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Opening a Casino – Earning, Structure and Organization

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Learn How to Open a Casino

A casino is an elite center for those who wish to increase their bank accounts and risk everything in the process. We are talking about a business that is designed so that chance always favors the house, without giving the gambler the right amount to keep him on edge and make him come back again and again. In this article, we show you how to open a casino, a business that bets on your future.

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Legal Requirements to Open a Casino

In addition to registering it as a company, the owner must submit various documents, both to declare his civil status and his assets, as well as his curriculum vitae. It is important to emphasize that the permit you obtain will be for a single establishment, that is, you cannot open a casino with the permission of another casino, nor can you open a second establishment with the permission of the first one.

General requirements to open a casino

Building: you will need a modern building, which can be built especially for the casino, or buy one that is for sale. The first option will take more time, but you will do it to your liking. Try to hire a good construction company to carry out the project.

Business Plan: knowing what you will need to invest is part of opening a casino. So, prepare a budget, based on the prices of everything you need for your casino, from the construction or acquisition of the building itself, to the games, including the fixed costs of the state, personnel and the cost of opening the company.

Games: depending on where you are located, there may be some legal restrictions regarding some casino games, so find out before you start your casino. Once you are clear about what is and isn’t allowed, buy the typical roulette, blackjack, cards, slots and other games that anyone opening a casino should have.

Personnel: hire personnel to attend each of the casino games, personnel for the cashiers and surveillance personnel. They must wear a uniform that makes them look equal and formal. In the case of men, a white suit is ideal and, for girls, a miniskirt, blouse, vest and heels is an attire that pleases and does not distract too much attention. Keep in mind that most of your audience is male, therefore, having girls assisting at the slots and guiding some games, such as roulette, will be a caller for the gentlemen.

Security Cameras: install a closed circuit security camera that allows you to see and record everything, absolutely everything that happens in the casino, both with the public and with the staff. You will also need staff who are constantly watching the monitors that broadcast live what the cameras are filming. Get advice from the company that sells you the system, so that they can design a plan or install the cameras themselves in all the strategic points so that no corner is left without being filmed.

Advantages of having a Casino

One of the advantages of having a casino is that it is a very dynamic business and preferred by the public, so you have a wide diversity of potential customers who like gambling and recreation.

Another way of having a casino is through online games, with a great variety of games of chance, which has achieved that the games are recognized as part of the culture of the population, this type of casino offers various promotions that the players like a lot.

Advantages of having a Casino

Tips for starting a casino

One tip for making the casino space attractive and attracting customers is the decoration and cladding. Therefore, the decoration of the casino inside must be in accordance with how it looks outside, that is, if it is luxurious, it must be made to look like it.

Spaces should be decorated with bright colors such as red or orange, placing a very good lighting. The exterior decoration is also important, because if there are free spaces at the entrance, plants and fountains should be placed to give a very powerful image to the casino.

You must get investors interested in the project, especially if they have experience in casinos, because they have more possibilities to carry out the business idea. The idea must be sold to them and they must be convinced by presenting an interesting and attractive project, therefore, time must be dedicated to the elaboration of the business plan.

Success stories

Bingo Roma is a successful company, because it is a space where responsible gambling is practiced, with a concept that is reflected every day in the usual promotions and draws, with prizes that go beyond the amounts in cash, travel, technology, leisure, beauty, decoration, among others.  This idea makes it a special room and a reference.

Casino Gran Madrid

is another successful gambling company because it offers customers a place to have a good time after drinks or dinner, playing poker with lots of atmosphere and recreation.

Problems that can arise

One of the problems faced by those who open a casino is the regulations in terms of gambling. Especially with regard to the taxes that are generated in these establishments.

At first there was a problem in establishing the legal and illegal games, since the concept of prohibited was put in relation to the context of the Civil Code. Therefore, the term “prohibited” was considered to have been overcome, coming closer to an interpretation that is more related to the concept of legality or not of the game.

The only way to make the exploitation of the games of chance by the

operators before the emergence of new technologies, it was through face-to-face play. However, the evolution of technology, the growth and diffusion of the Internet, has generated a new form of access to this type of leisure, which is online gaming, which represents a competition for traditional gaming.