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Pole Dance School – Entrepreneurship and Characteristics

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Investing in a Pole Dance School

Pole Dance has become the sexiest and most attractive dance known. Its abilities transcend dance skills and it has become a discipline. Every daring woman dreams of mastering the movements and poses that can be learned in a Pole Dance School.

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Requirements for installing a Pole Dance School

The first requirement to start a Pole Dance School is to develop a business plan, which details all the initial investment costs, monthly expenses, means of getting students and how much the fee will be for learning there.

Then you will select the location. It has to be very spacious, with mirrors, a place for the audio equipment, have a bathroom and allow you to install the pipes for the dance.

The next step will be to register your company as such. You will have to do the corresponding paperwork and pay the registration fee and then the monthly fee, which enables you to make your company official and issue invoices.

Of course you will have to install the pipe, which will be chromed and you will also need the products to clean it and the resin so that the students can put it in their hands and not slip.

Investing in a Pole Dance School

Reasons to open a Pole Dance School

Pole Dance is a discipline with character and sensuality, it combines skills of strength, stretching and suggestive undulating movements.

Either because the girls want to present their skills in public through contests or live numbers, or because they want to learn and practice the skills that the discipline demands just for the sake of training their physique, a Pole Dance School is an innovative option to go after a tedious work or study day.

Public of a Pole Dance School

Although there are some men who do pole dancing, most of them are women and, in general terms, they feel more comfortable if there are only female members in the classroom, so take this recommendation very seriously.

The women who come to your Pole Dance School are in good physical condition and they aspire to improve from the classes they take there and they are very daring and vigorous. So the instructor(s) must also have these characteristics, so they transmit and encourage them in the classroom.

How to attract clients in a Pole Dance School

In order to get potential students to come to your school, you will have to advertise. You can take a television campaign as an option at the beginning, as a pre-opening. Then you maintain an advertisement through flyers, advertisements in local guides and some street advertising.

What’s important in print material is the color, the images, and the impact you make. All the character and sensuality of the Pole Dance should be captured in the advertising you choose to get more clients in your school.

Tips to start in Pole Dance School

Firstly, always take into account the need of the area and the location, so that the business is established in a respectable area that attracts all kinds of customers without prejudice, likewise it is advisable to use the new tools of the internet to promote the academy so that it can attract more users to the center.

In addition, it is recommended to surround yourself with enthusiasts and professionals in the field who have similar businesses or are dedicated to the vocation of pole dance in a professional manner, acquiring knowledge and advice from experienced people in the industry in order to always be at the forefront and improve the quality of service.

Public of a Pole Dance School

Advantages of having a Pole Dance School

Pole dancing is a very liberating activity, you always breathe an artistic atmosphere of expression and dedication which can make this business a very satisfactory experience if you have a vocation for it.

This type of dance is an excellent exercise motivating hundreds of women to undertake the challenge and fun of learning the style of pole dance, which can represent a good profit margin for the business, in addition to having contact with possible services in addition to the institute as personalized training and other services that the business can use to improve their profits.

Success stories 

One of the success stories is the Madrid pole dance studio, founded in 2012 has proven to be an entrepreneurial and successful company in the business of pole dance, the academy contains personalized classes, adapting to the needs of each user and their techniques for pole dance, these have a system from the level started through 7 levels of difficulty and skill that help to improve the habits of the users.

The school’s physical platform has two large rooms, one with 100 square meters equipped with 10 professional pole dance bars, creating an excellent learning environment for the aspiring pole dancer.

Problems that may arise

In the beginning there may be low affluence of the business, although demanded this field can be difficult to capture at the level of clientele by the recreation so you must have patience while the business takes credibility and customers willing to learn pole dance.

In some parts of the world this type of dance can be frowned upon, which means that few people make the good decision to dedicate themselves fully to the vocation of pole dance, which can cause the business to go through periods of insolvency or shortage of users, so you have to be patient in these circumstances.