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Karaoke Bar – Fun, Entertainment and Profitability

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Currently, if you have noticed, there are a lot of bars that implement different themes and are aimed at the entire public, because in addition to offering a variety of music and liquor, they also handle activities such as contests, including karaoke, which become the favorite of men and women without distinction of age, occupation, origin or any other situation, whether family, friends, work groups, among others. In addition to this, it promises its managers the possibility of increasing their income from the first moment.

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Due to all this, karaoke bars become an excellent alternative that can be incorporated by existing bars or those entrepreneurs who are looking for a profitable business option that provides a good return. Whatever your case, it is necessary that you know some key points to manage this profitable alternative in the best way and thus add a much more attractive aspect to your business or set it up based on this theme. This is because it is a mechanism and an activity that does not go out of fashion and that attracts the attention of a large part of the population.

Necessary elements for the assembly of a karaoke bar

To guarantee the correct functioning when assembling the karaoke, it is necessary to equip yourself with a series of materials that will be very useful and allow you to use it, such as

A computer (either a laptop or a desktop computer, it doesn’t matter)
A pair or trio of microphones that work wirelessly
A sound system and additional, a mixing table
More than two semi-professional speakers, preferably
As for the songs, it will be necessary to use a professional karaoke software
A list of songs that you will search for with the help of a manual and that is in different languages

Remember that the use of each element and its procurement, guarantees the proper functioning of the karaoke, as well as its duration and the resources needed to start the activity.

Permits, licenses and legal procedures

This is one of the aspects that should not be overlooked in any way, as it will be key to the functioning of the karaoke bar or the implementation of the activity. When processing the necessary permits and licenses, we must take into account some issues in advance, as they are basic data, such as: the square meters it has in place, the minimum capacity of the monitors and the maximum to be used for the activity. This way you can guarantee the legal compliance for the operation.

How to choose the perfect microphones?

Nowadays, there is a great variety of microphones and your choice will depend on the use we are going to give you, the level of professionalism we decide and other quality regarding the audio for the karaoke activity. Some of the microphones you will be able to choose from are conventional, state-of-the-art or other much more affordable ones.

To choose the perfect microphones, keep in mind the following recommendations:

Start with Karaoke Bar

Investigate and answer your questions about the variety of microphones and you will be able to determine the differences between them.
For karaoke activity, you should use a vocalist microphone and not take the specialized ones for chorus singers, preferably.
Find out if the microphone is for stage use, as some microphones are intended for studio recording or other uses
Choosing the type of sound will allow you to get a suitable microphone, such as a warm, clean fit and other features.
It is recommended that you use wireless microphones. This is because you will find in your bar situations where customers share the microphone and thus, we can facilitate mobility and avoid accidents.

Karaoke songs

This is another key aspect that cannot be neglected, because even though we have the best equipment for the activity, if we have the song tracks of low quality and without updates, the first thing will be useless. It is necessary that through different programs you update the songs and get the most sought after and the ones you like the most to incorporate them into your system. There are some programs that allow the use of a list of tracks for a certain time, this is an excellent option, because it will allow you to evaluate which songs are key and preferred by the public and fill the list of the best and latest songs.

Advantages of having a karaoke bar

Karaoke is very attractive to different cultures, as well as being a lot of fun, which can help to get the bar full all the time of groups that plan this type of meeting exclusively in this bar because of the service it provides. In addition the sales in alcoholic drinks well organized and planned

generate high profits for the business.

Another advantage is that you work in a stimulating environment of fun and constant social contact, which for many is a preferred lifestyle as opposed to other business models and jobs that are carried out in quieter, office environments.

Tips for starting a karaoke bar

It is advisable to have a high quality karaoke system with surround and wide sound that can overcome the noise of the bar, because a karaoke bar without a good sound system does not attract attention as such.

It is also necessary to remember that the list of songs should always be updated to the most sought-after and fashionable ones, so that you can always attract customers of all generations.

Make the business known either by advertising or by establishing a strategic location. Therefore, the business can be established near other bars dedicated to other types of music and service, which encourages outgoing customers of a bar to enter the business looking to change the atmosphere and karaoke service.

Success stories of a karaoke bar

One of the most successful karaoke rooms is the Decibelios, which is one of the most popular karaoke rooms because in Karaoke Decibelios, they have more than 30,000 songs to choose from, and up to 4 people can sing at a time.

In addition, if the client does not like to sing or simply needs to give his voice a break, he can also play billiards, table football or darts, because the bar is open until 6 in the morning.

Problems that can arise

In the part of drinks with respect to the mixology one must have a good bartender, because if badly prepared drinks are sold this can motivate the clients not to return because of bad quality.  Therefore, it is essential to have a trained staff that knows how to serve under pressure at good speed and perfection at the time of service.

A very common problem in all types of bars is security, the intake of alcohol can be bad for some customers, making them aggressive and arrogant, which can cause events that can become violent, and risk to staff and customers themselves, so you must have a good security that can control the order and behavior of customers quietly and quietly.