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Playing Card Factory – Start Guide, Profitability and Tips

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Start a Card Factory

Cards are still the kings of gambling, both in the heat of the home and in mega-casinos. We show you how to set up a Card Factory to provide both macro and micro levels of this all-time classic.

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Steps to Set Up a Card Factory

Before setting up a card factory, make sure you cover the previous steps of organization, which will make you start the business in an orderly manner and with clear accounts.

Prepare a Business Plan: take the time to list and calculate the price, asking for a budget if necessary, of each element, machinery, personnel, etc., that you need to organize and set up your business. The objective of this phase is twofold, since on the one hand you will make a list of what is necessary, both in terms of material resources and human resources, but you will also be able to calculate the initial investment by adding up the amount of each element.

Market Study: you will carry out an investigation to find out which type of cards are in greatest demand, which market sector needs them most and where they are bought today and why.

Analyze the Competition: it is necessary to investigate what the current factories offer. You can pretend to be a customer and get information there on card material, design and price options. Also, ask for information on delivery times for special orders and discounts for wholesale orders. This will give you an idea of how you will have to work and respond to customers.

Research Future Customers: find out about the current trends in playing cards, the quality preferred by customers, special orders, delivery time demands, the use being made of it (amateur, professional), among other things.

Suppliers: contact various suppliers of raw materials (cardboard, paper, ink) to evaluate which one offers you the best quality at the lowest price.

Start a Card Factory

Requirements to set up a card factory

Setting up a Card Factory has the following requirements to be taken into account when starting the business:

Factory: set up your factory in a physical place with all the necessary equipment.

Permits and Regulations: register your company before the state entities that are in charge of registering it in its commercial activity and comply with the rules and safety regulations that having machinery working implies.

Machinery: acquire the machines and printers for your cards, install them safely following the instructions and perform the maintenance indicated in their manuals.

Personnel: hire the necessary personnel for your factory, from the administrative accounting area to the cleaning staff, also covering the Marketing and Sales part.

Customers: they are the link that closes the chain that Assembling a Playing Card Factory implies. They are both local gift shops and large casinos, both physical and online. Getting customers will be part of the Marketing and Sales team’s work from the beginning of the company. Make sure you maintain the quality agreed at the beginning of the agreement and meet the delivery dates.

Advantages of having a Card Factory

Having a card factory, brings the advantage of being able to offer a product that is still on the market despite its migration with new technologies to virtual games.  It also allows to obtain information about options in materials, design and price as well as card alternatives such as tarot cards that can also be manufactured.

Once customers are captured, delivery times can be programmed for special orders and discounts, when wholesale orders are received having work alternatives to respond to the demands of card lovers.

Tips to start

It is always advisable to be attentive to the market in order to investigate and inquire about future clients, informing oneself about current trends in playing cards, quality preferred by clients, special orders, demands for delivery times, the use being made of it (amateur, professional), among other aspects.

Contacting the best suppliers of raw materials in order to select those that offer the best at the lowest prices.

It is also advisable to obtain permits and comply with the regulations that are linked to the company before the state entities that are responsible for discharging the commercial activity, complying with safety regulations when you have the staff handling the machinery when they are working for the process of printing and cutting of the letters.

Requirements to set up a card factory

Success stories of a Playing Card Factory

Wishman Industry & Trade Limited is a professional card manufacturer, which has over 13 years of experience in card production. Having a modern printing, cutting and packing machine to meet the requirements of the customers, they also have an

excellent quality control workers.

Their fundamental objective is to provide the best quality at an adequate price. They are focused on meeting requirements, recommending the best selling products in the local market, wanting to stabilize the business in the long term through the provision of the best quality goods.

Problems that may arise

This is a business that should be set up with the manufacture of other similar products, because as an exclusive, it does not seem to have a sustainable market.

Although cards are still the stars of gambling, both at home and in mega casinos, setting up a card factory is complex, especially in terms of attracting customers, to provide both macro and micro level of this classic game of always.