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Camping – Nature holidays – Business model and characteristics

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How to Start a Campsite

Those who love the contact with Nature, whenever it is their turn to vacation, will do it in a campsite, since it is the modality that allows the approach with the natural thing that they look for, at the same time that offers the protection of a protected place, delimited and with the corresponding sanitary services to guarantee the maximum comfort of the users. Below, we show you how to start a campsite and start your own business.

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Understanding a Campsite 

Before we start with the specifications of how to start a campsite, let’s talk about what is and what is not a campsite. A campsite is any tourist establishment located in a fenced area, which has the services and facilities required to make the temporary stay that the holidays allow, either in tents, motor homes, trailers with housing, which are generally provided by the user, as well as fixed establishments of the campsite itself, such as log cabins or bungalows, and that comply with the regulations established for this type of enterprise.

It is important now to establish what is not a campsite. School holiday camps, youth camps, camps belonging to specific institutions and any other type of campsite that are regulated by their own rules are not considered as such.

Requirements to Start a Campsite

Starting a campsite will require you to take care of the following aspects and issues:

Documentation: The director must be registered in the Registry of Tourist Company Directors and the owners must have and maintain a civil responsibility policy, in which the proper functioning of the campsite is guaranteed and they are declared responsible for any damages that may occur on their property.

Division: 75% will be for the camping area, while 25% will be for the services and sports and common use areas.

Delimitation: the site, when starting a camping, must be closed in the part of its limit, being clearly separated the zone of camping and the one of no camping.

Plots: there are two types of plots; ordinary plots: where a mobile hostel and a vehicle can be placed and, on the other hand, reduced plots: those that only admit one camping element and not a vehicle. According to the type of plot, the number of people admitted will be determined. In the case of the first one, up to four people are allowed, while in the second case a maximum of two people are admitted.

Access: the access to the camp must be in perfect conditions and allow the entrance of vehicles.

Electricity: for safety reasons, electrical installations must be underground. The function of the electricity is to supply energy to vehicles that do not have their own generator and to light the entrance, the sanitary services, the reception and the places of internal transit in order to facilitate the circulation within the campsite.

Water: this is a fundamental requirement in every camping establishment. So the supply of drinking water is the responsibility of whoever decides to start a campsite.

How to Start a Campsite

Advantages of having a campsite

Every season the users of this type of vacation gather a lot of money just for this excursion, which motivates the business to be a very lucrative one. In addition, if you have the necessary knowledge you know that, having a camping area can be economic, taking advantage of the view and the natural field for economic benefit.

Breathing clean air and exercising when crossing these natural fields implies a business that promotes good health, so attending to this business can be very healthy for the mind and body, stimulating vitality some years more than other human beings.

Problems that can occur 

In this business model, accidents can occur during the stay of the users of the campsite, so if you do not have clear safety precautions or regulations and methods of response to possible threats, such as falls, fractures, attacks by wild animals, among others, you can be facing a serious life or death situation in a matter of minutes.

Having enough provisions can be a problem, so a good vehicle and resources should be available to supply the campsite in case any family runs out of its own provisions such as drinking water or food to ensure the stay, which can cause users to leave with a bad impression due to lack of preparation to serve the client.

Camping success stories

The interesting Camping Madrid Arco Iris, is a successful company because from it, people can escape to discover the city and its surroundings without suffering the inconvenience of large cities. The program of the campsite includes visits to museums,

cathedral, palaces, parks, among other attractions.

Also available to customers in the capital a trip to Aranjuez, the monastery of El Escorial and Warner Bros. park. In its facilities houses an outdoor swimming pool with paddling pool, library, entertainment during the period of stay for the whole family, bar, restaurant, among other areas of interest.

Another successful campsite is La Fresneda, renovated in 2008, which is made up of all the comforts that the camper needs. Offering a fresh micro climate, especially in summer, with an ideal organization to visit nearby cities such as Madrid, Segovia and El Escorial, having a bus stop right on our doorstep.

This campsite is located in the Regional Park of the Cuenca Alta del Manzanares, on the protected boundary of the Natural Park of La Pedriza and the waterfowl reserve of the Santillana reservoir. Its name derives from the diversity of native ash trees that populate the campsite, which provide abundant shade, the natural spaces being emblematic of the southern slope of the Sierra de Guadarrama.