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Swimming Pool Construction Company – Guide to Getting Started

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How to Set Up a Pool Construction Company

Having a swimming pool in our house, and not just an inflatable one, is like the strawberry on top of the cake. Who doesn’t dream of taking a bath in the moonlight in their private garden? Or how about an afternoon of swimming and partying with friends? That’s why we show you how to set up your own Pool Construction Company and start a very profitable business on your own.

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Requirements for Setting Up a Pool Construction Company

As in any business, the ground must be prepared for everything to run smoothly; from the most obvious to the smallest details, setting up a swimming pool construction company requires attention and dedication. Here are the requirements:

Capital: once you find out how much the initial investment is, taking into account the costs of rent, personnel, materials, tools, machinery, opening costs, fixed expenses and multiplying by twelve the monthly expenses to ensure you have the capital you need to cover the expenses of your business for a year. The two most effective ways to get the money is, first of all that it is money you have to invest or, if not, you can get a loan for investors. What is not recommended is that you use the savings you need to live, since a business can take off and be highly profitable from the beginning, as it may take time to be or, it is hard but the possibility exists, it may never be.

Permissions: you will need to apply for permissions for your business to operate and be registered, as well as specifying the field in which you will work, that of construction, as you may need some extra qualifications that you will also need to obtain.

Work designs: building pools can be done in different ways and using different systems, both in the process and in the result. What you have to do is meet with your team and decide which ones will work when you go to build a pool construction company and draw up the plans and description of them, so you have everything in an orderly place, like a folder, to show and explain to your clients the different options.

Materials: acquire all the materials and tools you need to start your business. Then, as more projects come up, you will buy the most specific ones for each of them. It is essential that you have the machinery from the beginning.

Staff: hire staff with experience in construction, if it is in pools even better. To achieve this, you can place advertisements in newspapers and on the Internet or approach construction schools and ask them to send you their best students for an interview.

How to Set Up a Pool Construction Company

Why set up a pool construction company

In luxurious constructions, and in others that are not so luxurious but whose owners wish to indulge themselves, building a swimming pool is commonplace. Since it is a delicate work and must be done perfectly to avoid future complications, responsible companies are needed to do this work.

Advantages of having Pool Construction

Designers, architects, engineers, have a wide advantage in this business because one of their strengths is the industrial design, which allows them to present projects of design work to build swimming pools which can be done in different ways and using different systems, both in the process and in the result.

Another advantage of this business, is that you can make a work team with related professionals in which the designers of the plans, the civil engineers for the project of organization and calculation of the space, the architect with the design of the model, and thus have all the project in an orderly portfolio, as a folder, to show and explain to customers the different options.

Tips to start swimming pool construction

Before starting the business, it is advisable to carry out the procedures corresponding to the permits and registration of the company.

Generally the processing of the business of construction pools, works, polyester or gunite pools must be done through the City Council of the town where you are going to build swimming pools.

The specifications must be requested from the Town Hall, which details the requirements for building a swimming pool. However, if the pool is considered a minor work, you only have to make the plan of the plot and establish where the pool will be located. In addition, the estimate of the cost of the work must be attached so that the Town Hall can provide the cost of the licence, which is usually around 4%.

Now if the pool is considered a major work is required that the project

is carried out by a registered architect or engineer, with two copies of the project to be submitted to the Town Hall. Increasing the amount of the license to 6% of the budget of the same.

If, in order to build the swimming pool, the public road must be occupied with containers, materials, construction equipment, etc., when the licence is obtained a permit must be applied for to occupy the public road on the days that this occupation is to be effective, as this is paid for each day of occupation.

Success stories

Argos Piscinas, is considered a successful company in this sector because they define themselves as true experts who have made the investment needed over time to be able to guarantee customers faster work without giving up, under any circumstances, maximum reliability. You can be asked for a quote for your swimming pool project and they undertake to provide you with a personalised estimate as soon as possible, completely adapted to your specific requirements.

Problems that may arise 

One of the problems with this business is having enough capital to start it. Because it is not just a question of finding out about the investment, but also of weighing the costs of rent, personnel, materials, tools, machinery, opening costs, fixed expenses and multiplying by twelve the monthly expenses to ensure that you have the capital needed to cover the business’ expenses for a year.

Another problem is that usually the investor ends up using the savings to live in the business, to get it afloat the first year, leading to serious financial problems because it usually takes this type of business to recover the investment and get established.