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Services for Swimming Pools – Entrepreneurship and Profits

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Start a Pool Service Business

A Pool Service Business is an interesting independent business for those who feel entrepreneurial and like to do jobs that require good physical condition, as this activity will help you stay in shape while allowing you to charge good money for keeping the luxury of having a pool intact.

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Understanding the Pool Services Business

Swimming pools must be maintained daily, which is usually done by the owners or employees of the site. However, on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, they will need to use the services provided by a Pool Service Business to do the larger job.

Specifically, the tasks are: skimming, scrubbing, water conservation, filter cleaning and pump maintenance. These tasks increase when there is wind and rain, as they carry dirt into the pool, which must be removed.

Once you have trained, either through your own experience or by reading a specialized manual about how to perform such maintenance, you will be in a position to start your Pool Services Business, before which you will have to buy the work equipment, which consists of: skimmer, telescopic handle, hoses, chemicals, scrubbing brush and some other element that can facilitate the task.

To advertise and make yourself known, use the classified ads, web searches, neighborhood magazines and make yourself flyers and business cards to give to your contacts, new and old.

The clients you will have will be from the smallest to the biggest, that is to say that you will be doing the service of the swimming pool to a person who has one in his house, as well as to big hotels or clubs. Therefore, it is convenient that you have a rate for private clients and for institutions, so that there is not a big imbalance between the amount paid and the client who orders it.

Requirements to have a pool service business

Starting a Pool Service Business needs the following requirements to function properly:

Hire Personnel: interview and select the candidates with the most experience in swimming pools and their maintenance. Make sure that those selected to work in your Pool Service Business have extensive and verifiable experience in the area.

Register: Register your business statewide and apply for any necessary permits so you can take advantage of them from the start. It is important that you specifically clarify the scope of your business, as you may require extra permits.

Advertising: In order to get your first customers and make yourself known, you will need to use the best techniques and means of advertising. Therefore, we recommend that you prepare a good campaign, with solid sales arguments. For this purpose, we recommend that you use the guide for classified ads, etc.

Your Pool Service Business is waiting for you, are you ready to start the adventure? All you have to do is reread the article, be sure and … get to work!

Tips for starting Pool Services

Advantages of Pool Services

It is an easy business to manage that, can take very little time depending on the size of the pool, being able to attend to several clients during the day, so that good profits can be perceived daily once you have the portfolio of regular clients recruited for the job.

The tools needed are inexpensive compared to the elements needed in other business models, making the idea easy to undertake and execute for the benefit of the users of the service.

Tips for starting Pool Services

Make good publicity for your business, use the tools available on the internet such as blogs, social networks or build a dedicated website to help you gain the trust of potential customers for your business.

Try to connect with the client, in the sense that they contract your services exclusively, that way you can have constant profits without much effort when looking for clients, once your business grows, concentrate on finding competent and responsible personnel to continue serving your business while you look for new user clients.

Success stories 

A successful company in this market is NXO2 Cleaning, which has 13 years of experience and has become a benchmark company in the swimming pool and water facilities sector. They offer cleaning and maintenance services for swimming pools, gyms, wellness centres, schools, hotels and spas so that you can always enjoy clean, clear water that is suitable for your skin.

The staff is highly qualified

in the handling of the installation and maintenance of equipment for the purification, hygienization and disinfection of water spaces. They work with high professionalism and experience helping to find the best solution to put and maintain the pools in the best conditions of use.

Problems that can occur

You may have trouble getting clients in the beginning, in the first year like many businesses it can be difficult and you have to be patient while you make the portfolio of possible clients that allows you to give sustainability to the business.

You must be careful with the chemicals you use, otherwise you can have consequences for the users, who could react to the chlorine, with which you do maintenance, having possible legal problems in terms of damages.