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Boat Rental – How to get started, investment and profits

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Start with Boat Rental 

Investments in the tourism industry, properly speaking, are important sources of income for entrepreneurs, who are the main lucrative beneficiaries. If you are passionate about landscapes, the sea and boats, boat rental could be the profitable idea you were looking for. This type of business is extremely useful for people who live in a beach town or somewhere near the sea, even for those who do not have the opportunity to live nearby but have the ease of getting around.

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You should know that boat rental does not only involve boats for tourists or organizations, but you can also rent different types of boats, such as for example to fishermen, tourism organizations, authorities in charge of the law in these spaces, people who want to purchase the service and so on.

Types of boats you can rent

If you are determined to undertake this business, you should also know that the variety of boats that you can put into rental service is wide, as it is used for different purposes, focuses on different uses and so on:

Fishing boats: They are basically used for tasks that focus on fishing in specific sites for it

Canoes: Allows the transport or travel of a specific number of people who can navigate with the use of a pallet
A bowser: The bowser is used specifically to carry out transfers of necessary agents such as fuel or water, this being a means of transport for this use only
Houseboats: Includes those floating houses that are adapted to a boat and allow and lodging of people who rent it, especially for the passage of holidays, celebrations, special events and so on
Lifeboats: This type of boat is used to assist in situations of imminent danger and to rescue people when accidents occur in the aquatic environment
A submersible: This type of boat has the ability to move even when in the water

Steps of the boat rental 

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you build and set up your own boat rental business:

The service

It is important that the investment is not only directed to the purchase of the boats, but also to the tools you will need to operate them, this, because you must ensure that the boats have the necessary specifications and thus, not put at risk the integrity of the people who rent them. On the other hand, it is not necessary to spend a large portion of the investment money in the purchase of many boats, as this could represent losses, so you should opt for a few that are among the most used to start your business, then you can expand your offer. Currently you can choose from several boats that are subject to very good prices. Keep in mind, that your passage through the world of this sector, may be a beginner, which means that in addition to having no experience, you may not have much knowledge of the trade, so it is necessary:
Seek advice from reliable sources about how this sector works
Find the best places to buy boats, which in addition to quality offer good prices

Start with Boat Rental 

The choice of boats

You must take into account several aspects, including which are the most popular types of boats used in the sector, that is, those with which other businesses have the greatest number in their stores. Another point is to evaluate the area in which you locate the rental, since many of the boats cannot be used in any particular area, for example the tourist sectors, where the use of other types of boats is necessary to satisfy the needs of the visitors.
Permits and licenses: Like any business, you need to have the permits and licenses that allow you to develop and start your business without any legal problems. For this, you need to research the licenses you will need in the main local areas in charge of the conditions required to grant the permits.

The location of the business

A dyke is a construction that is capable of preventing water from passing through, either created by man or originating naturally. This construction or deposit, will allow you to keep your boats stored, this to keep them safe and that customers can access them once they approach your rental sector. However, you can also keep the boats in the water, holding them, or have a dry dock in any other sector.

The costs of the business

To determine the costs, in addition to helping

With an analysis of the competition, you can put together packages, this corresponds to the design of different service packages, within which different prices are included. One of the great advantages of this business, is that the owner has the possibility to incorporate a large amount of additional services that provide extra income, such as food. The owner of the rental business, can include within their service packages, a romantic dinner on board, decorations and so on.

The costs of the business

Advertising for the rental business

Since you will not be located in an area that allows visibility to different audiences, it is necessary to create a website. Certainly most of the people and organizations that request this type of services, do it firstly through the web, since in the areas where they live (urban areas), it is almost impossible to find some information center. In addition to this, you can include within your page the service packages you offer, the means of location for businesses with large numbers of people and means of location, as well as seasonal offers and promotions. Other advertising and marketing means with which you can complement this aspect are flyers and advertisements in tourist centres, travel agencies, hotels and other organisations related to the sector in which you work.

Requirements for setting up boat rentals 

You must have your company well registered, so that you can formally declare yourself and start working your business, once you have acquired your trade name and other bureaucratic registration formalities you must acquire a fleet of boats for rent, so you must have enough capital to cover the purchase of these.

You must acquire several models of boats for all types of use, whether for fishing trips, pleasure or just transport, there are thousands of models for many purposes both work and pleasure holidays at sea.

Advantages of having this boat rental 

Once you’ve acquired the fleet and established your business, it’s all a matter of waiting to coordinate enthusiastic fishing or boating clients, renting can be quite expensive which means a very significant profit for each successful rental.

Working at the seaside can be a very satisfying life, there are people who dream of having this business model and living with the sea breeze all their lives, the nautical culture is extremely wide and contains a parallel world to society that only enthusiasts of this life know.

Success stories 

The Doramas Sailing Club is a successful and prestigious company in this sector because it offers motor and sailing boat rentals. Being a service oriented to both individuals and companies. Apart from this they guarantee the client, special rates and services if he joins as a member of the company.

Problems that may arise

As you acquire a varied fleet you must be careful with security, otherwise the boats can be stolen or their parts stolen, so you must pay special attention to the dock where they are placed and its security measures.

The boats can suffer deterioration either by many years of use or lack of it, in addition the acquisition of these products can be extremely expensive, so if you do not have enough capital to acquire several boats or repair them can be a serious problem for your business.

Tips to start with boat rentals 

Carry out a market study to determine which models of boats are most sought after for renting so that this type of boat can be acquired and so that no huge expenditure can be made on furniture that is never going to be rented, either because of the cost or the utility to which the boat is destined.

To publicize the business, placing ads and offers in hotels, yacht clubs and resorts, so you can attract more customers, you can also use the Internet, creating a website that allows you to attract customers who are far from the sea but want to plan a vacation.

It is advisable to establish a line of contact with the client from the moment they leave their home until they arrive at the company, in turn you can plan tourist packages that include the rental of the boat and diversify the business a little by offering tours at sea to beautiful destinations that are sure to give great pleasure to tourists.