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Medical School – Profitability, Structure and Organization

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Start a Medical School

The medical profession is undoubtedly the most laudable in the world. This professional from the highest summit of health is responsible for detecting diseases that can end people’s lives, treat them and cure them until they disappear completely. Many people we meet daily, more than we can imagine, owe their lives to a doctor. So we teach you how to open a medical school and turn this essential science of life into a highly profitable business.

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Requirements to open a Medical School

When working with health, the State will demand more than the usual requirements for any company. So you must pay special attention to everything they will ask you, in order to prepare you to work within the scope of legality and pass the inspection.

Registration and Permit: The first step is to register your company with the state authorities, who will give you a merchant number and you can then work as a registered company. Then, in the same offices, you will be informed about the permits to be processed at the Ministry of Health, which are directly related to health and safety conditions and, on the other hand, to the equipment.

Teaching staff: the teachers, who must be high level doctors in their careers, are a vital artery in terms of opening a medical school. They will be the ones who bring the knowledge, who transmit it and train the most recognized professionals in the world. Find your staff by searching among the professors of the Universities, either by addressing them directly or, failing that, by publishing ads with the requirements in the most popular newspaper for jobs.

Location: Opening a medical school requires a large space, with several classrooms and a medium to large laboratory. Find a house or buy or build a building according to your needs.

Start a Medical School
Endorsement by the Ministry of Saluld and Education and Culture: In order for your degree to be valid throughout your country, you will need the endorsement and recognition of both ministries. Otherwise, you will not have a sufficient number of students for the simple reason that it will be difficult for graduating professionals to find work.  So, process your endorsements as soon as possible.

Equipment: equip your school with devices so that students can practice using them and operating them. It is not strictly necessary that they are of the latest generation, but you can acquire tomographs, ultrasound scanners and other equipment, whether used or older models, which will reduce your investment considerably.

How to Advertise your Medical School

Opening a medical school means advertising it in the right way to get more students. Evaluate hiring a strong television campaign at the beginning of classes and then keep it discreet and inexpensive advertising through quality flyers to inform about the careers and their conditions.

Advantages of having a Medical School

A medical school carries with it an enormous responsibility, there is no room for error or inexperience. Working with the health and physical appearance of patients entails a high demand, in terms of good practice and commitment.

Therefore, running a medical school is an advantage for people who are experts and trained in the field, because if you have an excellent preparation, you can face the frequent intrusion and unfair competition, represented by the offer of professionals from other sectors and by pricing policies that less prestigious centres launch on the market and that damage the system by the dumping effect.

Tips for starting your medical school

You should look at the possible alternatives of placing your own school (the most demanding modality and the one that provides more independence). Because an own school can be offered as a franchise after it has gained prestige and experience, for which you need the support of a company with a proven track record. It can also be partnered with prestigious and more experienced people to place the school under the form of a partnership.

It is also necessary to identify the central nucleus that composes the activity, creating a wide offer according to the White Book of Medicine of the Spanish Society of Medicine, such as aesthetic medicine, surgery, alternative medicine, geriatrics, homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, public health, internal medicine, among others.

Problems that may arise in a School of Medicine

Medical school is one of the most complex careers in existence because it deals directly with the human being and his or her integrity. Therefore, those who care for people’s health have to be very professional and expert

in procedures to avoid damage that may be irreversible and may even lead to medical malpractice suits.

For this reason, to practice medicine you must be accredited by a prestigious university. Just as the school where doctors are trained must be accredited, approved and supported by the countries’ higher education bodies and medical colleges.

Advantages of having a Medical School

Medical School success stories

One of the most prestigious Schools of Medicine in Spain, the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona, has managed to place itself at the top of the ranking and become the best in Spain to study medicine. Having an academic reputation, and the impact of its research that has been decisive for its prestige.

Another school of prestige and success is the Faculty of Medicine, of the Autonomous University of Madrid, which is one of the most prestigious centres in Spain for its medical studies in terms of the quality of its classes, the professionalism of its professors and the level of demand from its students.