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Starting a children’s riding business

If you like children and you like horses, creating riding courses for children is your business. Horseback riding is one of the most enjoyable sports for children. Children have a special fondness for horses, and practicing riding will give them the opportunity to get to know, care for and respect these animals. But, above all, they will enjoy a fun activity while exercising their whole body and acquiring fundamental values for their daily life.

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What you will teach in this riding course

When a child decides to enter the world of riding, it is advisable to go to a school where there are horses and ponies suitable for their height and strength, as well as qualified instructors.

Within riding, you have to teach the disciplines of jumping, dressage and complete competition, it consists of mastering the horse, maintaining its control and learning how to handle it.

But they also have to learn everything from the ground up, because before riding they have to know and master all the preparations: cleaning the stables, taking care of the animals, saddling them and bridling them correctly. But they are also taught the correct posture for riding, the different steps and the right orders for the horses.

In the schools there are ponies and horses of different sizes and characteristics so that the child can exercise with the animal that best suits their abilities and skills, as well as their height, weight and physical shape. As the child grows, both in age and size and in skill, the size of the horse will also increase. But it is necessary to point out that the fact that your child needs a smaller horse does not mean that his learning is slower or that he cannot go to some competition.

At what age can children start riding

This sport can be practiced by children from 4 years of age.

As a rule, children are ready to learn riding from the age of four. The youngest children are introduced to the sport by riding a pony.
By the age of nine or ten, children can start to ride independently.
Some riding schools offer special introductory riding courses for children from the age of three. The little ones are in charge of brushing and saddling the ponies to learn how to do it with the horses.
How riding benefits children

Although for many people horse riding does not involve a great physical effort, the truth is that it is a very complete sport that allows the development of the muscles – mainly of the legs and the buttocks -, improve the motor coordination, the balance and the sense of orientation. Besides the physical benefits, riding helps in the socialization of the child, promotes confidence and self-confidence of the child and improves their ability to concentrate and discipline. Riding will give them the opportunity to get to know, care for and respect these animals.

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What to wear when riding

When riding, it is essential to wear the right clothes to avoid being uncomfortable, but also to avoid any misfortune in the event of a fall:

Breeches are the most suitable trousers for riding. They are tight and perfectly designed to fit the saddle and not cause any discomfort.
It is compulsory for the child to wear a helmet suitable for his head size and approved by the riding federations.
The recommended shoes are boots with sturdy soles and a little bit of heel – to avoid putting the foot completely in the stirrup.
Wear comfortable T-shirts, shirts, sweatshirts or sweaters that cover the whole arm. In addition, if you wear zippers or buttons, they must be properly fastened to prevent your flight from scaring the horse.
It is highly recommended that gloves are worn to avoid scratches or blisters from rubbing against the reins.
It is essential in almost all training is the whip, as it helps to perform some movements.
Requirements for children to start riding

There should be a space dedicated to the care of the horses, the space should be ample similar to a ranch, only that it will be dedicated specially to the raising and training of horses to carry out the activity of interaction with the children, mainly children with special needs. In addition, enough horses must be acquired to provide the service to multiple clients depending on the number of them.

Another requirement is to have the knowledge in horse training and knowledge in children’s pedagogy, so that you know how to teach and deal with children when providing the instruction of children’s riding.

Advantages of having children riding

Children’s riding is a sport that can help for

to forge the personality, confidence and sense of commitment in the child, being an extremely beneficial and integral activity in the life of the young person.  This factor encourages hundreds of parents to seek to introduce their children to this activity from an early age, and it can be extremely fun and entertaining for children and young people.

This business works with high value animals, which represents extra profits for the business based on the trade of the same, in addition the investor can dedicate the business to all public not only to children, however, in this business model seeks to give emphasis first to the young.

Tips to start with children riding

If you are just starting out in the business, you can also offer the service at your local school’s parent-representative meetings, stimulating the percentage of customers you attract to the business.

Hire specialized personnel in the breeding and maintenance of the horses, having contact with veterinarians, also, acquire work tools such as stirrups and other elements that serve to manage the horse, also, it is advisable to use units to transport the animals from one place to another when necessary.

Problems that may arise

As this is an activity with a percentage of risk, care must be taken with the animals, otherwise accidents can occur if the animal becomes too stressed or is not sufficiently trained to deal with children, incurring serious legal responsibilities in extreme cases.

Dealing with children can be a stressful activity and you should be happy with the activity because, children can be hyperactive and if you do not have clear rules of conduct, you can easily disorganize the activity increasing the rate of accidents.

Success stories 

A prestigious and successful company in this sector is the Centro Ecuestre el Madroño, where you can learn to ride a horse, as well as improve your technique, with very economical riding lessons, for individuals or small groups, and for all levels.

In the same way, in the centre we go by levels, from initiation, improvement and competition, receiving classes of classic taming (dressage), equestrian jumping classes, complete, pony-games for adults and children. In addition, we have the necessary resources to practice raid.