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Pinball machine rental – Trade, generate profit and more

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Start with Pinball Machine Rental

If you are looking for a profitable business, renting game machines, such as pinball machines, might be the right option for you. So if you are a fan of these once trendy machines, admire and/or really enjoy their usefulness you might consider your idea. This is a business alternative that works in a parallel way that allows you to obtain additional income, so it represents a type of business outside and different from what is traditionally seen in the market.

Businesses that provide entertainment here

This type of machine was booming a few years ago, but it has managed to hold up despite the emergence of computers, smart phones and technological advances in general. This is because it was a trend in its time and can be found in many shopping centers, neighborhood stores and so on. One of the places where it is mostly kept is in children’s event spaces.

As far as the operation of this type of business, it must be understood that in the first instance the profile of your clients will be all those organizations that take care of children’s parties, especially those that take place near where you plan to be located. On the other hand, you must understand that the machines offer a great variety of games in addition to being great fun for children and even girls who seek to entertain themselves for a while.

What do you need to get started?

One of the great advantages that this type of business offers is the flexibility in terms of conditions and requirements on the part of the entrepreneur who plans to manage it. This is because the entrepreneur does not really need a lot of things to start, for example, as it is a rental business, he or she will only need a space to store the machines, without the need to be located in a strategic area, with a certain number of conditions and so on.

Below we present the elements and tools you will need, as well as other aspects that you must develop in order to best manage your own pinball machine rental business:

The service: Your business is basically about providing a service, which is the rental of the machines. Understanding this, it is necessary that to start, keep in mind that it is not necessary to buy a large number of them, but a few that allow you to start, you could even start with just one. Evaluate the different machines you can choose to find the one that will allow you to grow and advance in your business. Over time you will gain experience and opportunities, so your business will grow and with it, the type of machines with different games that you will put on rent. Remember that the variety of games, could mean more customers, because children will have the freedom to choose which ones they like best.
The location: As we mentioned before, one of the biggest advantages is the possibility of choosing almost any place for the location, since it will only be used for the storage of the machines. However, you must make sure that they will have the right conditions, away from water or any other agent that can cause internal and external damage.
The equipment: In addition to the space and the machines or the machine you are going to start with, you need to have a means of transport that allows you to move the machines to the place where they are going to be installed, maintenance tools for the machines, cleaning elements and the necessary equipment to rent them in the best possible conditions.
The legal procedures: It is necessary that contracts are made specifying the duration of the contract and others in case of renewal, the conditions in which it is delivered and in which it must remain, insurance for damages due to misuse and so on. This, so that both the client and the business commit to comply with the agreement of the contract.
The personnel: As for the people who work for you in this business, it will depend on those that the market demands it, that is to say the growth of the business will tell you what and how much you need. However, you must have staff available and capable of performing maintenance to the machines in terms of repairs to be made, as well as the cleaning and care of it. You also need people to take care of moving the machines and installing them, another person to take care of the social networks, the calls and in general, to attend to the customers virtually, by phone or physically.
The website: Because with this type of business it is not necessary for you to look for a place and place an ad, you must create a website that in addition to calling the attention of potential customers and interested parties, hang a series of necessary information such as

offers, the types of machines you offer and their operations in relation to the games, means of location and so on. Hand in hand with the page or the website, there must be the social networks, because this tool will allow you to continue to make yourself known, in addition to being able to meet the needs and requirements of the public to satisfy all the needs.
Advertising: In addition to the use of social networks as a means of dissemination, you can put ads in the main media, flyers, ads and include your data and the name of your business in each machine, this, because the person who is interested in renting a machine may contact you and at the same time, visualize the type of machines you offer.

Pinball machine rental, unconventional business
Requirements to start renting pinball machines

A requirement in this business is to have a large space, because the classic game machines are quite big and take up a lot of space compared to video game consoles, it all depends on the amount of pinball machines you want to buy.

The formal registration of the business must be processed, for this it is preferable to hire a lawyer who specializes in the field of business registration to support the business and start correctly without any problem with the regulatory body.

Tips to start Renting pinball machines

Make the business known through advertisements or by simply setting up in a busy shopping centre, placing the business near other similar businesses that operate gaming machines and which can help you to attract more users.

Acquire varied machines, with themes either from movies or fantasy that draw attention to the public, thus the business stimulates a significant influx of customers who are fans of these games.  Another maneuver that can be done is to change the location of the machines from time to time, so that the customer when passing through your business has the feeling of freshness and variety in the pinball games.

Advantages of having this business model

Once the business is set up and the machines installed it’s all a matter of waiting for enthusiastic customers to come in and play pinball for hours, the longer they play the more profit you can have on an hourly basis.  This business model is a bit like vending machines, you just have to locate the game and sell the chips, and have machines that accept coins in circulation at once, it all depends on the choice.

Attending to this business is easy, you don’t need much contact with the public, you just have to make sure that the gaming machines are well treated and sell the chips to the users, in addition to the tasks of administering the incoming and outgoing money as any good business. You can also open up options for drinks and fast food to have an additional entrance.

Problems that can occur in this business model

Because it is a classic game that, although it can gather nostalgia for it, it is an obsolete game at the end, so you will have trouble attracting younger clientele who are used to the latest generation of video games.

The machines are heavy, the installation is delicate and needs a flat place to be calibrated on the floor, which makes it a very difficult product to transport and easy to damage in the process.

Success stories

The Pinball Madrid Company is successful because they offer a variety of rentals in different machines such as pinballs, arcades, billiards, table football, targets, slots.

If the client has a bar or a restaurant he can rent a seven foot American billiard table, with which he can multiply the profits and attract more clients. Because at any time of the day, whether it is a weekday or a weekend, people are always ready to enjoy a pleasant moment in the company of friends and a couple, with the best option being a game of pool.