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Sports Club at both professional and amateur level – Entrepreneurship

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Start a Sports Club

The sports club has as a distinction that requires a large physical space for the development of any type of discipline. For this reason, as an investor who wants to earn money with this business, you must consider the expense required to rent or buy an establishment that has the appropriate characteristics for the type of sports or recreational activities you want to develop within the club.

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Sports are part of our lives, whether it is for professional, amateur or simply for health or pleasure, doing physical activity is the current world trend. Therefore, forming a sports association is a profitable business that you can start from today if you follow the step by step with care, taking care of the details and in an organized way.

Requirements to form a Sports Club

If you have in mind to form a Sports Club, pay attention to the steps that you will have to take before and during its installation so that everything is in order and you can operate in a legal way and fulfilling the necessary regulations.

Registration: present yourself at the State offices in charge of registering, giving a business number and registering the name of the future company. You must specify that you are going to open a sports association, since this type of undertaking requires special rules to be taken into account, since you must guarantee the safety of the members within the club facilities, so certain procedures must be complied with in an unavoidable way, such as the installation and maintenance in the boiler room to keep the water warm.

Establishment: you have the option of settling in a club that has ceased to function and is being sold, with the advantage that everything will be ready and in place to start, regardless of some modifications you want to make. On the other hand, there is the option of building the Sports Club from scratch, with the advantage that you will design it according to your needs, but taking into account the important investment this will involve.

Assembly: this point covers both the assembly of the infrastructure, such as the boiler room, setting up the courts for basketball and other ball sports, painting them and providing the stands for the public, as well as the purchase of equipment for bodybuilding, Pilates Reformer, gymnastics elements, among others.

Costs: This aspect is very important to take into account when forming your Sports Club. You need to invest in the premises, the leisure and sport spaces you will offer, the equipment and apparatus, the safety of the members, the maintenance of the facilities, the advertising and marketing.

Requirements to form a Sports Club

What your Sports Club or Association should have

Regardless of the size of the Sports Club, it should have the following sections:

Reception: it is the access part of the establishment. A receptionist will attend this area, providing information to potential new members. The prices, promotions and services of the club will be handled from this place of the same one, being the person who attends it the responsible for the recruitment of those who approach to find out information of the club.

Courts: the club must have at least closed courts to practice basketball, volleyball and other ball sports. They shall be duly signposted and have the corresponding bleachers on the sides.

Gymnastics Room: one or several rooms conditioned with floating floor to perform aerobics classes, located, pilates and other types of gymnastics will be part of the club structure.

Bodybuilding Room: an adequate and well equipped bodybuilding room, with all the necessary apparatus, will also be part of the infrastructure of services of the place.

Swimming pool: it is essential to have, at least, an enclosed swimming pool and the appropriate instructors to give swimming lessons. It should have the lifts correctly divided, the buckets to dive into the water and with heated water thanks to the action of the boilers.

Problems that may arise in your sports company

One of the challenges in forming a sports club is the maintenance of the facilities. Because if we do not guarantee the quality of the services and facilities we offer, we can lose customers very quickly and risk your business going under.

Final recommendations for your sports business to succeed

Research the advantages and disadvantages of this business very well before you start it. Make sure you have enough investment so that all plans and installations can be carried out with quality and sustainability. Be very clear about the regulations you must follow when opening a sports association. We wish you luck and success.

Advantages of having a company sports

Setting up a sports club at a professional level is an advantage because it is a fantastic way to link up with people who have similar interests in sport at a professional level.

The creation of such a club can be easily achieved if a little time and effort is devoted to it. First choose the type of club you want by pointing out your objectives and goals, and then start recruiting clients.

In the creation of a sports club you can move important sums of money because of the number of sports fans, the importance of the brand, as well as the spaces that are dedicated to sports on a daily basis.

Success stories 

A successful company in this sector is Forma Soccer, which, 13 years after its foundation, which started with 120 children, today serves more than 500 children between the summer and the Saturday club. Developing a recent franchise model, because the company considers that it is more profitable than having a school all year round, as there is a large market willing to pay a fee equivalent to what they pay in schools in exchange for the service they offer.