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Soccer Fields – How to start, Entrepreneurship and Advantages

Start with Soccer Fields

The spaces of the practice of sport, especially those that base the activity on football, are one of the areas most requested by a great portion of people to whom this type of space calls their attention, not only to play, but to enjoy a game between neighborhoods, schools, friends or family and others. If you are looking for a profitable business that allows you to earn income and profits while enjoying it, this could be the option for you, if you like football and the practice of this special sport.

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Many people today recognise the importance of practising sport regularly, as they spend a lot of time at work or become sedentary and exercise is eliminated. The truth is that this type of space allows people to enjoy and entertain themselves, as well as taking them out of their daily activities promising fun.

What do I need to know to start my business?

There are several points to bear in mind before starting your business, among them are the following:

This is a growing business that currently presents a high demand, so that the practice of this sport has become so popular that many prefer to rent the courts and enjoy this space, without resorting to others where their sport can not be played in the same way, given the number of people and the conditions of the courts.

Renting 5-a-side football pitches does not represent a long list of requirements and high costs, so it is extremely flexible and friendly to the entrepreneur who wants to manage it. The costs of the business are directed to the initial investment needed to cover the adequacy of the space, especially. As far as maintenance is concerned, the truth is that artificial grass needs very basic regular maintenance.
The estimated time for the return on the capital available for the investment is extremely short if we take into account the popularity of synthetic courts and the level they occupy in the market.
This, among many other businesses, offers you the opportunity to manage, administer and maintain your own business while enjoying it, as it is perfect if you like to spend a lot of time outdoors and of course, if you consider yourself a fan of this sport.

How to start your business?

Based on this, here is everything you will need to start your soccer field rental business:

Services: This is another advantage that the business offers, because you must take into account that it is important to consider some other services to the initially provided, this in order to complement the initial activity and increase your profits. Some of the services that you can plan to offer are the following:

Have spaces that allow customers to change, ie changing rooms
The camp must have the provision of toilets, given the time they will spend there
Sale of food and beverages, especially of different kinds, water, soft drinks, energy drinks, juices and others
The organization of tournaments and championships for neighborhood, business, friendly and other teams
A football school for children and teenagers
You can offer subscriptions for regular customers and reward them with promotions and offers

Investment costs: To gather the necessary capital to build a 5-a-side football field we have several options, one of them can be savings or in other cases get a financing with an entity. This is possible, without immediately meaning a risk for the entrepreneur, because the estimated time for the return of the capital invested initially, is extremely short and reduced. In addition to this, you should look for the place where you are going to put your field, this according to the conditions established for this type of business in terms of space and land conditions.

The location of the playing field: To develop in the best way in this sense, there are several things that you must take into account. Among them, you must take into account the space you need for the construction of the football field, as well as the visibility that, undoubtedly, the space and the facility to locate it must have. Don’t forget to have parking space available, this in order to create another type of additional income through the parking lot.

The staff: The people you need in the business, depend directly on the services you are going to offer, that is, if you are going to incorporate a food kiosk, you must have staff to take care of this work. On the other hand, even if you don’t have these services initially, you should include personnel to maintain the fields and make sure they are always in the best condition, as well as personnel to attend to your needs.

client to provide the necessary information regarding the operation of the court.

The procedures and permits: You must remember that like any business, you must be subject to the permits in terms of operating licenses granted by the authorities in charge, which depend on the region in which you are located. On the other hand, if you decide to incorporate the sale of food, you must have the necessary permits to do so.

Business policies: It is necessary that you follow the established parameters regarding the characteristics that the field must comply with and with it, the space. It is key that the course complies with the technical specifications, in addition to elements such as arches and nets. Establish the schedule in which the course will be available, the rules regarding the place and so on.

A website: Many businesses know that appearing on the internet is a tool that allows them to open many opportunities. Therefore, it will be necessary for you to invest in the creation of a well-done website, in which you offer the course promotions, services, means of contact, how to get there and so on. In order to further advertise the business and strengthen the appearance in this medium, you can open social network accounts that allow you to be in contact with the public and know their needs and thus meet them and comfort your development.

Advertising: Another part of the capital available for the capital, should be directed to the advertising of the business, because running this point can increase the possibility of sales and rentals. The sectors where you can advertise the business are varied, as well as the media you can use, including flyers, a striking opening in the opening, media such as radio and so on.

Requirements to start with the soccer fields

You must have a wide physical platform where you can build the multiple football fields that you are going to rent, so that you can have a variety of sizes for all types of football, from the indoor model to the largest one with more players.

Having a trade register is essential to be able to work formally without having problems with the regulatory body, so you can hire a specialist to solve this kind of issues.

Advantages of having soccer fields

Sport is vital to people’s lives and football is one of the most sought after and famous sports around the world, your business can be a target for hundreds of people looking for a place to play this sport, especially in the minor and major leagues who may see your business as the main training and development centre for big events and matches.

This business model also lends itself to making your own soccer team or you can build other types of fields to diversify your business, everything can happen by managing a space as large as this business.

Tips to start with the soccer fields

Get a location near clubs, universities, urbanisms and even hospitals, which will help you to have other services near or in your defect you will be near to offer your services of rent of soccer fields.

Make your business known through advertising campaigns, you can also have contact with schools, sports centers, sports shops, universities, leisure clubs and other businesses with which you can coordinate and attract a large number of customers, because football is famous and common among many potential users for your business.

Problems that can occur on the soccer fields

The maintenance of the courts can be very demanding and laborious, you must have staff to deal with this aspect otherwise the courts can deteriorate quickly by, be composed of grass that must be watered and cut and maintained according to technical specifications that require this sport.

In addition, winter can affect the business since this type of sport is generally developed outdoors, representing a decrease in the profit margin perceived by seasons, in addition to possibly the deterioration of large courts that need permanent maintenance.

Success stories

The Barsa de Los Olivos is a successful company because it opened its doors to people who love sports that move crowds, like football. It is dedicated to offering a complete and innovative service in the field of renting synthetic grass pitches. The Grass meets all the technical details of quality, is a Grass imported from Germany that is currently used in most stadiums in Europe.