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Anti-stress bar for executives – entrepreneurship, innovation and establishment

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Start an Anti-Stress Bar 

The workers of our era, i.e. the executives, are more and more overloaded with activities, less and less time and therefore more exposed to stress. Therefore, creating an Anti-Stress Bar for Executives is one of the top ideas in profitable businesses for these times. The idea is that these finance and business people can find and meet in a common place where they can share, or isolate themselves if necessary, to live moments of relaxation and relaxation. In this article, we tell you all about how to set up this oasis for entrepreneurs in the concrete jungle that our society has become.

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Difference between a common bar 

If you both propose the same ultimate goal, what difference should you make by focusing on freeing employers from the stress they face on a daily basis? It’s simple, while a common bar offers drinks, snacks and sometimes tapas, making the removal of stress an indirect consequence of the activities offered at the bar, by creating an Anti-Stress Bar for Executives the main purpose is to free customers from stress, with drinks and food being two of the many vehicles used to achieve this. Once you have the objectives and the means to achieve them, you will be well positioned to start your career as the owner of an exclusive anti-stress bar for customers who know what they want and who will choose you for the exclusivity of what you offer and for the high level that you will offer them.

Important factors to create an anti-stress bar 

Location: the place where you will open the anti-stress bar is vital for its survival. Places near large shopping and office centres, especially if they are on main avenues, are the most recommended. We must remember that once the executive leaves his workplace, he will not want to get involved in the stressful activity of driving to a distant bar.

Decoration: in this discipline, as in all, we can achieve effects, how is this? It turns out that certain elements of the environment encourage anger, romance, curiosity, nervousness or, what we want to achieve in this opportunity, tranquility. For this last state of mind, we recommend fountains with moving water, dim lights, warm colors or the cold pastels (always soft and smooth), large fish tanks that cover an entire wall with fish and seaweed and soft instrumental music.

Attention: when creating an Anti-Stress Bar for ExecutivesCre, attention is much more important than in others, since a tone of voice that is not in harmony with what the place is trying to sell, can already ruin the relationship with that client and the recommendation he could make about us. So training your staff in terms of volume and tone of voice, as well as in speeches and arguments, will be a direct investment in your business.

Ideas for De-stressing: There are many options you can invent to create anti-stress instances, from the presence of mascots, such as cats, to spa sessions, such as body, facial and scalp massages, to reading and poetry corners, projection of old movies, live melodic music, among many others. The important thing is to make a difference and not to reproduce the classic model of bars that currently exist everywhere.

Final recommendations for your bar to succeed

Costs of creating an Antistress Bar

To open your bar you must make a previous business plan, which contemplates the costs involved in this venture, such as: a location as close as possible to the workplaces of potential customers. You must also consider the costs of setting up the premises, which can be high due to the specifications of a bar of these characteristics. It is convenient for you like this

The same, weigh the costs of hiring staff, inputs and outputs to be offered. As well as, the advertising and marketing of this business.

Problems that can arise in your anti-stress business

If you don’t study your project beforehand, you might set up a bar that is not very different from any other. In that case your venture may have difficulties, because this fact may alienate customers. Your anti-stress bar must necessarily offer mechanisms for people to relax, which can be a specific type of music, animals that can be played, massages, even beds to take naps. Because otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense as it would be a bar like any other.

Final recommendations for your bar to succeed

The bar that you decide to set up must comply with the anti-smoking law and the bar must be noticeably different from any other bar. An interesting suggestion is to place massage chairs, with free use if the client decides

have a drink. You can also plan to create very private booth spaces, where the noise of other people’s conversations cannot disturb the peace of the neighbor. You can also create a space to watch non-violent movies, because even though it sounds boring, there are customers running away from violence of all kinds in big cities, including movies and television.

Advantages of having this model of Anti-Stress Bar

Everyday executive life can be extremely stressful, many seek to practice a sport or perform a hand activity to drain the anxiety involved in dealing with bosses and staff at the administrative level, now not everyone has enough time to seek out any of these activities.

This leads to looking for places where you can share and have a drink, talk and relax to music, so this business has a significant influx in the process, also lends itself to serving products that can be very expensive, such as renowned liquors and high level cocktails in terms of mixology, which generates even more profit on a daily basis.

Success stories 

A successful company is Owl Catering, which works with different properties and spaces, some of them exclusively, where all kinds of events and celebrations are held, with all the details and comforts.

Another company with a spectacular location is the Cuatro Vientos Viewpoint, where one can enjoy fifty thousand metres square with different estates and multipurpose air-conditioned spaces, with well-tended gardens, rivers, fountains and waterfalls, views of the Cuatro Vientos aerodrome, children’s area, free supervised parking and all the necessary comforts for holding events, recreation and dream visits.