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Open a Non-Alcoholic Bar – drinks for young people, fun and more

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How to open a non-alcoholic bar?

A non-alcoholic bar can provide a niche market in your area, which will attract young people who are under 21 years old, and who are only interested in dancing and having a good time but cannot enter other clubs where alcoholic beverages are sold. According to the business reference website, these bars are one of the highest cash flow sectors in the world, and it is estimated that a successful non-alcoholic bar-disco can make significant profits.

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The main sources of income in a bar include the cost of cover and the sale of drinks. Traditional nightclubs receive a significant amount of revenue from the sale of alcoholic beverages, so they need to provide for this particular business from the non-alcoholic bar, creative non-alcoholic beverages to maximize revenue.

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Here are some ideas for opening the alcohol-free bar step by step.

Choose a theme for the bar

When you consider an issue, think about what would most attract the target customer to your establishment. It can include themes for a hip-hop bar, rave, jazz club, go-go club, oxygen bar or a dance club theme.

Obtain licenses from your state, city and county

If you sell snacks and soft drinks, you will need to get a license from your county health inspector. For information about the specific licenses you need, check with your Secretary of State’s office.

Secure funding.

If you do not have the cash to cover the start-up costs of owning a non-alcoholic nightclub, you need to seek help from investors and financial institutions, such as banks or credit unions.

Find a place for the alcohol-free bar

A commercial real estate agent can help you find a building to accommodate the number of users you will have each night that meets your zoning requirements. Because you will have a non-alcoholic facility, you have more choices in terms of club location.

When choosing a location, consider the type of customer and city building codes. If you want to attract college students, a nightclub near a large college campus can attract students who do not have vehicles. However, if the college town has strict noise regulations, you may need to buy a noise permit or find a different location.

Safe Entertainment  

Because alcoholic beverages are not served, you will need to provide quality entertainment to attract and retain customers. Entertainment options include hiring local talent and bands, putting together a house band or hiring a DJ. Other sources of entertainment that you can include in your non-alcoholic bar can be the lighting set that can create a variety of effects in your club, a good sound system and large monitors where you can show videos or pictures.

Hire employees with experience working in a non-alcoholic bar

You will need to hire staff to mix and create drinks for the non-alcoholic bar, servers and food preparers. It is also a good idea to have a maintenance crew, as well as door assistants to avoid wandering teens and to check the IDs of those who want to enter your bar, to make sure that you and your young guests are not breaking curfew laws, which can vary by city, and to maintain security. It is also important to keep behavior in check when serving a younger audience.

How to open a non-alcoholic bar

Announcing the Grand Opening

Promotion of the alcohol-free bar can be done by hanging posters, creating radio ads, buying advertising space in newspapers and creating TV ads to get the publicity out about the bar. By having an alcohol-free bar, you will attract a larger population of people who can legally enter your establishment. Therefore, using a variety of media to advertise your business can attract those who cannot visit traditional nightclubs.

Problems that can occur in your beverage business

From the European and Latin American markets, the idea has spread that it is not necessary to consume alcohol to have fun. Therefore, around six innovative bars have been opened in England with this concept. However, there are laws that must be complied with regarding young people’s safety and the times when they can go to bars and nightclubs.

Tips to make your drinking business successful

The concept of Dry Bar was born in 2004 in Mexico. This concept of a bar-canteen where drinks were sold

without alcohol, was first registered in Metepec, Toluca. The then called “Barsin”, represents a perfect combination of food and non-alcoholic drinks.  Barsin, which pioneered this concept, no longer exists. However, in the rest of the world there is already a strong trend for these bars with great success and large profits.

Advantages of having a non-alcoholic bar

Being a bar dedicated to young people for the non-alcoholic component implies an entertainment site for minors, who are mostly teenagers which, represents an important percentage in the population, benefiting the business in a good way and perceiving a good profit margin on a daily basis.

Being a bar that does not use alcohol, the service components are much cheaper and most likely charged as if it were a drink with alcohol, which implies even better profit margins for the owner than a common bar would represent.

Success stories of a non-alcoholic bar

Milano Cocktail Bar is a successful company that has been serving cocktails with or without alcohol for years, in a friendly atmosphere with good music.

The other successful company is barwoman who goes beyond, with the opening of mind by the clients to enjoy the cocktails in the sense of appreciating the mixture, the sensations and flavors that do not necessarily have alcohol. It is even the case of families who come in the middle of the afternoon and ask for alcohol-free cocktails for the minors