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Investing in a Children’s Party Hall – How to Start and Earn

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Children’s Party Room – Birthdays for Children

Children need a large, comfortable space adapted to their needs to celebrate their birthdays and other events, such as the taking of their first communion, among others. Therefore, opening a Children’s Party Room is a business idea with great possibilities for growth and a very fast return on investment. You only have to take into account certain important factors that we will detail below and you will be able to carry out one of the best independent ventures.

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Advantages of setting up a children’s party room

High profitability: the cachet charged for renting the hall for four hours, which is the average time to prepare, have the party and then remove everything, is quite high. Therefore, you invest once and then see your investment return to you every weekend.

Independence: this is one of the best projects that can work on their own, since they only require you to check the conditions of the room before delivering it to a party, to close the deal with the client and to send him to do the corresponding maintenance every time something breaks or wears out.

High demand: Another reason why we recommend opening a Children’s Party Room is because more and more children are required to have children’s parties, which is because no one is willing to have dozens of children running around in their own home.

Comfort: having a room adapted to the needs of the children, so that they can play, run, jump and do everything they do when they get together, without the risk of getting hurt when they trip or take something with them, is not only very comfortable, but also highly reassuring for the parents.

How to Organize a Children’s Party Room

The organization of the Children’s Festival Hall depends on several factors, among which we highlight the most important:

Decoration: although each family will bring their own decoration according to the birthday theme, it is necessary to have a base decoration, which consists of painting the walls with certain cartoon characters that children like and decorating the entrance with certain dolls, such as Disney characters or garden dwarfs, as they are colorful and well known by all.

Games: there are certain games that are convenient to have on the premises, such as slides, seesaws, hammocks and perhaps an inflatable, although the latter tends to be rented separately.

Contacts: families who hire the services of a Children’s Party Hall can save a lot of time if we have a list of contacts for catering, entertainers, magicians, inflatable rentals, puppet shows and other services. It is possible that each family has its own contacts, but it is always useful to have a list of people who provide such services.

Cleaning Service: Cleaning is the responsibility of the owner of the room and should be carried out at the end of each party.

Costs to invest in a Children's Party Room

Costs to invest in a Children’s Party Room

When investing in a children’s party room, you must take into account the costs of setting up and decorating a large room. But you may also be encouraged in the organization of events, such as children’s parties, for which you will need to invest in: games such as slides, seesaws, inflatables, which is quite high. You should also consider investing in entertainers, magicians, puppet shows, food service, and candy stores. Also, you should budget for the cleaning and decoration of the premises, accident insurance and other procedures.

Problems that can arise in your children’s business

If you are also encouraged to invest in the organization of children’s party events, it can happen that the climate varies and the arrival of guests is made more difficult once everything is organized. You should not underestimate the work involved in serving and attending to guests. Some moms who plan to enjoy the day with a lot of excitement may not be able to relax for a minute.  If that happens they may decide not to hire the children’s party room anymore, because the service provided allowed them to enjoy their son or daughter’s party. It may happen that an unforeseen accident occurs, which is usually attributed to the organization of the event.

Final recommendations for your children’s party business to succeed

It is very important to plan in advance the investment budget for your children’s party room. It is also important to have an alternative planning for unforeseen moments and accidents that may occur. It is also very important to plan in advance the annual program offered by your children’s party room. Likewise, plan the care and safety of the children if they are left in the care of the family organizers or whether parents will be asked to accompany them.