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Tent or Awning Business – Profitability, Advice and Advantages

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Opening a tent or awning business

Setting up a tent or awning company can be a good business opportunity. With rain on the windows and doors, one of the simplest solutions to solve the problem is to put up an awning or tent. For those who don’t know what it is, this object looks like a garage roof. Made of fabric, the awning can be applied in a straight or curved shape and is intended to protect against the actions of nature and is very popular in the market in commercial and residential establishments.

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They can be designed in a straight or curved form, or also in the most modern way, in the form of taut banners with gouges or taut structures. The aim of their use is to protect against the sun’s rays, especially ultraviolet rays, which have a high intensity and risk to health, at specific times of the day, especially between 11am and 3pm in the afternoon. Therefore, these awnings, allow us to protect against the actions of nature and are very popular in the market, both for commercial establishments and for residential areas. Also, awnings are used in many establishments because they contribute to improve the image of the establishment, since they are also used for decorative purposes.

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An awning company is responsible for all management of this product. It sells, assembles and installs it in the space. This product is sold by length, that is, by square meter, and before the awning is purchased, the company must send an employee, who would be a sales representative on the scene to properly measure it. This step is important because the customer does not always measure correctly. The value of a meter tilt varies depending on the city and region and can cost between $ 20 to $ 80.

Target audience and competition in an awning company

The good news for the future owner of the awning company is that his market, when it comes to customers, is very wide. He will have as customers those who wish to install the product on the facades of their houses.

The competition of this follow-up commitment, is not the largest and there is still a large market niche to be conquered. In many cities, there is still a great place for those who want to invest in an awning company.

However, the entrepreneur should examine locally the possibility of opening an awning company. Some cities may have high competition from this type of business, so it is important to do some research. In addition to research, you should also plan your business opening very well.

Location for your awning business

The site is one of the most important points when setting up an awning company, or anything else. Making the choice in places visible to customers that may be diverse and crowded avenues, shopping districts with large currents and public transportation cars is a good option.

The most suitable location for an awning company should be one that everyone can easily reach, with a large parking lot, good structure to satisfy all customers and also should be a space for storage of the material. The space should be at least 100 m².

Problems that can arise in your awning company

Basic structure of an awning company

An awning company does not need a large work space, only a store with an average of 50 m². You should have three spaces in essence, customer service, awning fabrication and installation and one of the administration rooms that fits well into the estimated 50 meter area. If your company meets more than 10 per awning per day, a larger area will be accurate.

An awning is transported by car, so make sure you have a car in the front area and a car as part of your basic equipment.

The initial investment in an awning company

Whoever wants to open an awning company should have a good starting capital that ranges from $80 to $160,000, but this amount basically has to do with the structure of the business, such as the size and volume of customers to be served.

Advantages of having this awning business model

This business has an excellent projection, being part of public events such as governmental documentation and public information days and highly competitive sports events such as decathlons or any outdoor sport.

Also the tents can be offered for advertising events as the market strategies used by thousands of companies to stimulate contact with the consumer, private events such as children’s parties, weddings, baptisms among others, which involves a virtually massive amount of potential customers.

Success stories present in this model of awning company

Awnings and Pergolas in Madrid is a successful company that has a professional career, with more than 30 years in the awning sector, offering a global service to customers, from the manufacture to the installation of all types of awnings, pergolas, pool covers, tents, among others, combining quality, professionalism and experience, which are the main values of the company.

Problems that can arise in your awning company

Estimating the costs of opening your awning business is absolutely necessary, since you need to provide an efficient and very high quality service, to meet the expectations created to customers. Otherwise you run the risk that the credibility of the business suffers, if you do not comply in time with what was agreed.

Tips to be successful in your awning business

This is a time when advertising is key to any business we undertake. Therefore, you should advertise your business on social networks and place a visible ad, in addition to placing advertising on television and print media. To differentiate yourself, place as part of the promotion of your awning business, an advertising and decoration awning in your business, if possible with the materials you are handling, since it will serve both as a promotion and as a demonstration of the quality of awnings you can make.