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Institute of English – Entrepreneurship, Benefits and Features

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Open an English language institute

English is the language in which the whole world has found a common place to communicate. It is useful when we travel, when we chat on the Internet to learn about new cultures and make friends, to do business, to be asked to work, it helps us understand 90% of the songs we listen to every day, to forget about the subtitles of the movies and, why not? so that love is born between two people from different worlds. In other words, English is good for everything, so in this article we show you how to open an English institute.

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Requirements for opening an English language institute

In addition to registering your school with government agencies responsible for monitoring this aspect of the economy, you will need to apply for accreditation from your country’s Ministry of Education. The latter, although not mandatory in all countries, will give you prestige, since your graduates will be recognized by the Ministry and their knowledge will be more highly valued.

Open an English language institute

Then it’s time to think about the premises. Opening an English language institute gives you the opportunity to start your own business in 40 m2 premises, as well as to set it up in a house whose rooms serve as classrooms and thus have a spacious and welcoming place to study. It all depends on the investment you wish or are able to make.

The essential equipment to open an English institute will be: whiteboards, non-permanent markers, chairs with a table incorporated in the armrest, desks with drawers, study and pleasure books graduated by age and English level to lend, CD players with MP3 option, DVD player, landline phone and office material.

What courses to offer when opening an English institute

Things have changed and the institutes that offer the First Certificate after ten years of study are left in prehistory. One of the first considerations you should be very clear about before opening an English language institute is that the First Certificate is no longer the goal to which a student of English aspires, but the basis from which to take off and obtain the diplomas that truly prove advanced knowledge, such as CAE, CPE and the BEC line.

Therefore, think about four, at most five years so that a person who today does not know what “Hello” means, can sit down to give his First Certificate.

To do this, you need carefully designed and planned programs to teach efficiently, chaining one class to the next, using eclectic techniques, which mix PPP, Task Based Learning, Audio Lingual Approach, CLIL and parts of all the methods and approaches to language that have been used since the beginning of language teaching.

Of course you should contact the University of Cambridge for first-hand information about all their exams. You may also wish to consider including the Oxford University Oral exams.

A very profitable option when opening an English language institute is to offer the Teacher Training course. You can offer a two-year intensive and a common four-year course. The teachers will have to be several, since the Teaching Staff requires several subjects, such as Methodology, Phonology, Teaching Techniques, Pedagogy, Culture, Literature, Grammar, among others that you consider convenient to include.

As you have seen, opening an English language institute has many ways to be approached, as long as it is done with professionalism and focused on providing the best service to students and, most importantly, it will have your place always full of students, which means customers.

Advantages of having an English Institute

All the generations of the modern society need obligatorily to handle more than one language, due to the tendencies of foreign employment that are presented at the moment, product of the necessity, absence of employment in the zone where it is lived or multiple factors that have forced thousands of people, to look for employment abroad, which represents a very ample market on the service of education in the matter, especially English.

English is a very common language used for business communication, is the favorite language to learn to seek employment abroad, which makes the English academy one of the most sought after in the market for language learning, even in the secondary education is present English as an established language secondary to handle for its ease and practice.

Advantages of having an English Institute

Tips for starting an English language institute

It is advisable to use the tools of the internet to establish the business, interactive platforms with multimedia tools for teaching so that you can save a lot of money at first with respect to the acquisition of the premises where you will be stable

Once the school is established, once the business is strong, look for a physical platform, so that operations can continue there and serve the student body that prefers to see classes in physical form.

Receive advice on pedagogical training and innovative teaching models that help the business to improve the quality of service and the enjoyment of students in the classroom, so that the institute will always have a good reputation, motivation and interest from users.

Success stories 

A resounding success story is Welcome, a platform dedicated to the training of students in the subject of multiple languages, especially English, with multiple programs of courses for adults and young people, summer camps and exchange trips abroad, especially to England, stimulating multicultural exchange and constant learning of English and its methods of communication.

Problems that may arise 

At first as many businesses will not be known, therefore, may present low affluence of users, so you must have patience and seek advertising tools to promote the institute.

If there is not a good study program the student may tend to be disappointed and withdraw, given the competition the student will have no problem finding another English institution, so this factor requires the business to seek the best criteria for the education of the user of the center, a factor that can represent a constant challenge given the needs of the student body.