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Entertainment company – All types of events, entrepreneurship

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Start an animation company

One of the best ways to break into the market is to start with a business that is not only profitable for you these days, but also that you like and are passionate about, because the commitment and perseverance you print to grow depends on it. That is why, if the parties, the decoration and the joy of this type of event is your thing, you should consider starting your own entertainment company for all types of events.

Starting a company of this type implies not only “being the soul of the party”, but also the taste for decorating the facilities, having that touch of joy, presenting the client with everything he needs according to the party he is going to give, among other things that are typical of the entrepreneur.

Who is the service aimed at?

Since we will organize different types of events, the profiles of our clients may vary. These are some possible clients:

Companies: business parties, thematic meetings, parties or others.

Parents, educational institutions and attendees for children’s parties

Parents, family and friends for surprise birthday parties

Dress or costume rental agencies for parties such as: religious events (first communions, baptisms, weddings), 15 year old parties.

And clients who are looking for the service for other events, such as baby showers, theme parties, halloween celebration, among others.

How and when does it work?

Entertainment companies or businesses seek to offer their clients everything they need to carry out an event, celebration or party, from the decoration of the place, to the food and performance of shows. Given the need to which it responds and taking into account your constant work in the promotion and search for contacts, the growth of this business is possible because the parties will be held every year in the case of birthdays and others, so it is an inexhaustible source of income.

Your business will work especially on the weekends, as this is when these types of events take place, mostly. During the week there are usually business type celebrations, but you can also dedicate yourself to contacting clients and registering events.

What does an entertainment agency offer?

There are many services that an animation company can offer, however, what we recommend is to start with some of them according to our conditions and possibilities to start.

Children’s parties: chiquitecas

Theme parties: halloween, baby shower

Parties and business events

Food service: Party food, snacks, appetizers, drinks, desserts.

Party logistics and equipment: tents, tables and chairs, lights, sound and lighting for events.

Dynamic material: Recreational activities, jumpers, inflatable games.

Shows: humor, magic, performance, imitators, human statues, circus artists, acrobatics, puppet shows, among others.

Start an animation company

Recommendations to start

After seeing who our target audience is and what services we can offer, it’s time to learn the steps to start with this type of business.

Choose the services: Start by defining the services you are going to offer to define the main activity of your animation company. Remember that you must start from your conditions and tastes, so think about it very well.
Register your business: To register your business legally you need to go to the regulatory body in your city and carry out the corresponding procedures. Permits and licenses will be necessary to operate. Remember to choose a simple and very innovative name for your business.
Locate the company: It is not necessary to have a place that is open to the public, however, you will need a space with good conditions to store your equipment and materials. You can either fit out a part of your house if you have the space or rent a space for it. You can set up a small office with a desk, PC and telephone to serve your customers.
Get your equipment and materials: The elements will depend on the services you are going to offer. These can be: balloons, tables, chairs, floral arrangements, jumpers, costumes for the staff according to the theme, quality decoration supplies, glassware, make-up, sound and lighting equipment, rental of transport service, etc.
Look for the personnel: You will need personnel to deal with the different activities, such as. acting, party animation, organization and installation of the material, loading of the material, call attention and contact with clients, agents in charge of the food, transportation, among others. You may request a separate cleaning service for the material and transport if you do not have it. Make sure they are experienced in specific areas and have the willingness to do a good job,

Your image will depend on it.
Promote your business: This is one of the most important processes, as you will finally present your business to the public. You have different options at your disposal, it is advisable that you participate in each of them:

Traditional advertising: Distribute flyers in businesses related to what you offer, take advantage of the end of events, trade fairs and potential customers to distribute business cards.

Digital advertising: Having a website for an animation company is almost a requirement, as it may be the only way to access other customers who are not reached with flyers and ads.

Difficulties that may arise: When opening an animation company you must take into account that the attention of the staff with the final customers will be the basis of your business. If your staff does not enjoy and does not like what they do, their work will not be of quality and the clients will not enjoy the activities.

Final recommendation: A mistake you should avoid above all is to offer more than you can, especially in the initial stage, so ideally, taking into account the investment capital you have, you should make a selection of services and activities that you could offer according to that, taking into account if they are to your liking and also the expenses that this brings, such as material, staff, transport, etc. Research other companies in the market to find out what they are offering and how they do it, so you can generate some ideas on how to innovate in the market and highlight your business.

Requirements for an animation company

Knowledge in design and animation is required, so the investor can take a course or look for a dedicated university, institutions that have been created and are constantly growing, which allows him to master the techniques to make professional animations for large customers.

If you want to work in a formal way, you must have the permits for commercial movement and trade records, hiring a professional specialist in the field to support and set up the business in a definitive and legal way.

Advantages of having an animation company

The world of animation is exciting and fun, it is a type of work that can be very satisfactory, also you can get large contracts that can ensure very good profit margins, to continue the work and strengthen the company.

It’s a comfortable job, even though you need proper training once you master the craft you work in a fresh and creative environment, unlike other types of business that are developed in the open or involve effort and complications of complex decisions.

Problems that may arise 

You must be consistent and accurate so that you can ensure quality, otherwise you may have problems with the reputation of the business, because customers for this type of work can be demanding, plus there is competition from other designers and animators who can easily put you out of business if you do not work well.

Several animation programs must be mastered, which takes a lot of time and effort before you can produce and get ahead with the influx of business.

Success stories

Surmedia Group 3d Limited Society, is a successful company in the sector because it is dedicated to graphic design, multimedia, 3d animation and computer graphics, the sale and rental of all types of properties, the purchase and / or rehabilitation, promotion and construction of all types of homes and premises. It also offers design courses, and business management consultancy.

Another prestigious company is Animaciones Cielo 3d Sl, which offers its clients graphic design, web page design, the provision of advertising and marketing services, as well as the provision of 3d computer graphics for architecture and 3d digital display, with a highly professional service and quality assurance.