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Children’s Soccer Classes – Tips, Investing and Advice

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Start with Children’s Soccer Classes

We know that there are a variety of paths we can take in terms of sports and physical activity related businesses, however, particularly some have a much more active demand on the move than others, this is the case with soccer classes.

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If you have the necessary knowledge or plan to hire someone who does, then you should see how you can set up this type of business step by step to make it your own profitable business, let’s see:

Business activity

Without the need for a private place or court, we will be able to do this in a public area, especially a park where we will gather the children to whom the classes will be directed. After promoting your business, you may have children of different ages, so if there are more than 15 we recommend you organize them in groups and divide the class times.

You can set a weekly or monthly fee for each child individually. We recommend that initially this is not excessive or very high, essentially because you are becoming known.

Target group

Although we are mainly going to give the classes to the children, we must make the parents loyal, since they will be the ones who decide whether or not to take the children and of course, building a good relationship with each child will be the plus to keep them in the classes.

You can choose your target audience based on the ages of children you wish to work with or the location of the park where you are going to give the classes, to start with, then you can expand, if you wish, your scope.

Licenses for operation

It is key that you have certifications and permissions that give you as an expert in the area, this will be key for parents to be confident to leave their children in the hands of an expert. Also, having a legal and established business frees you from possible problems of operation, especially if you plan to set up your football academy in the medium term.

Necessary physical equipment

For the classes it is extremely important that you have all the necessary equipment. Therefore, part of the investment will be directed to the material, within which we include the following items:

Soccer balls

Nets for courts

Uniforms: dungarees and gloves for archers

Training and warm-up: training rings, cones, flags, permits, mini fields, football training accessories

Auxiliary material: sports bag and others

Start with Children's Soccer Classes

Promotion and advertising of the business

For this type of business we can use both traditional and digital advertising tools. This way you can place flyers around the area where you plan to give the classes, business cards to parents and children, and in sports businesses. As for digital advertising, it will be a great advantage to have a website that has your contact numbers so that people can contact you, and even hire you to give classes in different places.

Requirements to start with Children’s Soccer Classes

The Operating License is an important requirement to open this business, because even if you do not have a physical space and you start in public areas or parks, you must have the certification and permission to work expert in the area.

The certification gives confidence to the parents so that they can be reassured to leave their children in the hands of the expert that they expect and trust because, having a legal and established business increases the possibilities of operation, especially if you are going to continue in the medium term with the company and then set up the football academy.

Another requirement for this business, is to know the sport, its content and its rules, so that you can have mastery of the field to be able to teach, also must have experience in child pedagogy, how to deal with children inspiring discipline and enthusiasm for the sport of football.

Advantages of having football classes for children

It is a business that has contact with the youth, in a healthy and very constructive environment, in addition it contributes the satisfaction of leadership and the knowledge that it is helping to the integral growth of the youth with the instruction of this sport.

It is a fun job that takes place in open fields, and it is also a business model that promotes good health through sports, an element that helps to keep young and healthy for years, due to the exercise and activity that must be done daily. Because, the more young people are in charge, the more work and the more profit there will be, ensuring an important margin for the business.

There is the advantage of having contact with nursery schools to teach the course, possibly the institution has courts or open areas where you can take the children for the activity

You can also work on a public pitch or subscribe to a club that has a football pitch.

An advantage for the business is to have the physical platform, the space of the field with all its areas for training and spaces for the safety and security of both children and their belongings when they go to receive instruction.

Advantages of having football classes for children

Success stories

A successful company in this sector is the Academia Ricardinho & Ortiz, which has developed a sports-formative programme, to initiate youngsters from individual technical work, getting them to have fun while acquiring the great values and skills of football.

Likewise, the R&O Academy represents a complement to the training that the clubs give in the training sessions, so, it is directed to all the boys and girls from 6 to 16 years old, who are interested in this sport, and want to enjoy technical training sessions where they can improve all the aspects of their game, to be trained as complete and intelligent players.

Obstacles that can appear: As it is the use of a public space, it is necessary that previously you have separated the place in which you are going to give the classes to avoid to be left without space when you are going to work with the group of children. You can contact the entities in charge or the local administrations to conveniently arrange this space according to your schedule.

Final recommendation: It is important that you have a detailed organization and a record of progress with each group you manage, as well as their contact details, progress and details you need from each session for the growth of each child in the activity. Also, the work with the children should be very comfortable and pleasant, where the children can enjoy the space and build a happy and active environment in the practice of sport, which will improve the relationship, work performance and quality of the activity.