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Setting up a hairdressing academy – Profitability, Growth and Tips

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Start a hairdressing academy

For women with whom Nature was not very kind, there is the hairdresser. More and more clients visit and become clients of hairdressers every day. Because first you have to learn everything about it, it is more than profitable to set up a hairdressing academy.

Know here all the businesses related to education

First of all, let’s identify the potential client so that we can set up a hairdressing academy with more security:

Students who have just graduated from high school and want to build their profession: these are very young people who want to make the hairdressing their livelihood and have chosen it as their first, and perhaps only, professional option.

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Students who have dropped out of high school and want to go into hairdressing.

People who, after having dedicated themselves for years to a profession or having worked in a company, realized that what they were doing was not what really identified them or, they were fired from their job. They are older people who will incorporate the hairdressing salon into their lives for the first time.

Designing the course before setting up a hairdressing academy

First things first, which in this case is the setting of the course. The idea is to bring out professionals who can work in hairdressing and beauty salons in general, so the student should leave with the following knowledge very well consolidated: cuts, hairstyles, brushing, color, lighting, reflections, highlights, California, sweeping, permanent, laundering, progressive brushings, manicure, pedicure, hair removal, makeup, basic cosmetology.

Who teaches when you decide to set up a hairdressing academy?

The teaching staff is something fundamental. There are several options: if you are the professional hairdresser, you can teach everything. In case you are only the entrepreneur who decided to set up a hairdressing academy, you can hire a professional in the area to design and teach the courses.

However, the most recommendable thing is that a professional of each area is in charge of that subject. For example: a colorist will be in charge of colorimetry, a manicurist will be in charge of manicuring, and so on.

In this way, the academy will have more academic support and prestige.

Start a hairdressing academy

Requirements for setting up a hairdressing academy

To open a hairdressing academy you need to have capital as a requirement for the rental of the premises, the purchase of the equipment and the supplies.

Likewise, it is necessary that the curriculum with the courses be approved by the agencies in charge of education in the country. It is also important that the curriculum includes courses adapted to the needs of both the applicant and the market, such as hairdressing, make-up and manicure courses.

Necessary qualifications for a hairdressing academy: contact the corresponding public bodies to register your company and be able to invoice. You will also need to obtain the endorsement of the Ministry of Education so that your diploma will be much more valuable.

Premises required to set up a hairdressing salon: you must have premises suitable for this purpose and be able to install mirrors and sinks.

Materials to set up a hairdressing academy: You will need the following: hand dryers, foot dryers, sinks, towels, curling irons, hats, brushes, combs, crochet needles

Reasons to choose you when you decide to set up a hairdressing academy

For students to choose you, you must meet the following requirements:

To offer what the competition doesn’t offer: you must study very well what the competition offers, both state and private. Once you have their proposals, improve them with a unique one.

That is, if the competition has schedules only in the evening, you offer in the morning, afternoon and evening, and so on with everything that the competition offers.

You must study your competitor a lot, have you done your homework today?

Costs needed to start a hairdressing business

The biggest investment you should make in setting up a hairdressing academy is the premises, equipment, hiring the teaching staff, registration of the company, permits, and advertising the business.

Problems that can arise in your hairdressing business 

One of the challenges that arise in the business of setting up a hairdressing academy is the study program that will be offered and also to get the endorsement of the Ministry of Education to provide the certificates properly supported so that graduates can then work.

Final recommendation for your hairdressing business to succeed

Training to work in a beauty salon or to create one of your own requires time and dedication on the part of the students. Setting up a hairdressing academy requires a series of processes that

The study and construction of the entrance and exit profiles of the applicants, as well as the respective validation of the study plan to be offered.

Success stories of the hairdressing business

Success stories of the hairdressing business

A successful hairdressing academy is the Academia Madrid Baranda, where they train professionals with a team of professionals, and a technique based on real practice. They have 30 years in the teaching sector, with several awards and high prestige.

They have been awarded several prizes that endorse their professional career, among them the gold laurel award that is given due to the effort, innovation and merit in the work done for the training. They have also received the gold medal for their effort and dedication to teaching.

Another prestigious academy is Pivot Point, which belongs to an international group with more than 50 years of experience in the field of teaching-learning in hairdressing. We have three centres in Spain that have been recognised as the best hairdressing schools in Europe and the world by the very famous Intercoiffure Mondial.