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Equestrian Center – Trade, stability and more

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How to open an equestrian center

The traditional concept of equestrian centres has evolved, customer demands have become more demanding and the commercial sector has had to adapt by offering more modern services.

Any equestrian centre is now able to offer a wide list of complementary services which, combined with each other, can allow the client to go on the traditional horse ride, take riding lessons and find in the equestrian centre, a valuable refuge for their adventure.

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What is the secret of a successful equestrian centre?

Riding is a sport that can provide numerous benefits to those who practice it and allows the client:

Distraction for an hour in order to escape the chaos of the big city.
Find refuge in a natural environment.
Unload the stress and tension accumulated during the working day.
It is an escape route from the hustle and bustle, brings peace, harmony and restores the psycho-physical balance.
It is a sport that can be practiced by everyone and does not require extensive athletic training.

First steps for an equestrian center

From the entrepreneur’s point of view, opening an equestrian center requires a great deal of commitment, and if you own a large enough piece of land, you can get started without investing large amounts of money.

Requirements for opening a riding school

In bureaucratic terms, there is nothing special to add. The procedure to be followed is the same as that required to open any type of business.

The special requirements, however, are those of a subjective nature. More precisely, if your intention is to open an equestrian center, you will need to have

A passion for the racing industry and more generally for animals.
Proof of professional experience, preferably supported by previous experience on another horse.
Excellent business skills, essential to optimize management and stand out from the competition.

Where to open an equestrian center?

The evaluation of the location in which they are based is an essential element for the success of your equestrian center.

Ideally, you should choose suitable scenic areas, which, in addition to being well connected to the main urban centres nearby, can offer long horse trails, forest tracks or suggestive romantic trips on a lake.

How to open an equestrian center

What is the cost of starting an equestrian centre?

The investment can be gradual and the scope of services offered can grow in direct proportion to the success of the ride.

You can start the business with a few horses, and if you have the capacity to exploit your own land, you can considerably reduce start-up costs.

The only significant cost element, therefore, is that of hiring experienced staff. A priority need, especially if you want to start offering riding lessons.

Income estimates

Offering a quality service at a competitive price is undoubtedly the ideal combination to open the doors of success.

Initially you will have to aim to present to the community, with good advertising that allow you to impose on the market without too many problems.

To make it easier for customers, finally, you can also decide to create class offers: free trial and dual payment option, monthly subscription.

Another factor to take into account, finally, is undoubtedly related to the cleanliness and hygiene of the premises. Cleanliness and order should be the two solid conceptual pillars on which you have to organize your new business.

On the other hand, the first impression is always the one that counts!

Advantages of having an equestrian centre

Learning to ride a horse, how to care for it and in general breathe this world can be a very spiritual and fun activity. This factor represents a crucial element in attracting many potential clients, especially young people who wish to learn and even acquire a horse to ride in the plains of their region.

The horse is a very strong animal, besides being very valuable, you can obtain very important and sufficient profits to live from this business model, making it a trade that can be passed on from generation to generation as time goes by.

Tips for starting an equestrian center

Get in touch with people specialized in the equestrian field, so that you can constantly learn ways of working and breeding horses, as well as knowing the business in depth to master it and treat it freely without depending completely on others outside the business.

It is advisable to purchase insurance against accidents and losses on horses due to theft and / or natural disaster, so you can be protected against any incident that may occur in the day to

day of the business, being prepared for any setback, inspiring security for the staff and users of the service.

Advantages of having an equestrian centre

Success stories

Los Laureles Club Hípico, is a successful company in the equestrian field that opened its doors in 1992, to disseminate and promote the world of horses. They have large, modern and complete facilities built to offer the best service to customers and horses, with a variety of services related to the equestrian activity, from boarding to dressage of foals, to riding lessons and organization of competitions.

Problems that may arise

Dealing with animals and especially dealing with such a big guy can be very dangerous so you must have accident insurance and have great knowledge of what you are doing, otherwise catastrophic accidents can happen to the health even life of the apprentice riders.

The maintenance, breeding and care of the horses, which includes medicines, food, cleaning tools, adequacy of dedicated spaces, among others, can be extremely expensive, this factor can represent a strong problem if you do not have the necessary resources to manage them.