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Starting a School for Parents – Training, Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Starting a Parenting School

“There’s no such thing as a school for parents” is a common phrase, but one that has become obsolete as reality has passed you by. Why is this? Because these schools are already being implemented in the world and they are focused on parents to give a better education to their increasingly distant children. That’s why we will teach you everything about this avant-garde enterprise, so that you can start your School for Parents right away, a business that will surprise you.

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What does a parenting school do?

When we talk about a school, we are talking about an educational center that focuses on providing today’s parents with the tools they need to achieve the much desired communication with their children, as well as giving them what they need so that they can educate and guide them in an efficient and effective way.

The school, with the help of its professionals, offers courses, whose duration you will determine according to the programmatic content you wish to give, that educate parents in the techniques so that they are heard and, mainly, “obeyed” by their children. Why do we use quotes? Because the concept of obeying is a thing of the past; but nevertheless, it is still necessary that the children do what the parents tell them to do. Therefore, the school teaches the parents how to achieve such a task, but it does not remain as a blind obedience, but as the advice that the parents give for the good of the children and, therefore, they follow it.

Starting a Parenting School

Why is it Necessary?

Let us now consider why people in our society need to turn to a School for Parents. It so happens that two factors are exerting force so that communication between parents and children has been negatively affected. On the one hand, we have that parents are working more and more, so communication has been relegated to a second or third level, since there is no time for the talks of decades ago, which were so effective. On the other hand, the existence of the increasingly present social networks, added to the social problems that adolescents have to face every day, such as the presence of drugs and alcohol at the parties they attend, as well as the social violence that threatens to become a pandemic.

However, do not think that this institution is only dedicated to the problems between parents and their teenagers, but on the contrary, it is also dedicated to teaching parents how to deal with their children from birth until they are no longer teenagers, that is, during their entire journey towards the beginning of their youth.

A team of professionals ensures that each area and each stage has its own personalized attention, in order to achieve an integral and healthy relationship between children and parents.

Requirements to start a parenting school

Requirements to start a parenting school

One of the things people don’t usually train for is parenting. With the overwhelming changes that society has undergone since the mid-20th century and so far in the 21st century, in the age of computers, being parents is a very complex and difficult goal to achieve.

Therefore, a school for parents should be a place where couples and parents go for help and can find it immediately and with a very high quality. Therefore, one of the fundamental requirements is to have a highly professional staff in the fields of Education, Psychology, Medicine, Communication among others, who can guide the parents who come for help in a wise way.

Another requirement has to do with the organization and scheduling of learning sessions. In general, it is desirable to be able to hold group sessions that last at least two hours a week and in which groups of a maximum of twenty parents participate. In some cases, children, grandparents and uncles can be added gradually depending on the need.

Advantages of having a school for parents

Having a school for parents gives us the advantage of being able to serve others and transmit our experiences and knowledge.  The school supports the parents in the upbringing of their children, which begins with great enthusiasm but also with many doubts and anxieties.

It can provide a motivating program and other options that can prepare parents for the different stages of child rearing, such as breastfeeding, the child’s motor and mental development, the first tooth, crawling, first steps, learning to speak, decisions in emergencies, preparation for kindergarten, preschool, primary school, adolescence and first love, high school, and so on.

Tips for starting a parenting school

The central themes of a school for parents are advised to be first and foremost communication with the children, relationships

intergenerational, the roles of each family member, the relationship with the school system, the proper management of time spent with their children, the relationship of the couple in front of the children, the family relationship, the relationship with friends and work.

Problems that can arise in a parents’ school

As far as possible, parents need to get real and applicable short-term answers that are effective. Because when parents seek outside help for guidance and assistance, it is because they have situations that concern and burden them for which they must have certain answers.

Programs and sessions must be in place to deal with emergencies, because if the school does not give strong answers, parents become unmotivated and leave looking for another place, which generates losses and credibility as a company.

Success stories

UP, a parents’ university, is a successful company because it offers parents training for the new uncertain, complex and ambiguous times, to train the generations of the future, in which most manual work has been automated and parents need to be aware of all the skills their children need to acquire to adapt to the new society of knowledge, automation and computers, understanding that learning must be for life.