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Building and Managing a Golf Club – Entrepreneurship and Advice

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Open a Golf Club

If you are looking for a high-flying business, with a wide profit margin and exclusivity, then undertake a Golf Club project, a space for the wealthy and more distinguished classes of society.

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Requirements to start a Golf Club

The first thing you have to think about is the terrain. Acquire a vast place whose characteristics allow you to make the hills that characterize a Golf Club. Then cover it with the best grass or different kinds of them according to the area (sun, many footprints, etc.).

The next step would be to build the club in which will be the internal sport courts, bodybuilding rooms, aerobics rooms and rooms for socials and board games.

The dressing room area should be divided into two areas: one for women and one for men. In turn, they will have showers, regulated by a boiler system to have hot water all day, bathrooms and lockers with a padlock.

Acquire golf carts and golf equipment (clubs and balls) to have available if any member forgot or broke it.

Once this is ready, it is time to decorate and equip the interior of the club. The type of public you will have is looking for large, refined spaces with minimalist decorations that include a few houseplants. The equipment will be that of an apparatus room and a gymnastics room, with its dumbbells, discs, bars, ankle bracelets, music equipment and, in the case of the courts, balls and nets.

The reception office must have a particularly well cared for decoration, neither too heavy nor too austere. Colours are important, a combination of white and green can be very appropriate for the location or, otherwise, white and blue.

When selecting staff, do not only look at their skills and experience, but also use psychologists to help you determine, through psychological tests, whether candidates have the profile you need to deal with demanding, discerning people and to be able to meet their requests and demands calmly and politely.

It is also necessary to manage the permits to operate as a sports institution. Once you have registered your company at state level, specify that you will dedicate yourself to the area of sports, then they will indicate you what other procedures you must carry out to obtain the qualifications and permits essential to open a Golf Club.

Requirements to start a Golf Club

Steps to be taken before setting up a golf club

As in any business, planning is critical. Here we give you the steps to follow to successfully manage the opening of your Golf Club.

Business Plan: study in detail the investment you will make, plan everything you need and then ask for an estimate from the various suppliers. Once you have everything on the table, evaluate the best prices in relation to quality and make the best decision.

Study the competition: pretend to be a client and investigate what the competition has to offer, so you can improve your offer with innovative ideas.

Study the Market: a market study is fundamental to know what is needed and what your potential public expects from a Golf Club.

Advantages of having this model of Golf Club

The clubs are famous for attracting people of high economic resources, stimulating to charge good sums of money for the entrance and registration of the members, factor that can represent very important margins of profit for the business.

These types of clubs can be glamorous and facilitate contact with very powerful personalities from whom one could receive very interesting benefits, such as doctors, surgeons, lawyers, politicians and other diverse people with great purchasing and legal power.

Tips for getting started

Obtain bank loans if you do not have sufficient capital, or investors who are willing to help establish the club in exchange for benefits in the club, to move the economy and be able to embark on this massive project.

Make your business known, carry out advertising campaigns or offer strategies for the first members, also build coffee and drink resting spaces that will serve to attract members, to the golf club.

Another advice is to creatively set up smaller businesses within the same physical platform to perceive alternative profits, such as gift shops, courts of another sport, coffee restaurants and other businesses that can stimulate the influx of customers for the club.

Problems that may arise

Problems that may arise

Having a golf club can be very expensive, even exceeding millions of euros, so this project should be considered and studied closely before undertaking it, otherwise you can have many problems in managing the money needed to operate the golf club.

A large staff is required

and diverse planning, so dealing with this business can be complex if you don’t have help, since in addition to planning the physical platform, it requires hectares to cover and maintain. So, you also have to manage everything related to the administration and registration of the business, with a number of responsibilities that may be impossible for one person to carry out.

Success stories

A successful company in this sector is Club de Campo Villa de Madrid, which was inaugurated in 1932, is a type of mixed course with 36 long holes and 9 par holes, in which tournaments are organized and users can join as members, to practice golf.