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Children’s Summer Camp – Entrepreneurship and more

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How to set up a children’s summer camp

Summer has just ended, but for those who want to open a summer camp for children, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and start laying the groundwork to better face the coming season.

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Not knowing where to leave your children in the summer is the drama of many working parents. Grandparents can’t always take care of the grandchildren (in some cases, they even work) and paying a babysitter by the hour is not particularly convenient. So, can we respond to this important segment of the population in a more appropriate way? How? Simply by opening a summer camp for the children. Today I want to give you some tips that I hope will be useful to you.

How to open then, a summer camp for children? What are the steps you will have to do to create this business idea?

Consider that summer camps for children can be a real success and can provide a great economic return. For this to work, you have to follow some rules and respond in a timely manner to the insistent need of parents to leave their children in a safe place, where they can play and where all their needs will be met.

Your services are aimed primarily at children who are in early childhood. Still, you are free to choose the age at which you feel able to work.
She believes that the cost of opening a summer camp for children can be very low. Like any other business, at least if you don’t have a big budget from the beginning, get established.
Start with a day service, with few staff and acceptance of a limited number of children. This will allow you to look at smaller facilities, and also save on staff.
Remember that a good children’s summer camp requires a good staff. Choose staff capable of entertaining the little ones with art workshops, exercises and team play activities. Of course, each age group should have specific services.
Evaluate the area where you will open your summer camp. The advice is to choose an area on the outskirts, but well connected to the city center. Not only are the rents lower, the competition is less fierce.
Also consider opening a summer camp near a tourist town. Parents are happy to let the children have fun, under the care of experienced staff, while giving them a holiday in total relaxation.
If you have chosen a spacious location, consider renting a room for children’s parties. Parents are always looking for places to celebrate birthdays or special occasions, which involve children.
Now for the paperwork. The laws for opening a children’s summer camp are not as strict (at least for now). However, remember that you will have to obtain accreditation, and the necessary agreements with the local authority.

How to set up a children's summer camp
Requirements for starting a children’s summer camp

First, you need an investment capital and a budget, so that you can organize the project, then look for a place located in nature, you can coordinate an open space belonging to areas near nature reserves or forests where you have the permission to establish your children’s camp.

You should have knowledge in children’s pedagogy, you can acquire a degree of this expertise yourself at the local university in your region or, failing that, hire professionals who are specialists in treating and teaching premature infants.

Advantages of having a children’s summer camp

This business can be extremely constructive, also if you are enthusiastic about children and their education this can be your ideal business, also hundreds of children like summer camp for the fact of meeting other children and have much more fun than they would at home, which represents a good influx of customers for your business.

In addition, this business model is developed outdoors, stimulating a constant contact with nature, which benefits their health and energy unlike office work where you must sit for long hours involving a constant wear and tear on your health.

Tips to start 

Connecting with educational institutions that manage their potential clients, i.e. children, can create advertising campaigns or coordinate with schools to offer their services at parent-representative meetings, this strategy can bring you the attraction of many clients at once.

Maintain your facilities, often the weather coupled with the treatment of the facilities by children can lead to general structural damage in the camp, so it is recommended to always have a capital and material

to replace or repair structures that are damaged at the end of the summer camp day or before it begins.

Success stories 

The Crece Bien camp is a successful company in this sector of the camps because it helps the child or teenager with interesting and fun activities to know how to manage their anger, fears or sadness by improving social skills such as communication, empathy or assertiveness.

Acquiring a lifelong learning, as they teach and develop tools for children and adolescents to feel happy and competent in their day-to-day life, both personally and at school.

Problems that can arise in summer camp for children

Children can be very hyperactive and invent risky situations for fun, so you must be prepared with rules of conduct and their teachers or subordinates to control this personality, otherwise accidents of all kinds can happen that can lead to seriously injured young people.

Dealing with youth representatives can be hard, you must know about customer service and have a lot of patience, there are parents who can put you in a very stressful situation so you must be prepared for these types of events so that these circumstances do not directly or indirectly affect your business.