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Institute of English for Babies and Children – Model and Organization

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Opening of English Institute for Infants and Children-Games

The handling of languages, especially English, is becoming more and more necessary in a globalized and competitive world. Although it is never too late to learn, the sooner you start, the better results you will get. Therefore, we teach you how to open an Institute of English for Babies and Children and thus start a rewarding and profitable career.

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Reasons to have an English Institute for Infants and Children

You may be wondering why start an English Institute for Babies and Children business when the classic is to open one from teenagers to adults. However, based on the theory that the earlier the better, it is much more convenient to start at three months and acquire it naturally, than to start after childhood.

The method of teaching is based on the naturalness with which we acquire the mother tongue. Therefore, the classes will be based on games, music and other activities that recreate and entertain, since without these last two components, it is impossible for learning to take place in an infant or young child.

It is this type of venture the opposite of what normally happens, since in this case, the crisis tends to strengthen this franchise venture. The reason? that every adult responsible for a child in times of crisis, does his or her best to provide them with tools that make them almost irreplaceable workers, is what makes opening an English Institute for Babies and Children a profitable business.

Requirements to Open an English Institute for Infants and Children

Opening an English Institute for Infants and Children requires the following points to be taken into account:

Method: teaching babies from three months to early childhood requires the same method as that used to acquire the mother tongue. So nothing will be imposed in a prevailing way, but knowledge must flow and be acquired as the months go by and through play, songs, movement, “doing” things as the language is learned. Therefore, this point will be the pillar of success of your institute, so take your time to elaborate a serious method based on theories that deal with the subject of mother tongue acquisition.

Space: the premises or physical space you have will need to have large empty spaces, both in classrooms and outdoors if possible. In this way, there will be places with ample space for children to move around and learn at the same time.

English Institute for Infants and Children

Advertise your venture: once you have it, it is time to advertise it. To do this, make yourself flyers of very good quality and on luminous paper. On the other hand, support this campaign with a web page and a social network account, to which you will invite many friends to join you.

Dare to start a cutting-edge business with a remarkable growth demand thanks to the market niche that has been generated and increases every day.

Advantages of having an English Institute for Babies and Children

In modern society it is customary for parents to encourage their children at a very young age to master different languages, because of the importance this implies for their future, so the institution of English for babies and children can be an excellent idea, representing a high margin adjusted to the influx of students in the school.

The pedagogical programs are relatively easy for the children, since they include the most basic levels of teaching, besides that this business breathes a completely healthy and familiar atmosphere unlike other types of businesses.

Tips for starting an English Institute for Babies and Children

Get good training in interactive web tools, it is also recommended to study the possibility of focusing your business on a web platform, given the successful consequences that have been seen in many English institutions throughout the world.

It is recommended to study the multiple payment platforms that exist today, so that the payment method is always facilitated to the user according to his needs, in addition it is recommended to have pedagogical programs always innovative and dynamic that help to make the learning experience a friendly event for the young student.

Problems that may arise

The learning process of children can vary, many times it is very fast, but, in other occasions the attention of the child can not be so inclined towards the language, representing a time in the pedagogical field.

Quite a lot of space is needed so the rental costs can be high, you must have good knowledge of how to distribute the space in the multiple grades of English for very young children and youth.

Success stories

A success story in this business is Novakid, an English language academy for children that has proven to be very successful interactive web platform where he receives hundreds of young students instructing them in basic English.

This school is totally online which makes it representative of technological innovation, giving more than 110 thousand classes daily, a standard far superior to the statistics presented in a physical platform.