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Creating and Making Costumes – Entrepreneurship and Benefits

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Starting with Costume Creation and Making

The days of carnival, halloween, the day of the dead in Mexico, the carnivals of Venice, have become emblematic days for wearing costumes. In a globalized world there are several countries that celebrate these days, wearing costumes, and inventing celebrations and events in which they are worn. So, it can be an interesting business idea to not only create innovative and trend-setting costumes and accessories, but also to organize events and festivals where these can be displayed and sold.

The entertainment business, meet them here

Keywords: Creation and making of costumes

The key to this business is having creativity and having the necessary materials and equipment to carry out the design and manufacture of the costumes. Therefore, if you are thinking of starting a business, you must like sewing, have creativity for the design, as well as know something about sales management and costume rental.

Besides the seasons of the year, the costumes can also be required for thematic birthday parties, in children and adults, school performances, cosplay competitions. Therefore, the trick of this business is to be attentive and organized to respond in time to the demands of any of these potential customers.

It is needed then to open this business the following:

To specify the costumes that you will work with. You must determine whether you are going to make costumes or source them from suppliers, or whether you are going to rent them.
Purchase costumes and then resell and rent them. It may not always be possible to guarantee the quality of the product or to have the possibility of making the costumes at the customer’s request. Therefore, the best option is to make the costumes yourself or have a team in charge and experienced that can make them.
A section of the house can be set up as a workshop. You can set up a space in your house of residence to set up the workshop. You can also rent a space with enough space to place the costumes, preferably with a window facing the street to attract the curiosity of passers-by.
Inputs for the design and manufacture of the costumes. A sewing machine and riveting machine is needed. Fabric, children, fabric glue, scissors, cutting table, sewing kits, among others.
Decoration of the premises. Decoration can help to attract people’s attention, it is a matter of conditioning the premises so that customers feel at ease. Ideally, the workshop should have fitting rooms and a space to store the suits.

Advantages of having costumes made and sold
Value-added alternatives. Accessories such as toy swords, magic wands, wigs, masks can be offered. This way you can sell other accessories than just the actual costumes.
Expand the market. You can also add clothes and sale of suits for cosplay fans, that is, suits for the representation of characters from comics, movies, mangas or animes.

Requirements to open a costume manufacturing and sales business

You must have the practical skills to manage a budget and know how to work with a team, as well as the creative side, which is the key element of costume design and creation.

Market research should be conducted to determine whether the costumes will be made, sold, or both. Therefore, according to the nature of the business and the market, it will be possible to determine the business ideas that may be more profitable and also to your liking.

You can also make strategic alliances and commercial agreements with dressmakers and design spaces to manage customer requests and make the difference with the competition for the added value that could be given to the workshop of creation, manufacture and sale of costumes.

We must seek to offer those elements, designs and qualities that the competition does not have. Likewise, if you decide to sell only the costumes, you need to contact regional or national suppliers that can provide a portfolio of offers for the selection of the models of preference of your potential customers.

The web in this case, gives you ample options, for almost everything you need and you could think of ordering from stores abroad, to expand the supply of costumes and designs of better quality with less cost.

In the promotion of designs and costumes social networks have today, great impact and accessibility. Likewise, another better option is to place ads near schools and if you are able to make the costumes, they should be promoted directly to TV studios, movies and festivals where there is performance and acting involved.

Requirements to open a costume

Advantages of having costumes made and sold

The main advantage that can be found in having a business

of creation and confection of disguises is to have clients throughout the year, the disguises are not used only in established seasons also, they are required in festivals, birthdays, private parties, events of special of copla and more.

By starting this type of business you can offer other products, such as accessories to accompany the costumes, and thus capture more attention from customers, providing them with a place where they can find everything they need to prepare their favorite costume and thus improve the reputation of the local.

Problems that can occur when starting to make and sell costumes

One problem that can arise is if the range of costumes is not as wide in terms of models, sizes and prices. And it only covers specialties like cosplay. Another problem may be the assortment of accessories and complements that may be limited due to the fact that the business is being started.

The other reported problem is related to the quality of the outfit. In all these cases, the business may be threatened because customer satisfaction is not being provided and credibility may be lost. Therefore, it is highly recommended to increase the offer in designs, sizes and prices. It is also advisable to vary the offer so that it is not only the costume but also to offer the complements of the “look” of the costumes that are designed and sold in the establishment.

Also the designs and clothing must cover the demand of those customers who already have a costume, want to change it and only look for the accessories. In addition, it is also a fundamental requirement to offer quality fabrics and materials to differentiate the business from the competition, and to gain the trust of customers by avoiding deterioration of the garment.

Suggestions to succeed in starting your business

The business can plan and offer complementary services that make the difference from the competition, such as a costume arrangement service so that it can be adapted to the client’s body. Similarly, another possibility may be to make the costume absolutely personalized from scratch. However, it must be taken into account that these value-added services make the initial investment more expensive, as well as the offers to the customer. So it can be an expansion that can be carried out, when the business has been consolidated.