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Swimming School – Getting Started, Establishing and Maintaining

How to open a swimming school

See here how to build a swimming school step by step and start working with classes for different types of people, after all it is a lucrative business model!

It is natural that at the beginning many children are already interested in swimming and even older people always express their interest in this type of sport, but it is not always easy to find swimming schools, many of them end up running out of options. However, this does not mean that the market is weak, on the contrary, because what happens is that competition is usually very low in most places, and this opens up opportunities for new entrepreneurs who want to invest in the business.

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Is it worth setting up a swimming school?

As much as this is a market with a low level of competition and usually gives good results, it does not mean that you will be able to achieve success in your city. Precisely for this reason I always point out that people should do market research first, so as to evaluate whether there are a good number of people interested in swimming courses, to see if there are already other schools or clubs offering private lessons.

The truth is that if we look at it in general, there is no doubt that this is a very viable business and that it tends to work perfectly, but it is up to you to make a more in-depth analysis of the local market in which you want to operate. Also because we are talking about a business that will require a high initial investment and the need to generate profits after its opening.

Location and structure for the swimming school

For those who don’t yet know how to set up a swimming school, you should know that location will be a determining factor for success with the young public, after all, if it’s in a distant and inaccessible neighborhood, you probably won’t be able to get great results. So if you look closely, you’ll find that it’s best to set up your business near the places your target audience usually attends, such as schools, day-care centers, playgrounds, condominiums, in a neighborhood near the center or in a visible place that has enough space to do all the installation.

An equally important factor will be the structure. The ideal is to have two pools, one with a smaller size (can be 4 x 8 meters) and maximum depth of 1.30 meters for children up to 6 years, and a second pool with extra large (measuring about 8 × 17 meters) with the same depth and suitable for children under 12 years.

Advantages of having a swimming school

Specifications of a swimming school

Having an adequate space and doing a search is an important principle, but the business goes much further and one of the most important steps in this process of setting up a swimming school is hiring instructors to teach your students. Generally teachers need to be trained in physical education and have knowledge not only in swimming, but also a lot of skill in teaching this practice to beginners.

We cannot forget the legalization of your new business. Make sure you have everything you need to legalize it, apply for a license from the city hall, fire station and a number of other no less important details. Then you should evaluate how to do the outreach plan, I know that perhaps from the beginning you will not find many students, then advertising in regional media can strengthen your business and can be advertised in newspapers, radio programs, use outdoors, you can try collaboration with schools, use social networks and several other options.

Requirements for starting a swimming school

Search for a physical space, which can be a swimming pool by transfer of real estate or in its defect to build the physical space to establish the swimming school.

Another requirement is to establish contact with the schools or places where there are swimming pools, so that the swimming school service can be offered and students can be organized, either free of charge or by paying a commission for the use of the space.

You must have knowledge and training in water sports, so that you can instruct students correctly, as there are many techniques and forms of training that can be implemented.

The best way to learn is to attend a swimming school and overcome all levels of difficulty until the end, participating in competitions, which, gives you an important extra that can help to achieve high credibility once you establish your own swimming school.


Advantages of having a swimming school

This business is a sporting one, which means that the person who installs it must enjoy outstanding health for the rest of his life, also, the doctors who

treats chronic pain and weight problems, prescribing patients to swim which is one of the most complete and beneficial sports for body health.

As swimming is a universal sport for the benefit of health, all kinds of clients can be received, not only young people who want to learn and compete in championships, but also elderly people who are looking for muscle movement therapy, children and people with serious injuries or injuries and who are in the stage of physical therapy to recover movement. This factor means an influx of clients, which represents constant daily profits for the business.

Tips for starting a swimming school

To offer the service of instruction in swimming to all public, separating the schedules to classify the levels of education, in such a way that, it is possible to receive all type of clients, besides to make advertising campaigns.

To publicize the business at the local university in your region, schools of all levels, hospitals and other institutions since everyone needs swimming at some point in their lives, either to lose weight, improve their physique or recover from injuries of a traumatic physical nature.

Tips for starting a swimming school

Problems that can occur

Getting the space can be difficult and if you want to build the physical platform is not cheap, you can spend a significant amount in euros establishing a swimming school if the construction of the space is included.

Getting students can be a challenge at the beginning, you must be patient and move in terms of advertising, making the business known, otherwise you may have problems of income and stability.

Success stories 

The Mabuni Gymnasium Swimming School is a successful company because from the first moment the child contacts the pool, they are proposed to adapt and prepare him/her in a systematic, disciplined, but pleasant way in this aquatic environment, so that he/she starts swimming as a sport.

Once the adaptation or familiarisation with the environment is over, the child must have the autonomy to move around normally with auxiliary material and be able to develop the water activity as a game.