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Become a party DJ – Guide, sustainability and more

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Start as a party DJ 

Within the framework of profitable and independent ventures, we propose a fun and very relaxed idea: become a party DJ and be the soul of all celebrations, parties, birthdays, anniversaries and take your music wherever you go.

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Basic requirements for a party DJ 

The proposal is made: become a party DJ; let’s see now the steps to follow to carry out this project with total success and projection to many years of activity.

Training: although it is not essential that you train in the field of passing music, how to mix it, make hooks, styles and progressions throughout the evening, a DJ course is never too much and will give you more confidence when setting up a party.

Have your own vehicle: it will be cheaper in the long run to buy your own transport to move consoles and other music passing elements than to rent a car every time you have a party.

Listen to your clients: before setting up a party, the client will contact you and explain what he or she wants; listen to him or her. In case the music order is very specific and has a very determined order and memory is not your strong point, write down their indications in detail. DJs work a lot on recommendation and nobody would give good references of a DJ who was explained everything in detail and ignored the indications.

Get a wide variety of music: there are tastes for everything and therefore there is music for everyone and there are people for every style of music. What is the point of all this tongue twisting? To remind you that no matter how old-fashioned a music may be or how unpopular it may be, you must have it in order to provide a varied service and make yourself known as the all-around DJ.

Take the initiative: if you find yourself with free spaces, that is to say, if you have already spent all the music you have been asked to play and you have too much time, propose something new and in the style of what you have been asked to do. You’ll see that at the end of the party, people will come up to you asking for that special music you’ve selected.

Profitability as a party DJ

Become a party DJ and make the most of the possibilities you have to make your venture a profitable business.

The first thing you must do to achieve this is to promote yourself through different advertising media. Among them, we suggest you consider having a website and appearing in social networks with a fan page. Also, have flyers, refrigerator magnets and key chains made, as these elements will be a reminder to those who are thinking of organizing a party.

This idea is a blast: mix, edit, record and release your own CD. It is a very profitable alternative, although you must consider the initial investment that it will involve, but in the long run… who’s to say you won’t become the next David Ghetta?

Profitability as a party DJ

Advantages of being a party DJ

This business has the advantage that it is always active in all seasons of the year and that there are seasons when it is in greater demand in most cities, since the sound and lighting equipment is needed at parties, weddings, birthdays, meetings, businesses, fairs, anniversaries, congresses, exhibitions and even a small family party.

So in spite of the cost, you have a market to explore and the clients can be the most diverse, remembering that generally, they are middle and upper class people who rent the DJs for parties, since the service is not cheap or accessible.

Tips for starting a party DJ

It is advisable to invest in a space and a good location, if it is combined with a music store, for example, you would have another option besides the provision of services through rent. Of course, if a privileged location is achieved, which gives the company a higher profile, it is always a good thing, but at first it is not a high priority.

Success stories 

Tribal Audio, is a successful company in this market, dedicated at first to publish vinyl on different record labels that sounded in the discos. Then findes dedicated themselves to playing in bars, pubs, discos and private parties organized by themselves, setting up their own sound and lighting equipment, offering their services for all kinds of events, providing an excellent quality service at very competitive prices.

Another company considered successful is Avanty Group, who have a wide variety of self-powered and passive speakers for rent. Depending on the type of event or party that the client is thinking of creating and the public that attends, more or less powerful speakers are needed.

Problems that may arise

You must have knowledge of sound engineering to set up this business because it is a seasonal business and you don’t

has customers all the time. This is a type of business that has an exclusive clientele, people who look for it and prefer it, however, it has been maintaining a growth year after year.

One of the problems of this business is the sonic pollution, so, you must have the permits and stick to the rules of coexistence of the cities, to regulate the sound allowed according to the hours and places.