosen to be learned for pure pleasure, has interesting job opportunities in the field of translations, in companies that maintain commercial relations with France, to work in no less than the French Embassy and, of course, to travel to that country, since the French are not very friendly to communicate in other languages.

Organisation of a French language academy

The organization of a company is essential for everything to work well and the Académie de Français is no exception.

The first thing to do is to determine a study plan and arrange for the validation of exams with a university in France. This will give seriousness and commitment to your French Academy, since the graduates will be able to endorse their knowledge with a diploma issued by an entity located directly in France.

A very fashionable idea is to organize trips to the country of origin of the language you teach, that is to say France, where the students will have the opportunity to use what they have learned in a context where their mother tongue will not be used as a resource, as it usually happens in the classroom.

At the same time, it will be highly convenient if you have courses without such academic requirements, which are designed for those who want to learn the language as a matter of personal achievement or simply to spend their free time on something. These courses will be without time pressure and homework and will be given in a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of use of songs, videos, pleasant readings and a rich mini tea service in a cut that will be done in the middle of each class.

Open a French Academy 

It is important that you have a well-stocked library with textbooks and entertainment, as well as magazines, newspapers and a couple of computers with Internet access so that students have access to this material and options to enhance their learning.

Each course should be carefully detailed, with its objectives and graduation profile clearly marked.

You should also carefully select the staff that will accompany you in this cultural project and verify that the profile of each employee fits the imprint of your French Academy.

Finally, select a location, which can be anything from an apartment to a picturesque house, depending on the investment you wish or are able to make.

Once you have all this decided and installed, you can start advertising yourself as a French Academy and start receiving the first clients.

Requirements to start a French Academy

Firstly, you must have advanced knowledge of the language so you must be trained and certified as such, so that you can offer an impeccable service provided with all the necessary knowledge to teach the language.

Acquire or rent a premises, so that you can organize different classrooms according to your level and give specific classes, so that different generations and levels of French can be received at the institution.

There is also a distance mode, you can build a web page or interactive platform to watch classes on the Internet, at present it is a form of education that is gaining strength and it seems to be here to stay in modern society.

Search and attach trained personnel to attend the school, the larger the population of students who want to learn, the more teachers are needed to meet the demand, in addition to sufficient physical space.

Requirements to start a French Academy

Advantages of having a French Academy

All the generations of people who want to study, work or live abroad must learn the language of origin, so the French academy is essential, especially for the work field that asks for a certificate for specific jobs that may contain salaries a little higher than the usual average, so the earnings per student are an excellent margin.

Another advantage in this business is the contact and the doors that the field of this language opens, stimulating the access to the understanding of a different culture, so that the French in itself supposes an advantage in the society, by the access that contains the power to communicate

through it.

Tips for starting at Académie de Français

The new technologies provided by technological progress help in a good way to the learning, systematization and contact with the student so it is recommended to make use of it, ie try to establish its platform on the Internet so that this means a significant savings at the beginning and then consider an expansion with its physical platform.

Trying to seek contact with users from other countries and stimulate the exchange, this department of the academy can bring good profits and an access to value the academic programs in foreign currency, which is a step forward with respect to the compatibility with the foreign currency of the country whose students come from exchange given the case and a possible gain to the exchange of the foreign currency.

Success stories

The Language Academy of Toledo, is a successful language company, which has a constant study program, also has classes of English, French and German with qualified native teachers and extensive experience in teaching them. The courses are aimed at children and young people as well as adults and companies, in small groups and with a methodology developed by its Pedagogical Department with headquarters in Bern (Switzerland).

Inlingua Toledo is part of Inlingua International which is the largest organization in the world dedicated exclusively to specialized language teaching. We offer our clients an exclusive method, constantly updated material and human resources and more than fifty years of experience in language teaching.

Problems that can arise at Academia de Francés

Organizing a French language academy can be a challenge, since it requires various legal requirements to function formally, so that the academy has accreditation and can issue certificates to its students. This factor can sometimes take longer than expected, so you must be patient in the process.

The business needs enough space to operate, otherwise it will be limited to the amount of students that the academy can admit according to the space, in addition the administrative area must be attached where the accounting and other departments work in the academy.