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Martial Arts Academy – Entrepreneurship and Advice

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Opening a Martial Arts Academy 

The ancient martial arts have become part of our culture. Whether as an extra activity for our children or as a conscious learning of adults who want to learn the art of self-defense, setting up a Martial Arts Academy is an undertaking with an excellent present and a promising future.

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How to Build a Martial Arts Academy

This is a simple project that is being set up. You only have to take into account the most elementary details and then simply open the Martial Arts Academy. Then we tell you what you need:

Business Project: once you decide the place, include the cost of rent in the project, find out the fixed costs and add them, ask for a budget for all the elements you need to set up and build the academy and add them to the business plan. Once you have everything, you will be able to know how much money you will have to invest.

Salon Equipment: start from the bottom to the top, first paint the room and leave it in impeccable condition, then take care of the floor, the most recommended for this case are the rubber floors for their high power of cushioning against falls, follow the mirrors covering at least an entire wall with several sheets of them and then take care of the lighting from the ceiling, trying to be intense and economical.

Requirements to Open a Martial Arts Academy

Go to the government offices and register your academy so that you have everything in order.

Hire the best martial arts teachers to teach at your academy.

Marketing Plan for your Martial Arts Academy

Whether you have training in marketing or need to hire someone who does, make a plan for the academy to adapt to the needs of your area, covering the schedules that the public needs and having classes for all ages that are needed in your area.

The schedules should cover different parts of the day, contemplating those who have free time in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

As for the ages, divide the groups in three: children, teenagers and adults. There is the possibility of a subdivision into young people and adults, depending on whether you have a very disparate audience in terms of age.

Within the Marketing plan, it includes different levels of learning. This will give credibility to your Martial Arts Academy, since each level will have a plan of different and increasingly advanced knowledge. The more levels you include, the more time you will retain students over the years, however, do not overdo it if you do not want them to directly enroll in your academy.

Include several types of Martial Arts. The most popular are Karate, Judo, Jujitsu, Aikido, Kendo, Kung Fu, Taekwondo, Tai Chi Chuan, Kick Boxing and Krav Maga. Among them, focus on the ones that have more acceptance and demand among your potential customers.

Opening a Martial Arts Academy 

Advantages of having Martial Arts Academy

The advantage of this business is that it is an activity that is very noble and also if it is exploited with creativity, it is very profitable. One advantage is that you have experience and knowledge in Martial Arts in a certified way as a professional qualified to teach the courses, it offers an activity of much credibility that will attract a significant number of customers attracted by the expertise demonstrated.

But if the investor does not have this proven expertise, but is interested in the business, he can partner with or hire Martial Arts specialists and their assistants to teach the classes, while managing the operation of the gym.

Tips for getting started 

It is recommended to have a design of the premises, in which impeccably clean and illuminated spaces, dressing rooms and emergency exits are available. In addition, it should have a special floor, mirrors on the walls, with proper lighting, sound equipment and decoration if possible with large photos even of the same students of the center in their progress, to create an attractive environment in which you can also display trophies, belts, diplomas and photographs of events in which the owners and students of the center have participated.

An interesting business strategy is to offer customers a martial arts career to learn defense in regular training, for beginners, intermediate and advanced levels. Of approving character and with credentials.

Once the martial arts school is constituted, it is time to promote its growth, advertising and marketing, with flyers, offering discounts for additional people, with demonstration classes, creating special plans for semester or annual, as well as family plans. Also, it is very acons