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Opening a comic book store – Business model and maintainability

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Opening a comic book store: An old and profitable business

Relive times and benefit from this business

Opening a comic book store is an excellent option if you know everything about the world of comics or want to learn from it to offer the best service to all your customers. The comics or cartoons that you are going to sell may or may not have colored text, since the categories in which they are broken down are varied and to the same extent, the age ranges to which they are directed, such as their themes, presentations and so on, vary.

Some of the comic book categories you can offer are explained below:

Notebooks: These are the types of American comics that have a regular appearance and in that, the characters in the stories are kept. They are mainly aimed at children and even young people. They handle different themes, such as humor, adventures and Japanese comics begin to appear, ie manga.
The magazines: The prices for the comic book magazines are a little bit higher and they are mainly addressed to the youth and adult age ranges. They are provided on a monthly basis, but their appearance has declined and only a few of many are found. They require a larger format.
Albums: Albums are usually created by a single author who prints a complete story on an album, or a series of stories that revolves around a general nexus. The presentation of this presentation is much higher, since it is a type of edition that requires more care as its material is based on quality, a hard cover and a larger format. It is perhaps the most commercialized product in the sales of comic books, since it has both antiquity and modernity at the same time.
Key factors to set up a comic book store

It is important that if you want to open a comic book store, take into account the following factors to set up your store and manage it in the best possible way:

The market for trading

Some of the comic book stores are located in specialized bookstores or hypermarkets. You can guide yourself on the organization methods, analyze the clientele and evaluate the way they are sold to build your store. You must take into account that this type of business has mostly gone to the Internet, since the stores have reduced and their customers have decided to look for them elsewhere. However, you can make your franchise supremely profitable by offering a product that has almost no more room.

Opening a comic book store

The public and the shop’s customers

You need to identify the age ranges that could possibly enter your store so that you can organize the different comic book shelves in the store. One important thing to keep in mind is that the majority of your customers will be male and their age range may be from 14 to 30 or more.

A sales plan

The sales plan includes different aspects that you should take into account for the operation and productivity of your store, among them we can find

The image and brand of the store that should be attractive to the public in every way.

The exhibitors and the shelves located in the store for the display of the comics. The established place must have a roof that prevents the damage of the material when it comes into contact with the possible humidity from the outside.

The handling of the personnel, which must be trained for customer service and be carried out in harmony and stability in interpersonal relations

Promotions should be carried out in different seasons of the year, especially with those products that have an important rotation and exercise. In addition, this will allow an increase in the arrival of potential customers in the sector.

Advertising is a key point to take into account. You will have to implement different strategic plans, mainly in the sector where the comic book store is installed and then, you will be able to move forward, going a little further to capture the attention of more and more people.

The premises and location of the comic book store

It is important that you locate the comic book store in an area that has a high flow of passers-by and why not, vehicular traffic as well to reach a greater number of potential customers. The place you have and choose, must have minimum conditions on health in all senses, have the main resources, be visually attractive after the modification and other key features.

Here we can see some videos about the comic book store.