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Inflatable Toy Rentals – Entrepreneurship, Advantages and Tips

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Start with Inflatable Toy Rentals

It is well known that children go with fun and entertainment, naturally, so inflatable games are highly attractive elements for them. The truth is that inflatable toys have been on the market for some time now and this is due to the high demand for use that is emerging from the public. For this reason, if you have not considered this type of business, I invite you to get to know it and thus verify its profitability.

Where can you install an inflatable toy?

Parks are places for this type of games, events and parties have been situations that remain, and even more so when it comes to the celebration of birthdays, celebrations that in this section focus on children’s events. Children’s parties tend to be organized in kindergartens, open spaces, locations of agencies that organize children’s parties, houses with open areas, among others crucial for the installation of inflatable toys.

Family, business or any other type of event where families gather, mainly, compromise the presence of this type of elements for the entertainment of the little ones. In this way, spaces are opened up for the reunion of families where they can enjoy themselves and the adults can converse comfortably.

Guide to setting up an inflatable toy rental business

This is a type of business that promises profitability and opportunities for growth and enrichment, so if you have decided to set up this type of business, we present you with a very useful guide that will allow you to build a solid foundation for the efficient development of your business. Below, everything you will need:

The services and elements: To begin with, you can acquire a mixed inflatable, which you will put up for rent. Some of these items contain support ropes and slides that are equally appealing to children. Given the variety, it is necessary that first you investigate on the newness of this type of articles and thus, to be able to invest in the best one to begin. Go to different suppliers who will provide you with their best products so that you have the opportunity to choose. Don’t forget to guarantee the safety of the children, a good support will prevent you from having problems, so you must make sure that the toys comply with the safety regulations…

Start with Inflatable Toy Rentals

Types of inflatable toys

Inflatable pools
The springboards
Inflatable swimming pool balls
Jumping castles
Inflatable animals for riding
Replication of obstacles
Inflatable slides

Safety: It is necessary to take out an insurance policy that covers you for risks caused by the item. To support this contract, it is necessary to make one where you are released for possible situations in case of accidents. In addition, it is necessary that within the contract the rules and regulations regarding the use are established, which must be respected and agreed with the client or clients, who, if necessary, would have to pay in case of damage.

The location: It is not necessary to choose a specific location, since its installation offers us alternatives. This means that your facility will be a little different from conventional businesses, since you will have to focus on the storage of toys, which, in time, will have to be larger given the growth of the business and with it the increase in services and products. However, you will be able to put up an ad to advertise your business. Try to take into account that the space is in conditions to bring the transport you will use closer, in order to always keep the implements in the best conditions.

The equipment: As an owner, it will be necessary for you to equip yourself in addition to the inflatable toys, some other elements that will be necessary, such as

A means of transport (can be rented initially) that will allow you to move the toys to the place where they are needed
Elements and products for the cleaning of the articles

Shelves that allow for proper storage of items when the supply begins to grow
Office tools that make it easy to keep track of business, calculator, computer and other similar items.

Business costs: For this aspect it is necessary that you investigate the competition and thus, determine costs. The truth is that this type of analysis involves several things:

The costs that are being handled by the rental of the elements at the moment
The providers who supply the items, chosen on the basis of quality, compliance, presentation, care, customer service and other aspects
The demand where you analyze the competition and can get an idea of what the latest trends are, what the children, parents and finally the customers want.

The staff: Keep in mind that having staff is necessary, because they will comply with a serious

of aspects that you will not have time to deal with, so here is a list of possible occupations and tasks that candidates may represent:

Supervision of the elements for the events
A driver to take care of the delivery and collection of the toys
An escort to lower and assemble the inflatables
Someone in an office to take calls from interested parties and customers to schedule the rental
Persons who are responsible for the cleaning of the objects and their respective maintenance
Among others

A website: Appearance on the web is an important aspect, as customers tend to search the internet first. This search will lead them to visit your own website, where they will find the services you offer, possible costs if you prefer, means of contact, offers, facilities and so on. Don’t forget also the creation of accounts in social networks, where you will be able to know the needs of the people and open even more your opportunities

Advertising: In addition to the use of social networks and the offers you can post there to attract the attention of customers, other ways you can advertise your business are flyers, ads, appearances in major media, even the possibility of creating partnerships with agencies that handle these types of parties so that they can hire you, among others that should be taken into account.

Inconveniences that can appear: If you do not have an operating permit, especially if you are the one who manages the rental of inflatable toys in parks, you may have problems setting up your business there, since you must have a special license to occupy public space.

Final recommendation: With every rental service, entry or exit of a product to your warehouse, you must make sure to examine it completely to evaluate the condition in which it enters or leaves, as well as its conditions and operation. This allows you to offer a quality product every time a customer requests it. Don’t forget to maintain a good relationship with your customers and build up their loyalty.

Advantages of having an inflatable toy rental

Advantages of having an inflatable toy rental

The inflatable toys are suitable for all kinds of events, from children’s parties to swimming pool events in special family celebrations, such as children’s birthdays, weddings, graduations, where you want to acquire this product for interested customers, making your business an ideal option for those who want to set up a party or give this product to their child, grandchild or young nephew.

Working with this business means acquiring a wide variety of inflatable products, this implies that through the business, you will be able to satisfy almost any demand for inflatable items, in addition the product is easy to move, is lightweight and can be packed in a small space, which is an advantage when acquiring a large inventory to be stored in a medium space.

Success stories

The Alvisa Group is a specialist in this sector of inflatable rental because they organise any type of children’s event such as birthday parties, communions, baptisms, end of year parties, organisation of events for town halls and neighbourhood communities. They make proposals on new forms to enjoy the celebrations with the smallest in a special and amusing way for them, guaranteeing the security and the unbeatable prices.

They rent inflatable castles because they consider that it is the best way to assure the success of the party and the maximum amusement for the children in any type of event, meetings in family, wedding, communion, birthday party.

The company has chosen the inflatable castles carefully and always thinking about the tastes of the youngest, because all the models are very easy to transport and assemble.

They are designed to fit in the trunk of any vehicle so they can be collected and installed in the living room, garden, community of neighbors, which allows to offer more affordable prices and save unnecessary expenses.