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Setting up a Cabaret – Business model and maintainability

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Start with a Cabaret

Today we bring you an idea that has been on the market for more than 100 years and that is still valid, with the corresponding modifications: To set up a cabaret. We are talking about a place for adult shows, which can also have a space during the afternoon for children, or even a family proposal. We will tell you all about it below.

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Requirements for Setting up a Cabaret

When it comes to setting up a cabaret, these are the requirements you must meet:

Venue: you will need a venue, theatre style, in which the shows and performances you give will take place. It must be equipped with everything necessary to guarantee a successful show, namely: stage, curtains, light equipment, audio equipment and seats or tables and chairs for the spectators.

Registration and Permissions: you will have to register and get the permits to enable your cabaret. This will be done with the corresponding documentation at the municipal and state offices that are in charge of these procedures.

Suppliers: you will need suppliers for the drinks, both alcoholic and soft drinks. Negotiate with them a good price and a prompt delivery. Try to always be supplied with the beverages you always sell, otherwise you will fall into the risk of providing bad service due to the lack of a product.

Bar: you will have a bar area, with an appropriate structure and the drinks we mentioned. In turn, you will need sets of glasses and cups, which must be in accordance with the type of drink to be consumed. You will also need a sink to wash the glasses and a refrigerator to keep certain drinks cold.

Wardrobe: every time you open a show, keep the wardrobe afterwards, so that you can use it again in future performances. It is important to store them correctly, which should be done in a dry place, inside boxes, if possible airtight and packed in nylon.

Setting up a Cabaret

Profile of a Person who Goes to Mount a Cabaret

An entrepreneur who turns his talents to Cabaret Riding must have a broad understanding of the business and by that we do not mean having seen the movie Cabaret and witnessed many magazine shows, but real notions. This means, at the very least, having worked in a cabaret and knowing how the business works from the inside, from hiring the bartender to selling tickets, to putting together the show that will be performed in the cabaret.

Cabaret Shows

When you go to set up a Cabaret, you need to design shows that, in this case, will be mainly magazine style. Therefore, you will need a scriptwriter to create the show and a theatre director to stage it. In turn, a choreographer will set up the choreography. It needs to be rehearsed for a few months before its premiere.

The shows will be aimed at an adult audience, with picaresque humour and with scarce, but luminous, female costumes. These are the keys for your cabaret to develop and prosper.

Advantages of having a Cabaret

It is a glamorous business that requires female staff, developed in a subliminally sexual and artistic environment at the same time, which is attractive to many customers, especially men who seek relaxation and distraction from the stress of work or life in the company of beautiful women dancers who are willing to attend, accompany and entertain them under the cultural guidelines established in the cabaret.

It is a different business from which you can get a lot of benefit, in the sale of liquor and food, using as an attraction, the artistic events that involve the music and entertainment very particular of the cabaret.

Tips for starting a Cabaret

Tips for starting a Cabaret

Keeping the security protocols up to date, this factor is one of the most problematic in this business, every day you will have to deal with users who can commit abuse up to the sexual type, so you must have security personnel who react instantly and quietly to avoid disturbing other customers and the entertainment service.

Offering canapés and other tastings with the drinks, full meal service is also valid, to keep the influence of alcohol on the system of the customers to a greater percentage.

Problems that can occur

As it is a night business that offers as part of its space, the sale of alcoholic beverages, it lends itself to situations of violence or sexual abuse of both staff and customers, so it must be prepared with the security required to ensure the integrity of people and address such problems.

It can be a stressful business that affects health by constant nighttime hours, bringing sleep disturbance, and energy at

The company must be prepared to face this situation, since it is inevitable if you really want to manage your business closely.

Success stories

Berlin Cabaret is considered a successful company in this business because it has been a reference in the nightlife for more than 30 years. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 23h and until dawn, in this cabaret you can enjoy in its 4 bars and unique dance floor of a whole atmosphere, the best music of the 70s, 80s and 90s as well as the incredible variety shows, humor, magic and burlesque, every day from 1h in the morning.

We offer a wide range of entertainment, ensuring a more enjoyable experience for the users attending the event.