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Party Dress House – Undertaking, Competing and Winning

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Start a party dress house

When a woman goes to a party, the most important thing, beyond the food, the champagne, the music and even the company, is to look great. How do you achieve that? Definitely through the dress. Of course, hair and makeup help, and a lot, but a woman would never notice if her lipstick color is the same as another woman’s. However, wearing the same dress as another woman is a justified nervous breakdown. This is where your party dress house finds its market niche.

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What to consider when opening a party dress house

A party dress house is a very easy business to set up. If there is any difficulty, it will be based on the design and manufacture of the clothes. Although with the right staff, it will be just a small aspect to stop at.

The first thing will be to set the company in order, that is, to register the company legally with all the formalities that this implies. A house of party dresses is not a business that requires extra qualifications, on the contrary, it is very basic in that aspect.

Then comes the time to select the place where we will sell our dresses. The most recommendable thing is to choose a small place, since two advantages support this option. The first one is the reduction of costs, the second one is that the clients will feel more a familiar atmosphere that will make them come back and recommend our house of party dresses.

The third aspect is the manufacturing theme. For this you will need a workshop, before which it is necessary to consider if you will have it at the back of the premises or separately. My recommendation is to have it at the back of the premises, or next to it, since you will save on transportation and time, being able to make any last minute arrangement in the blink of an eye.

Materials and fabrics to have at hand in a party dress house

You will not be able to miss the materials of the traditional seamstress, namely: needles, pins, threads, brooches, hooks, zippers, thimbles and, of course, the machinery for the workshop, which will be based on a professional sewing machine.

Regarding fabrics, you should always have available the most classic ones and in the classic colors: silk, satin, velvet, organza, in white, black, red and blue. As orders come in, you will buy the specific fabric.

This is with regard to the materials you will have as an emergency system for urgent orders; you should also have dresses already designed and ready for sale. It is important that you cover all tastes without losing your style.

When we talk about covering all tastes in a party dress house we mean short, long, wide, tight, lively, classic dresses, in bright colors and pastels, that show a lot and cover everything. On the other hand, style is what will make a woman know that the dress was designed and made by you, without looking at the label or the window.

Requirements to start at home for party dresses

The first requirement for this business is to put the company in order, registering it legally with all the formalities required. A name registration and a business registration are required to open.

Another requirement is the choice of the premises, which must be small in principle, because it is advantageous in the sense that costs are lowered, and the clients feel more at home, which makes them come back and recommend the party dress house.

 Start a party dress house

Advantages of having a party dress house

One advantage of this business is the issue of manufacturing, because you can open a workshop at the back of the premises, or next door, with another advantage of saving on transportation and time, being able to make any last minute arrangements immediately.

Tips to start 

Even if you have the necessary knowledge, it is advisable to have at least one person dedicated to the design and manufacture of dresses, because the business requires significant attention to customers and the structure of an agenda.

It is advisable to have the workshop attached to the premises. At least one machine should be available as a reserve for possible last-minute adjustments.

It is also advisable to make a list of the main commercial dates and to plan models according to the related ones. With this, it is possible to make projections of potential customers with some anticipation and be able to respond to demand.

With these basic guidelines you will be able to set up a party dress house, a venture that will later require a communication strategy aimed at the public you intend to reach.

Success stories of a party dressing house

Rosa Clara Party Dresses is a successful company because it offers

three different collections among which you can find dresses wanted for weddings or events, either in the morning or in the afternoon, such as the Elegance collection, It Girl and So Chic.

Another successful company worth mentioning is El Corte Italiano, because its proposal of guest dresses contains a wide variety of possibilities, such as options for classic, original or groundbreaking guests, with current, elegant and careful designs.