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Video Game Rental – Getting Started Guide, Entrepreneurship and Structure

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Start video game rental

If you are a video game fan, then opening a video game rental business would be one of the most eye-catching and profitable business ideas, as you will be creating a means of income while participating in an area that is of your liking and passion, one of the highest requirements of entrepreneurship.

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Video games are loved by many people, from children to adults, and opening a video game rental will allow them to use the game they want at the time they prefer. In order to know how to set up this type of business, I invite you to pay attention to the following points:

What you can offer

Your video game rental business may have several activities and services, including renting video game CDs, renting consoles, or providing a space where people can go to play in a location and some spacious area you have at home, such as an unused garage, for example.

Analyze the competition

It is important that you look for a place close to a concentration of young people, who are the potential customers of your business. You can be located near residential areas, parks, training places, etc. If these areas have the presence of other video game stores, you can try to offer discounts the first few days, game packages by the hour, etc.

Business plan development

Every business needs a map and your gaming venue is no exception. Basically it’s about the structure of the business, which is going to have every step, process and task that we are going to perform. Keep in mind the following:

Location: Setting up your business does not necessarily require renting or buying a location, especially if an area away from your thing can be accommodated for it, this if you are going to rent the consoles to be used within your space, because if you are going to lend or rent them for people to take them, then you will only need a space where you can have them accommodated for their transfer.

License and permits: Like any business, you need to have the necessary permits to start your business legally.

Equipment: It is not necessary to start the business with 20 consoles, because what we need initially is to make very good use of our budget so that we buy the most essential things. I recommend you to start with one or two consoles in your local, also you will need their respective controls, televisions and headsets, such as chairs and shelves or tables where you install the televisions and equipment.

Staff: The number of people working with you depends substantially on the growth of the business. If you have several consoles, then you will need one or two people to take care of borrowing games, turning on consoles, cleaning, payments and other aspects. You can start this business alone, so in the beginning it will not be necessary to hire staff.

Start video game rental

Requirements to start in Video Game Rental

A requirement for this business is to make a research to know the current state of the video games market, because the advance of technology makes that every time, there are more advanced versions, so it is a very changing and dynamic business.

Another important requirement is to find a place close to a concentration of young people, who are the potential customers of this business. The same, can be located near residential areas, parks, training places, avoiding school areas because in some countries this is prohibited. You can also choose areas that have the presence of other video game stores, trying to offer discounts the first few days, in packages of games by the hour.

Advantages of having a videogame rental 

One advantage of the video game rental business is that you can diversify activities, entertainment, and services, including video game CD rental, console rental, and so on.

It is also possible to place spaces where users can go to play in a local and some spacious area that is even in the house, such as an unused garage, for example. Other additional spaces for drinks, food, movie theaters, favorite movies, and other similar entertainment can also be incorporated.

Video Game Rental Success Stories

The company Rodamos Juntos, is considered successful in this business space because it offers the rental of consoles, video game Sony Play Station PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and Nintendo Swich for events. The events are organized with the consoles, controllers, games, TV from 43″ in customizable furniture, and with monitors to assist the participants.

Also the Video Games Group Sword Garden Sl, is a successful company that is dedicated to the creation and marketing of physical and digital entertainment, providing

of the video game enthusiast public, arcades and game rooms.

Problems that may arise

Mainly the cost of investment. Although we can reduce it, crucially it will be necessary to have a good investment to condition the space (if you are going to lend an area of your house for entertainment) or, for the purchase of the equipment (at least 2). This equipment should include all the necessary material, chairs, table, controls, cables, television, etc. However, the return on investment can be high and fast if you organize your income correctly.

Final recommendation

Since it is a type of business that can be reached by children and young people alike, we advise you to pay a lot of attention to the promotion of the business, since in a residential area, you will probably have a specific audience and not all those who might be interested. Make sure you have a guarantee, security cameras and video surveillance equipment to take care of your equipment.