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Salsa School – Entrepreneurship, Model and Advantages

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Start a Salsa School 

Scientific studies have detected that when we dance or watch dance, the same sector of the brain is activated as when we have sex. In view of the circumstances, will there be anyone left in the world who does not want to try dancing? Of all the existing dance styles, Salsa is the one that people respond to when asked about their favourite one for fun, for parties, birthdays and celebrations, or simply when asked about their favourite style. With this presentation, we show you how to start a Salsa School.

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Requirements to start a Salsa School

There are not many requirements to start a Salsa School that are imposed on you from outside, but as the students arrive, you will see for yourself what is missing to add according to the needs of your particular students. As for the legal requirements, these are the same as for any other company: register it, buy a company name and provide it with a fantasy name.

Then comes the time to take care of the premises. It is very important that you can have a place with a very big room. Nobody likes to be bumped and stomped on while dancing, so either a single salon, or a house with a large living room officiating as a salon, will suit you fabulously. If the house is yours or you decide to buy it, you can rent the other rooms to other entrepreneurs like you, but they can manage with smaller spaces and, of course, their business idea is not to start a Salsa School.

Start a Salsa School 

What you can’t miss when starting a Salsa School

The following is what every entrepreneur who decides to start a Salsa School should have:

Mirrors: In addition to the big space, mirrors are another fundamental part of a school where you go to learn to dance.

Floating floors: to cushion the impact of the foot on the floor, which directly affects the spine, is something you should invest in when starting a Salsa School.

Specialized teachers: teachers who teach in a Salsa School must be specialized in the style, which implies knowing all Salsa styles, mastering them and being able to teach them. In addition, they must know the style of Salsa libre and couples, knowing exactly the steps and links corresponding to the man and the woman. If you are lucky enough to get native teachers from Cuba or another country that is one of the Salsa styles, don’t let it pass you by.

Varied music: students, especially female students, get bored of always listening to the same music, which doesn’t mean you can’t use the same music for years, but intersperse it by having a lot of music and a lot of variety.

Timetables when people are resting: don’t forget that when you start a Salsa School you will be working with people’s leisure time, as nobody will stop working or studying a career to go and learn Salsa, unless they study the career of Salsa Instructor or Teacher. So get ready to dance until 10 or 11 at night and all weekend long.

Courses to offer when starting a Salsa School

Most of your audience will go dancing for pleasure, so you can divide the groups into different levels, from 1 to 3 or 5, and give them a certificate when they pass the level.

Something very interesting is to offer Salsa Teachers or Salsa Instructors, with a profile of a professional in the field, able to teach, work as a choreographer, dancer, aero-salsa instructor and to exploit all the possibilities that this rhythm has to offer.

Project your school, open it and publish it on the Internet and in local guides, and you will see how your school fills up soon.

Problems that can occur in Salsa School

Dance is a very sought after activity in modern society, it is a culture and a means of expression that has not lost its charm and is part of the culture of every region of the planet. However, in terms of dedicating an academy to a single type of dance, it brings with it a disadvantage to have an inclusive or monolithic audience so that students who seek education in various types of dance are not taken advantage of.

Secondly, one must know where to set up this type of business, given its cultural tendency not to do good market research, which can represent low user traffic at first, while the business takes on a reputation in the public.

Advantages of having a Salsa School

There is a creative environment, full of cultural tendencies towards body movement, and it is also a business where you keep in constant contact with many figures and personalities that can bring a lot of happiness in the vocation of dancing focused on salsa.

Due to the high population of salsa lovers to go out

to parties or dance performances, there is a good demand for a school focused on this system, besides the fact that the style is famous for being therapeutic to lose weight and to improve in a good way the health of the user.

Advantages of having a Salsa School

Success stories 

An example of success in this type of business is the school Así se Baila, founded in 2004, with the hope of becoming a center of artistic creation where dancers and multiple artists of the scene could develop in the best way their creative and expressive capacities.

Así se Baila, receives hundreds of students with the idea of encouraging, encouraging and helping them to develop professionally within the scene, so that their artistic creations can find the right approach and connection with the public knowledgeable and admirer of the art and style that this type of dance represents.

Tips for a Salsa School

It is advisable to acquire a space large enough to meet the needs of users, so that you can cover enough students to generate good profits, creating instructional programs of a pedagogical nature for learning and developing the style of salsa dance.

It is also advisable to have around you people who are passionate and knowledgeable about the subject, always seeking advice on good presentation and learning techniques for the institution, always focusing on improving the quality of service for the user of the center.