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Higher Institute of Pedagogical Training – Tips and Advice

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Opening a Higher Institute for Educational Training

More and more children suffer from pathologies that prevent their learning from flowing as expected. In turn, the discovery of multiple intelligences has opened up the possibility that the contents are taught from another place and not from the traditional scheme of teacher-model, student-receiver, in which only auditory and logical-mathematical intelligence is appealed to. Due to these and other situations that daily take over the classrooms and leave the traditional teacher “tied hand and foot”, it has become necessary to create and open a Higher Institute in Pedagogical Training.

Know here all the businesses related to education

What a Higher Institute of Education offers

A Higher Institute in Pedagogical Training offers the following careers:

Psychopedagogy: when knowledge is not assimilated in the way that a child of a certain age should, the help of a psychopedagogist is used, who, in communication with the teacher, treats the contents taught and identifies the way in which the child should be treated and approached so that he or she can manage to assimilate them.

Psychomotor skills: when the child has motor problems, a psychomotor specialist is consulted, who helps the child to write better, draw in a satisfactory way for him/her and participate in sports activities and games.

Musicology: it is the science of managing to learn and also to complement a therapy with the help of music, both listening to it and creating it. It is a new alternative that appeals to the therapeutic power of music, as well as to musical intelligence.

Therapeutic Accompaniment: children with autism and Asperger’s are now welcomed with open doors in both state and private schools. But this measure is not free of charge in terms of social bonds, since the child is still seen as different and, what most calls for action, is that he acts differently. For this reason, it needs a pedagogical companion, who acts as a link between the teacher and the child. Currently many psychologists play this role, but they would be lacking training in the area of pedagogy and, on the other hand, the price they charge may be considerably higher than a pedagogical accompaniment.

Sex Educator: because the story of “the little seed” is already history, sex educators are needed in schools who are prepared to inform, teach and train children from the tender age of 6 or 7 in what it is, what it encompasses and how to deal with sexuality.

Opening a Higher Institute for Educational Training

Make your Higher Institute for Educational Training an eligible place

There are universities that offer these degrees, so you have to think about what to do so that they choose you instead of them. Here are some surefire tips to help you do that:

Make yourself known: it is essential to print out flyers with information about the courses and techniques, which should be eye-catching and have lots of photos and different fonts.

Get validated: Apply to the Ministry of Education in your country. This is the only way to ensure that your Instituto Superior en Formación Pedagógica will have the seriousness and prestige that the professional will need when it comes to finding a job.

Take away the padding: many times these careers are offered at universities with “padding” subjects that, if we are honest, are not useful. Take them away and put in hours of practice instead, or simply reduce the time load of the course so that the student can make more of his or her day and the day of study.

Internships: make agreements with schools so that they allow you to take your students to practice with real children, with real problems.

Job bank: an Instituto Superior en Formación Pedagógica must have agreements and contacts with schools so that, when they need to cover a position, they ask the institute to send them a student with very good grades.

Requirements to start a Pedagogical Training

One of the requirements of this business is to be an accredited trainer of trainers. Usually a pedagogue is trained at universities, at faculties of education and obtains a degree that accredits him/her to interact in a professional way with people who want to learn and develop competences in the field.

Generally, this type of business is opened in spaces and places where there are no access and facilities for this training. Usually, pedagogical training institutes offer training to teachers in special areas such as learning difficulties, dyslexia, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, among other pathologies that make learning in these cases, not take place.

The institute can have a wide market for the training of teachers specialized in each problem and contribute to the learning of the mentioned children.

Tips to start Pedagogical Training

The creation of the School Pedagogical training should be opened with a professional profile in mind that supports teachers as the main agents of the teaching and learning processes, consequently reinforcing the quality of training and stimulating their professional commitment.

It is necessary to promote in the professional the mastery of methodologies and strategies that facilitate cooperation and teamwork, in a positive climate of interaction aimed at improving the quality and effectiveness of teaching and learning processes, within the framework of a shared project.

To propose a curriculum that trains professionals with solid knowledge, developing basic skills and the cultivation of attitudes and values necessary for comprehensive training in various areas that are indispensable to complement education in schools.

Advantages of having Pedagogical Training

One of the advantages of this business is that training can be offered, creating an accredited centre with which professionals can be trained, teachers who attend to specific needs of students that schools have not been able to solve due to lack of training of their human resources.

Problems that may arise in Pedagogical Training

To start a pedagogical training business, it is not enough to have an idea, a decision has to be made and a process of rethinking, innovation and discernment has to take place. In these times, no one is in a position to waste money and that is why, before moving into unknown spaces, it is better to take the necessary precautions.

To open this business, you must first have studied the market and know that there is a potential and sustainable over time. Knowing that pedagogical training is for people who are specialized and know the field.

Tips to start Pedagogical Training

Success stories

The Sebastian Gertrudix Pedagogical School is a successful pedagogical concept that consists of making students respectful of others, with a deep sense of democracy and solidarity, good competence in learning and great autonomy for study and work.

The idea is that those interested should encourage curiosity for learning and be willing to contribute to the improvement of the community in which they are integrated.