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Ice Skating Rink – Preparation, Trading and Entrepreneurship

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How to start an ice rink

Free time activities tend to turn more and more towards fitness and physical activity. Therefore, installing an ice skating rink is an excellent option for the modern entrepreneur, who knows how to adapt to the needs and demands of the society in which he lives and who wants to run a business that is easy to manage and highly profitable.

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Ice Rink Considerations

When we get involved with a project of such magnitude, it is necessary to take into account certain aspects that we will find difficult to change later on, such as the location of the track and its structure. At the same time, other more malleable aspects must also be considered so that the opening and development of our Ice Skating Rink is easy to carry and thus avoid unnecessary headaches.

Location: it is very important that before renting or buying a suitable site for the ice skating activity, we have a panorama of the area where we will be installing it. The first thing to take into consideration is our target audience, which is synonymous with who we will direct our services to. The age range of individuals who use this service is from 4 or 5 years old, up to 20 years old approximately. In other words, we will be working with children and adolescents, so what can we do with this information? It is simple: a population census of the area. Although the State carries out censuses from time to time, we will need something very specific: to know in which area of our city most people live whose age is neither below nor above the range that concerns us. So hiring a team to do it or, failing that, getting organized and doing it yourself, will be the first thing to do when we install the Ice Skating Rink.

Structure: when we have found the area in which we will work, the next step will be to contact an architect who will design a functional rink for us, both in the rink part itself, as well as in the stand and seating part. The rink has to be large and leave room for the body to express itself and expand, so no expense should be spared in the extension of the ice rink.

Cold: it is obvious but should not be overlooked (worth the redundancy). Contact companies that install and maintain the ice while the rink is working, look for trajectory and good prices from your supplier.

Requirements to have an ice rink

Permissions: arrange the legal permits to open and operate a skating rink. For this purpose, contact the state agencies that are responsible for receiving and managing the documentation for opening a business.

Personnel: you will need to have administration, cleaning, maintenance and ticket office personnel.

Medical Emergency: the ice rink will have to be affiliated to a medical emergency service, which will cover any possible accident that occurs while skating.

Advantages of having an ice rink

Ice skating is an extremely fun activity and is very attractive for hundreds of users, who automatically go to the rinks, without much advertising, because enthusiastic users of this sport come to the establishments in search of entertainment.  In addition, the business can be the scene of ice hockey leagues and other organized activities representing significant profit margins for the business.

This business only needs to be maintained and wait for the customers to enter in increasing numbers to the premises, also the space can be provided to establish smaller alternatives such as gift shops, ice skating shops, sale of drinks, vending machines, and other possibilities that can be established in the empty spaces around it.

Tips for setting up an Ice Skating Rink

To publicize the business, placing ads in the surrounding businesses, you can hire radio spots and organize events in your space to stimulate the influx of customers, in addition, coordinate tournaments with local leagues of different sports, such as figure skating or hockey, so that you get in touch with this industry, which could mean massive profits to advance the business.

Having medical equipment or first aid kits on hand, in case of accidents at the rink with injuries for some users, so having these elements helps to establish a seal of quality and safety for the business, in addition to taking into account the emergency numbers in case of any isolated event that may happen.

Problems that can occur

The rink can be very dangerous for users who do not know how to skate or control the sport well, which can cause accidents with the skaters

so you must be prepared to deal with any user who suffers from this circumstance and have the corresponding insurance against all risks.

The maintenance of an ice rink can be expensive, it is necessary the acquisition of special machinery to give cleanliness to the same one, this equipment can cost thousands of euros, in addition the propitious atmosphere for low temperatures constantly demands routine maintenance to the systems of cooling, otherwise the ice can melt ruining the business in little time.

Success stories

La Galería de Cristal is a successful company that becomes a winter landscape during the Christmas season, where a large Christmas tree, several igloos and a wide range of storytelling and creative workshops coexist with this large 400 m2 skating rink. This space also offers a bar and cafeteria service to recover your strength after the enjoyment of skating.