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Study Exchange Agency Business – Entrepreneurship and Tips

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Start a Study Exchange Agency

Combining entertainment and learning is becoming increasingly attractive. People decide to study part-time and use the remaining time to make visits, learn another language or another activity, such as technical courses, dance classes, music, etc. Faced with this reality, many business owners realize that there is then a niche market that can meet this audience, enjoy their free time for sightseeing, or even combine language learning with another activity, such as music classes, training courses or university extension.

The education business, you can find out all about it here

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With this scenario, many entrepreneurs realize that they can be a great opportunity to earn money with a study exchange agency.

Study exchange agencies offer much more affordable prices than those charged by other companies. So many parents realize that it is cheaper to send a child to study abroad and it is also advantageous, because the child will have a different background.

Who Are The Clients Of The Cultural Exchange Agency

The clients of the student exchange agency are basically students and the age group is very variable, from teenagers to adults, diversifying according to the school age. People can also choose to live alone or with families, but generally opt for this second alternative, as it leaves much more affordable than the other side.

How to Tell the Cultural Exchange Agency

The study exchange agency can be disseminated through talks at educational institutions and at the end of which a flyer can be distributed or DVDs with relevant explanations.

When the entrepreneur goes to the students and explains all the benefits of studying abroad and enjoying being able to still do other activities, the publicity becomes more efficient by virtue of being a person there talking and asking questions.

An enlightening site with well-done information architecture is also excellent for ensuring the success of the company.

As the target audience is young, they belong to a generation that is fully connected to the Internet, therefore, focusing on the Internet is very valid, including social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Equipment and facilities needed in a studio agency

We need to rent a commercial area in order to receive those interested in going abroad. In addition, you must have office and complementary equipment, such as computer, printer, telephone, gallon of water, TV, DVD, computer, fax, printer, tables and chairs.

The minimum needed to start is six people, already three assistants, one assistant and an office boy.

Start a Study Exchange Agency

Business Keys for the Study Exchange Agency

Those who intend to open a study exchange agency should seek information with existing ones in order to realize possible market niches. These commitments are to develop, support and promote global education, with the objective of the nations that are part of it, to provide professional services, to publish the existing possibilities in education abroad.

Costs for setting up an exchange agency

As mentioned in the previous section, you need to estimate the costs of renting the premises, computer equipment, printer, telephone, water dispenser, tables and chairs. You should also include the costs of hiring the staff that will support you in your exchange agency. You also need to include in your budget, the costs of paperwork, insurance among others.

Problems that may occur at your study agency

One of the challenges you must face when creating your exchange agency is the placement of students already in the country where they will study, especially if they are teenagers. If the student’s experience in the family where he or she is placed is bad, it can severely affect your agency’s reputation. Another challenge is the adaptation process a student has to go through in the exchange process, especially if a language barrier is involved.

Final recommendations 

We recommend that you properly investigate the market to find out if this business idea is feasible in your country, since it requires stability for free movement of people. Likewise, you need to establish contacts with families in the receiving country who are safe and committed to your exchange agency, in order to place the students. Also, you need to have a very clear and credible policy on how it will be

to operate your agency, so that you can anticipate any setbacks that may occur during the student exchange.

Business Keys for the Study Exchange Agency

Success stories

AIESEC is a study exchange company, which has offices in more than 100 countries, so that people who have this interest, can enjoy some of their programs, creating diverse exchange opportunities for foreign students, who want to volunteer and also want to receive a monthly salary.

This program is very old and emerged after World War II to promote peace and cultural exchange. It was designed for students and recent graduates under the age of 30.

Projects Abroad is another organization dedicated to exchange that has been in the market for 20 years, so a significant number of people have gone to other countries to carry out volunteer and exchange projects. With this company you can choose from 28 countries in Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, North America and South America.

A third company linked to the exchange is CONNECT 1-2-3, which not only offers the opportunity to get to know other countries, but also allows training in Business, Journalism, Medicine, Human Rights, among other activities. It offers destinations such as Barcelona, Cape Town, Dublin and Shanghai.