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Industrial Design Center – Startup Guide, Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start an Industrial Design Center 

An Industrial Design Centre is a school that is dedicated to teaching how to produce and improve production at an industrial level, that is, in series, of various consumer and capital goods, both in form and function. Its objective is to train professionals in the area, who can be hired in factories or offices of recognized brands that choose to innovate every day through a modern, functional and, not least, aesthetic design.

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Industrial Design Center Entrepreneur Profile

The profile of the person at the head of an Industrial Design Centre is that of a person who has graduated from the same career and who has extensive experience in the design of at least one of the goods to which this discipline is focused. All his experiences in the area will be put at the service of the teaching staff in charge of him and the students who have entrusted their professional training to that institution.

At the same time, as far as his personal characteristics are concerned, he will be a person who finds it easy to negotiate and resolve conflicts, knowing how to put himself at the feet of each of the people who, as teachers or students, belong to the centre and have placed their trust in it.

What is taught in an Industrial Design Centre

An Industrial Design Center is dedicated to teaching a cutting-edge career that is focused on fashion, automotive, toy, furniture, wood products, ceramics, machinery and equipment, aircraft industry, glass products, plastic products, jewelry, footwear, graphic arts, interior design, intelligent spaces and transformation products.

In all these areas, the career focuses on designing and redesigning products, always with a view to improving their qualities, placing the emphasis on their form and function, with the user being the priority in their design. The Industrial Design Centre also provides training in the longevity of the product, as well as the optimisation of the material resources used in the manufacturing process.

Ergonomics, functionality and comfort are the three pillars on which the production that modern users demand is based, therefore the brands are in full demand of capable and trained professionals to design them.


Requirements to form an Industrial Design Center

Authorizations and Permits: you need to register your company and specify that it will have educational activities, so you will also need the authorization of the Ministry of Education.

Location: it will be necessary for the Industrial Design Center to have a physical location with spacious rooms in which to hold classes. It must be equipped with the furniture and technological elements that a modern classroom requires.

Teachers: the school will have to have a teaching staff of the highest level, which will be in charge of giving classes, qualifying and deciding on the approval of each of the subjects.

Advantages of having an Industrial Design Center

Industrial design is a field highly demanded by manufacturing companies, especially those that include in their operations the manufacture of a specific product, such as a computer case or even cars, which makes this business an excellent idea of entrepreneurship, presenting good profit margins according to the acquisition of customers.

In this business you can breathe creativity so it can be a fun activity, easily improving the quality of work and the search for perfection through the technical knowledge acquired at the university, in addition it is a type of work that does not require extensive physical activity in the sense of carrying or building.

Tips for starting an Industrial Design Center

It is recommended to use interactive service platforms on the internet to start your business if you do not have enough funds to acquire the physical platform, the experience may be different and less successful than having the creative space but it is a good way to start in the industrial design business, also if you are starting completely it is recommended to look for a designer job in another company already organized so that you can acquire experience and capital to set up your own business.

By having the space try to acquire the most vital design tools from computer devices to manual design elements, so that you have a wide field to think and use the creativity of the sketch for the client’s product or the total creative process involved in the design creation process.

Industrial Design Center success stories

Prototype 0 is a remarkable success story, a relatively recent industrial design company, founded in 2015 by a committed group of engineers and designers, with the aim of applying policies of excellence and accompanying its clients so that they can succeed in the market.

This company has a personalized assistance for the customer, so that in its years of service have managed to develop 27 products successfully, with 180 machines currently in operation, 11 active projects and in the process of successful completion with 16 different industrialization services.

Problems that may arise in the Industrial Design Center

Industrial design is complicated and requires extensive studies in order to provide a first class service that also represents a considerable level of competence, so one must enter university before considering setting up this business.

There may be competition present due to the high level of professional graduates, making it difficult at first to attract enough clients.