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Open a Stripper Bar – The Beauty of Nudity and Sex Appeal

Open a Stripper Bar

The nude is something that always attracted, especially of the female body, since men are very visual and the attraction comes through their eyes. However, male nudes have also become fashionable, enhancing the worked bodies of the most beautiful men, who have their own way of attracting girls through their physiques. For all this, we invite you to open a Stripper Bar and start your independent business with music, drinks and lots of sex appeal.

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Requirements to Open a Stripper Bar

Before you open a stripper bar, you need to make a list of all the requirements to be processed and finally get to open the site.

Permits: apart from the permits to open a business, you will need the authorizations of the Ministry of Health, since your bar will sell alcoholic beverages and some snacks prepared there. At the same time, since it is a dance place, even though the ones who really dance are the strippers, you will also need the authorization given by the fire department, for which you will have to buy a fire extinguisher.

Local: the site must be enabled to operate as a night club and to provide shows. Ideally, it should have a stage, several of them or a mini-stage, so that the performers can do their show and be visible from all sides. In turn, the place will have to have a bar for drinks, a sink to wash glasses and dishes and a small kitchen to prepare snacks.

Furniture: the furniture that equips the place will be tables, preferably round, chairs and coat racks. Wood is the ideal material for when you are going to open a stripper bar and it is even better if you reinforce it with iron parts.

Staff: the staff that will accompany you will be a bartender, a cook, a doorman, security staff, cleaning staff, a disc jockey and, of course, the strippers, whether they are just guys, just girls, or both sexes.

Requirements to Open a Stripper Bar

Organization of the venue to open a stripper bar

The arrangement of the furniture and equipment of the place when you are going to open a stripper bar is very important. Therefore, it is indispensable to make a plan of the place and, based on it, a sketch of the disposition of the tables and chairs with respect to the place where the shows will take place, since the visual must be perfect.

Therefore, each table must be oriented towards the stage, trying not to have one in front of the other, but to be out of phase, thus allowing a free visualization of the show. The bar should be located at the side of the tables, while the kitchen should not be in sight and should have excellent ventilation and extraction of the remaining cooking odors.

Finally, organize the sandwiches in such a way that no cutlery is needed to eat them and, most importantly, put together a menu with them and give them clear names, since this is not a place to ask the waiter for long recommendations.

Advantages of having a Stripper Bar

This business may be of interest to the investor because it is a space where many want to be because of the presence of beautiful dancers who will be more than happy to serve to entertain both men and women whenever they wish.

It is a business that can be diversified with alcoholic beverages and the sale of simple and fast food, which can attract extra profits for the same at all times, it is also a business that can keep running 24 hours, because many are addicted to this type of space which generates constant and uninterrupted profits.

Advantages of having a Stripper Bar

Tips for starting a Stripper Bar

Maintain strong security schemes to avoid mishaps, and always establish a limit on the service of alcoholic beverages, offering food and drink combos with canapés to lower the intensity of alcohol and thus lower the percentage of euphoria that can cause the customer when consuming only alcohol, so you can control the percentage of risk of violent events and sexual harassment to staff.

Carry out a market study to determine the area, because there are places where this business model is not allowed or does not fit in with the place, so you must be aware of the best location to obtain greater acceptance and customers.

Problems that may arise

In these businesses the main problem that can arise is security, due to the influence of alcohol and the temptation of users to commit sexual abuse of female staff, so you must have good security to avoid this type of problem that could intimidate the human resource as well as make other customers uncomfortable.

Since it is a business that generally operates at night, one can progressively have

health problems, so measures should be taken to avoid falling into these alterations progressively. Taking perhaps short naps to help you regain your energy.

Success stories

One company in this sector is Intruso Bar, which is one of the ambience venues that offers more than the customer can imagine. It has a concert hall that is the stage for national and international artists, The Sweet Vandals, Eddie Roberts, Bob Sands Big Band, California Honeydrops and Bob Stroger. You can enjoy drinks with friends, and the rhythm of the party, every day from 9 pm. In addition, you can listen to a specific style of music, with special sessions, being Tuesdays for jazz and Sundays for R&B, the most popular.