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Betting Center – Opening, Maintainability and Tips

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How to start a betting center?

Today an increasing number of men and women rely on luck, hoping to change their lives, betting everything on a horse race or a football match. No wonder, then, that many wish to enter this mass market and open a betting center. Remember that opening a betting center requires following a very long and detailed bureaucratic process. Be patient before you start.

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Prerequisites for starting a betting shop

Bureaucracy if you start from scratch. To open a betting center, you first have to obtain a concession from the Autonomous Administration of State Monopolies and a public safety license that you will have to request from the police headquarters of the town where you want to start the task. The procedure can vary from 30 to 90 days. To be the owner of the betting centre you must have a clean criminal record.

Bureaucracy in franchise. The advantage of having a franchise is that you do not have to make any effort to obtain a license, since, for a registration fee for the franchiser, you can start immediately. This, in practice, reduces time and you can start earning immediately.

Location. To start a betting agency, you will have to provide for the complete establishment of the available space (at least 70 m2 in a central area of the city), cleared for the gaming room, lighting, subscriptions to sports channels, at least four places to surf online, for customers in the entrance area, to place the bets, giant screens, slot machines. These requirements are generally accepted and could, however, vary from one agency to another.

Choice of type of betting center. To successfully start a sports betting center you obviously need a room, a broadband connection, subscription sports channels, online surf station, betting payment stations, giant screens. The size of the room will depend on you, or you will have to decide whether to open a corner (betting point that is within a business open to the public) or agency (local dedicated exclusively to gambling). The corner requires a small space, about 10 square meters, an agency instead a much larger space, up to 200 square meters.

Now we come to the crucial question in this guide, should you start a business like this?  The answer is yes, you should. To start you will have to make a significant investment, but in all likelihood you will recover your investment after your betting center is up and running. There is a lot of money in gambling every day. The steps you must take to be successful are the ones we recommend for each activity: strategic location and putting the customer first. Obviously we are not offering the key to success: everything must be done following an analysis of the competition, focusing on the initial and management costs and all the details that are specific to each business idea.

Prerequisites for starting a betting shop
Advantages of having a betting center

Having a betting center is one of the best paid businesses in the market, due to the user’s obsession with winning it can lose all its money in a matter of hours, even minutes, which means a very wide range of profit per user.

It is a fresh space where you can breathe the competition and the excitement of the game, which stimulates customers to consume and enjoy while betting, this means a constant flow of users for your betting center.

Tips for starting a betting center

Establish connections with all possible betting games, i.e. horse racing, cards, sports and other items that exist within this sector, so that the business can attract all kinds of betting enthusiasts.

Security first, so it is advisable to install security cameras, having a staff to help quietly placate customers who lose control by losing or by the influence of alcohol, having at hand phones of security agencies in case of assault or other violent circumstances that may happen due to the excitement of the game.

Problems that can occur in a gambling center

Security is one of the most problematic factors in this business, money is a source of robbery or deception that many players will try to do to defraud your business, so if you do not have rules, tools and personnel for security your business could be a victim of theft or complicated circumstances.

In addition, you must be especially careful with explosive players who can generate strong arguments from losing or being under the influence of substance.