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Water Sports Activities – Advice, Guides and Entrepreneurship

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Start Water Sports Activities

If you have training or experience in water activities, are an active person and a great lover of sport and nature, setting up a business that offers activities related to water sports is your business.

The practice of water sports is becoming more and more common, and nowadays more and more sectors of the population have access to it, so they have stopped being minority sports to reach great levels of popularity thanks to the success of our most international sportsmen and women and to the intense promotional work developed by the public administrations, establishing themselves as alternatives to more traditional sports such as football, basketball or tennis.

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How to develop your company

One of the disadvantages of this sector is that it is very much determined by seasonality and climate. There may be months when revenues are reduced considerably, mainly during the winter months when it is more difficult to make a turnover, so it is very important to broaden the range of activities and try to approach the business from the point of view of providing year-round revenues.

Before starting any water sports activity contracted by the client, the company must take the necessary measures to ensure that the user is informed of the facilities, materials and services that pose a risk and the security measures adopted.

Informing your clients
The measures to be taken to preserve the environment in which the activity is carried out.
Inform about the knowledge required, difficulties involved in the practice of the activity and behaviours to follow in case of danger, physical requirements or skills needed to practice the activity and, when appropriate, pathologies that discourage its practice.
Of the safety measures to be taken when practising these water sports.
The materials to be used in these water sports and it will have to be specified which material is not included in the price offered, only the minimum safety material will be included in the price.
Activities you will offer to practice these water sports
Windsurfing: this sport offers basic (beginner) and advanced courses; improvement courses; introduction to funboard; and windsurfing formula for those who are already experts.
Kitesurfing: baptismal courses, learning courses and improvement courses will be offered.
Light sailing: initiation courses (baptism) and improvement courses.
Water skiing and wakeboarding: clients will be offered to take a single class to try out (baptism) or any of the different course formulas. If you do not need instruction, we will also offer individual outings and passes so that you can ski and wakeboard in the best conditions.
Jet skis: training courses and jet skis rental will be offered.
Kayak (sea kayaking): beginners’ and advanced courses will be offered in this sport.

Start Water Sports Activities

What customers might be interested in water sports

Young segment. This type of tourism is more active and sophisticated than the traditional one. It seeks more activities, requires a more personalized vacation, spends more.
Groups by specialties, are groups that seek the realization of a particular activity, are an important market potential, especially during the low season.
Groups: schools, associations, companies, etc. Addressing these sectors leaves a greater profitability and its demand is more continuous.
Public administrations: it is necessary to know that in order to work with the public administration, it is necessary to apply for the competitions they call for the organization of adventure activities.

Requirements to start water sports activities
Requirements to start water sports activities

An important requirement in this business is to study previously the market and the style of the clients, to choose the space, which must be near the sea, to have access to the place where the waves exist for surfing, and to promote a diversity of activities.

Another requirement is to acquire the necessary implements dedicated to the business, in addition the investor must focus on the type of water sports he wants to attend since there is a very large variety of them.

Another requirement is to have enough capital to acquire the necessary equipment, sails, boards, jet skis and other elements needed to perform the dedicated sport that you want to develop.

Another requirement is to have a formally registered business so that you do not get into trouble with the regulatory body. In this sense, you can hire a specialist in commercial registers to prepare your business in terms of bureaucracy.

Advantages of having Water Sports Activities

With this business

can charge a significant amount of money for the type of activities promoted because among the activities is the rental of necessary equipment, either for sailing, jet ski racing, paragliding, among other water sports that are available to exploit in the business.

It is a business whose nature is sport, which makes it one that draws the attention of users who are interested in good health, as well as always being in contact with the sea, because it can be a very satisfying life experience, not only because of the freshness and salty air that many enjoy but also because, for some of these fans, water sports can become addictive.

Tips to start water sports activities

Make good choices about what types of water sports you want to choose, so that you can dedicate all your time and money to it, in this way you can offer a complete service, establishing a quality seal for your business and encouraging customers to return or be part of your activities for an indefinite period of time.

Make your business known, hire radio spots, connect with clubs near your location, use the tools of the internet to connect with enthusiasts of these types of sports, so that you can let them know about the direction and existence of your business.

Problems you may encounter 

There is a great variety of water sports and all of them need implements that can be very expensive, because everything related to the sea implies investing important amounts of money to consolidate the activities that the chosen model demands. Therefore, it is necessary to be in previous knowledge of the type of sport that the company is managing.

There may be problems in attracting customers in certain seasons, especially in cold seasons where users do not go out to sea or dare to practice any kind of sport that has to do with water.

Success stories

Deportes Náuticos Vigo Sl, is considered a successful company in this business because it is dedicated to the rental and sale of various types of transport including accessories and components, the guard, custody and maintenance of them. Emphasizing the retail trade of all kinds of nautical materials, as well as the organization of sporting events.