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Renting premises for events – Starting a business and earning

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Open a rental of premises for events

Surely you have ever found yourself needing to rent a venue either for a party or birthday, or any other type of event where you need to gather a certain number of people. One of the main problems of this situation is that there are places that are really in remote areas from where we are, so offering to rent a place that you have, can be an income that you had not planned but you can get a great advantage.

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So, how do you start? Let’s look at the following points you should consider:

Business activity

If you have a large space that is easily accessible and can be converted into an event room, then it is time to do so. What we will do is condition and promote an area that we have that can easily be a place for events, party room, conference room, celebrations and other events that require a wide space.

Achievement of the premises

It analyzes the location characteristics of the premises. If it is your property then there will be no problem, maybe in the future you will see the profitability of this business and you will be interested in acquiring a new space to put also for rent. If this is the case then I recommend that you look at the general conditions of the space and its potential for renovation.

Adequacy of the premises

It’s not enough that the place has 4 walls, floor and ceiling, it actually goes much further than that. For a venue to have the right conditions and be versatile for any type of event it is rented out for, it must have

Easy access: This for both pedestrians and cars, if possible a nearby parking area or easy access for vehicles.

Bathrooms: It is essential that the venue has bathrooms for guests and participants of the event. If possible, there should be two bathrooms, one for men and one for women, so as not to saturate the entrance.

Kitchen: You must have an area where food can be prepared. In this case, it is not necessary to provide kitchen utensils or appliances, since the people who rent them must have them.

Toilets: The premises must have electricity, water and, if possible, gas. Internet service is not necessary.

Others: Some necessary elements are also: light bulbs or spotlights, electrical outlets, if you can provide tables and chairs, curtains if you have windows, etc.

Open a rental of premises for events

Rental process

Once you have all of the above in place, you are ready to put your place up for rent. Before providing it, it is necessary to know what the premises are going to be used for, as well as the activities that are planned and if any installation or change is planned that will alter the conditions of the premises.

You can receive part or all of the payment for the space before it is rented.


A place that is in a visible place can be promoted much more easily than a place that is a little hidden, however, both need to have publicity. In the windows you can place ads for the event room for rent, distribute flyers around the area where it is located and even start having a presence on the Internet, since many people are looking for specific areas to develop the event they have pending. Remember that if you place it on the Internet, you must have photos of the venue, which must be of good quality and show the facilities correctly.

Possible inconveniences: During the events for which your venue is rented, this area is prone to receive any kind of damage for different reasons. This is a problem mainly if there is no agreement or contract in which the way the venue is handed over and the way it is received can be seen, through which some damage to the structure can be evidenced and for which the person who asks for it in rent is responsible.

Key: For this type of case, it is recommended to make the situation clear by means of a signed agreement. In this way we avoid future problems with the premises. In this document the whole situation must be stated and finally signed in the form of acceptance by the person who takes it in rent and the one who offers it.

It is extremely important that before you put your premises up for rent, you should make sure that its walls, floor and ceiling are in the best condition; well painted walls, floors with no shortage of tiles and other aspects that undoubtedly play a fundamental role in the process, as it will depend on this whether or not people take it up for rent.

Requirements to start with the Rental of premises for events

Requirements to start with the Rental of premises for events

One of the requirements for this business is to have the premises available with all the specifications required for the events. They should be spacious premises that can accommodate a number of people, set with

the most modern designs in furniture and decoration for special events such as weddings, birthdays, children’s parties, graduations, family celebrations among others.

Another requirement is that the premises must be easily accessible with ample parking so that all guests can access and park with peace of mind and without mishaps when attending the event.

It is essential that the premises have bathrooms for the guests and participants of the event, that there are two bathrooms, one for men and one for women, this way the entrance to the premises will not be saturated.

The venue should also have an area where food can be prepared, preferably equipped, since renters prefer that all conditions be in place to avoid the stress involved in organizing the event.

Advantages of renting premises for events

This business allows the investor to open a diversity of alternatives that are not only related to the rental of the venue, but also to offer the planning and organization of the event, including the food and the organization of the music and recreational activities, as well as the respective setting.

In the case of weddings, baptisms, birthdays, we can even offer the rental of suits, trousseaux, equipment for fun such as inflatables, swimming pools, karaoke, djs among others.

Success stories

One of the successful companies in the sector is Evento Ocio Madrid, which offers clients a set of solutions in response to leisure demands. We have a young and dynamic team, capable of solving any current need within any age range. Making available a wide range of premises and spaces that can be rented privately and exclusively, where you can celebrate any type of event, birthday and party.

The company also specializes in organizing events and leisure activities, with a wide network of partners and collaborators in different sectors, to meet any demand or project. Its philosophy is customer service through a comprehensive service, in which the quality of care and accuracy in service are the guide to work.

All its premises are located in very easily accessible areas with ample parking, modern environment and equipped to accommodate a significant number of people and solve any specific need.