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Disco or a nightclub – Innovate, Win and Entrepreneur

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Start a Disco or Nightclub

Opening a discotheque or a nightclub is one of those business ideas that have always struck a chord with the imagination of new entrepreneurs, especially the youngest ones. In reality, opening a business like this is certainly not a business venture suitable for beginners in investing or managing public places. You must have a great entrepreneurial capacity, not only to open a discotheque, but rather to take the business to an optimal level of profitability.

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How can you start? Let’s see the steps:

Premises and location to open a discotheque

First, you have to define the size of your club. You can opt for a large club, with a capacity of over 1,000 people. Becoming a real night entertainment center, which can attract customers 200 kilometers away. It all depends on the investment capacity and other factors to be taken into account. Next, developing premises could house several rooms.

There are also medium-sized clubs (200 to 1,000 people) that offer several rooms with different music environments to attract a mixed audience where everyone can enter and enjoy the music they like best. Finally, you can open a small discotheque that targets a specific type of customer whose activity is more often seasonal, according to your preferences.

In a second step, we must take into account the location of the club. Two options: you can open your business in the centre of the city or on the outskirts. Being in the heart of the city can attract more young people, but your club can be small or medium size due to the rents. If you opt for the periphery, you will find it easier to open a large complex that accommodates a clientele that is up to 200 km away.

Observe the main points of the professional regulations

To complete the installation and open a discotheque, you must obtain several permits (depending on the country and city where you are):

We must have a license to sell alcoholic beverages (certificate issued by the customs service)

We must also have a permit to open all night with the city prefecture.

To take care of the security of the disco avoiding the entrance of minors and solving possible fights between the assistants.

Create a studio for an authorized acoustic and electronic specialist

The maximum noise allowed in a nightclub is 105 decibels. Therefore, it is essential to contact the municipal health and hygiene department to tell them that an acoustic study will be opened. This should include an impact study by a qualified professional, as well as certification of the sound insulation values.

Don’t forget certain professional skills

This is because there is no specific preparatory training, you do not need to possess certain professional skills to open a discotheque.

Be sure to take special care of your customers and service. Pay attention to the choice of DJ and service and security staff. You also need to understand the expectations of your customers. Finally, it is important to master certain accounting concepts and financial management.

Premises and location to open a discotheque

Beware of the competition

Entertainment bars and musical karaoke bars are serious competition for attractive prices for a young audience. Be careful to limit your rates against your competitors, without damaging your profit margin.

Costs to open a discotheque

The initial investment must be analysed with caution, for a worthy club we are talking about figures that can easily exceed one million euros.

The first part of the cost of opening a club is based on the furniture, which can reflect the most fashionable trends of the moment, but at the same time, respect the rules of specifications of darkness, in particular those related to fire safety and breakage regulations.
Staff is also a cost element, a good DJ is not cheap either.
About the fixed cost elements, it is essential to take into account the cost of copyright for each song played in the club.

Key: In addition to the security systems and personnel, it is important that you have operational insurance and have the number of the police at hand in cases that require it, it is not superfluous. Don’t forget the publicity and promotion for the moment of the launching of your business.

Requirements to start a nightclub

One of the fundamental requirements of this business is location and permitting. Generally, this type of business is located in spaces where there are discotheques and similar nightclubs, making a previous investigation to know the added value that the business will have that will allow it to differentiate from the others and to attract customers especially a young audience.

The business should seek to be located in areas where there is ample movement of people and access to transportation. In addition, the place should have a large parking lot so that customers do not have a problem of space or security to leave their vehicles.

Before opening the business you must have the municipal licence, for which you must provide the town hall as quickly as possible with the documentation required to obtain the permits. Otherwise, the local administration will not allow the business to be opened.

Advantages of having a nightclub

The advantage of this business is that if it is located in a place with a lot of movement of people and the added value is studied, important profits can be obtained. In addition, it is a business that serves people who have interest and demand for recreation and fun so the investor is entertained by creating the best ways to attract customers and make the business a special place where young people want to come to spend good times.

Possible problems that may arise: Not having security devices and measures that reduce the most common problems that usually occur in nightclubs and discos, is also one of the problems that lead to the sealing of the premises and also the sanctions that apply to this type of business when they do not comply better with the measures. These can be the absence of licenses for the sale of alcohol, entry to minors, fights without intermediaries or security personnel, among others.

Requirements to start a nightclub

Success stories

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