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Television Program, Urban Legends – Profitable Business and Advice

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Start with a TV Program

Urban legends fascinate everyone because of the mystery they contain, so everything related to them is a focus of attraction for fans, and not so much so for the not-so-familiar. That is why we invite you to watch a TV show about urban legends and thus make known the most terrifying myths that lie behind the most peaceful cities.

Importance of Research in a Television Program 

Whenever it is launched, whether it is a book or a documentary on television, the research part is fundamental. It is important to investigate the myth in depth, to find, as far as possible, testimonies that speak of it or have experienced it in person and, something fundamental is to include interviews with these people. All of these elements are vital to making the programme dynamic, nuanced and enjoyable.

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For all this to be possible in a TV Program About Urban Legends, it is necessary to first research the most shocking stories in the most important cities of the world. In other words, the stories to be told need not only belong to the country where the program is made, but, in order for the program to be of greater interest, it will need to include myths of an international level.

Another good idea is to mix typical stories, which everyone knows, such as that of ‘La Llorona’ in Mexico, as well as unknown stories, from the most remote places in the world, in order to make an impact through the surprise factor.

In short, in-depth research is a structural part of a television program about urban legends, so we don’t give wrong or misleading information.

Structure of the Urban Legends Programs

A basic structure, but one that works very well, since it contributes to the program having nuances and being dynamic, is that of a striking presentation that gives place to wanting to know more about it, followed by a presentation of the place where it happened, scenes that dramatize the facts, real testimonies about the specific event that occurred and, finally, a conclusion by the person presenting the program.

How to Sell a Program of Urban Myths and Legends

It’s time to get the space on a TV station. To do this, we have two options that we detail below:

Convincing the Channel of the Program’s Profitability: this is the ideal option, since the channel is in charge of producing it, that is, covering the costs of it and paying you and your collaborators a salary for carrying it out. To do this, you will need a market study that indicates that the program will have an audience that is significant for the channel.

Buying the TV space: it is a feasible idea if you have a significant amount to invest in what you are convinced will work. It is a matter of paying for each time your program is broadcast and you, in turn, charge the brands and companies that wish to advertise on your space. In this way, you become the seller of the advertising slots of your TV Program About Urban Legends.

Requirements to start Leyendas Urbanas Programs

A requirement in this business, is to obtain knowledge in social communication to start in television programs, in this way to develop the activities and to respond effectively to any inconvenience that is presented in the development of the program.

Choose a television channel where you want to transmit the program, get the appropriate equipment such as lights, cameras, and scenery implements to set and achieve the objective of the program, also select the staff with experience in the field.

Tips for starting Urban Legends Programs

Carry out a study of the tastes and presence of the viewers, to develop a program that captivates people and generates good ratings. To do this, staff with experience and knowledge of television programs should be hired.

The staff hired will help determine the best way to transmit the program according to its nature whether the program will be live or recorded, whether it will be for children or adults, the content will be handled, the program’s plot, its basis and the strategies needed to ensure good entertainment that will leave viewers with long hours on television.

Advantages of having Urban Legends Programs

In the world of television broadcasting there is a lot of content to work with, it is an advantage for this business to be able to decide on the topics in which your program will be developed, always taking into account that it is attractive to people who watch television.

If you have a successful program you can generate very good profits for years, even living off of it

this show and the marketing it may generate in the future, such as gift products, flannels and other items related to the television show.

Problems that may arise

During the process of the program you can find the circumstance where you do not get enough viewers and risk having your program cancelled, the TV stations require an indicated amount of audience in order to keep the TV broadcast on air.

You may have trouble finding artists who have the right talent to draw attention to you, which can complicate the process of raising ratings, resulting in a high probability that the program will be cancelled and the investment lost.

Success stories 

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