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Artisan Ice Cream Business – Start, Features and More

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Start in the artisan ice cream business

Ice cream is to desserts what the lion is to the forest: the king. Its infinity of flavors and combination possibilities have made it the most sought-after delicacy when it comes to rewarding yourself with something sweet. However, industrial ice cream makers have the disadvantage of using a method of production in which they must resort to artificial flavors and preservatives. So today’s invitation is to learn how to set up an artisan ice cream parlour and offer a healthy and natural product.

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Ice cream is to desserts what the lion is to the forest: the king. Its infinity of flavors and combination possibilities have made it the most sought-after delicacy no matter what the time or occasion. However, industrial ice cream makers have the disadvantage of using a method of production in which they must resort to artificial flavors and preservatives.

So today’s invitation is to learn how to set up an Artisan Ice Cream Shop and offer a healthy and natural product.

If you are looking for a profitable business, where you can offer the best of ice cream without resorting to components that everyone is trying to avoid today, we recommend you to set up a Traditional Ice Cream Shop and turn it into a reference company in the market. Discover in our post today, everything you need to know to start up.

Let’s get started!

How an ice cream parlour works

In recent years, market preference and demand have led to an increase in proposals with zero chemicals, where additives and other components are not infested in the products being consumed. That is why a traditional ice cream shop is one of the best answers.

This business idea proposes that, as an entrepreneur, you can open your own ice cream shop, but in this case with traditional ice creams, where the natural ingredients will take the place of their chemical counterpart.

How an ice cream parlour works

Why open a traditional ice cream shop? 

Ice creams are the classic of all seasons; winter, summer, spring and autumn, they are still the most sought-after. So you’ll have an influx of people, regardless of the weather.

Certain products have the disadvantage of having a certain target audience, which is precisely what does not happen to an ice cream parlour, even less so if it is a traditional one, since it has a following of all ages and, very especially, of parents who seek the best for their children and for people who have decided to look after their health.

Requirements for a traditional ice cream shop

The first thing you must take into account when establishing a business like this is the specific activity you are going to develop to register your business and in this sense, obtain the qualification to operate without problems. The Ministry of Health will demand certain requirements that will be detailed; comply with them and you will be working within the margin of the Law.

How do I define my investment capital?

Before setting up your artisan ice cream shop, you should consider the investment costs involved in different fields, such as the premises, the equipment, the ice cream machines, including the hiring of personnel, who must have some experience in the ice cream shop. However, you can start your business as an individual, but surely with the increase in demand, you will need more people with you.

Likewise, you must weigh the costs of the inputs for the elaboration of the ice cream. You should also include the costs of refrigeration, as well as advertising and marketing. Therefore, it is advisable to make your business plan in advance.

How do I start my own artisan ice cream shop step by step?

Carry out a market study that allows you to verify and make a quote for the equipment you will need, as well as the value of the premises, purchase or rent, and includes its conditioning. This study will allow you to know the conditions of your business, the preferences of your public, possible competitors and other data that are key to develop strategies that allow you to grow.

Once this is done, it is time to choose a location that is in line with your needs and possibilities. That is, try to balance between what you want and what you can, so you will have a place as close as possible to what your business needs, without having to run financial risks due to high rental costs. Equip it with the machines to make the ice cream and with the refrigerators that keep it. One option is to have the refrigerated display case at ice cream temperature and store it in buckets in full view of the public.

Requirements for a traditional ice cream shop

Key tips to start my artisan ice cream shop 


If you plan to leave staff in charge of the business, it is necessary that these people have experience, but this also implies that you have it. Acquire the necessary knowledge to

the combination of the ice cream, its conservation and other key aspects of preparation in order to offer a quality product with the right conditions.

On the other hand, customer service must be one of your top priorities. The person who attends directly to the artisan ice cream parlour must be a nice and friendly person who makes each of the people who enter feel good and comfortable. Likewise, in any situation, you must respond calmly and clearly.

Italians have great prestige in the artisan ice cream shop, we recommend you to approach expert ice cream makers to learn tricks and ideas on how to obtain the best quality and presentation in the product. Artisan ice cream has to be very creamy if it is offered in flavours such as chocolate, vanilla, rum with raisins, pistachio, among others. Customers will look for flavor and creaminess in each of the artisan ice creams.

Weaknesses: despite the fact that artisan ice cream shops are in great demand, if your ice creams are not well made, adhering to the rules of hygiene and food handling, with the right consistency and presentation, your ice cream shop can be a failure.

Offering, for example, an ice cream that is promoted as creamy, with abundant gum arabic, will awaken in your audience the feeling of deception, which will end up distancing them from your ice cream shop and even spreading their bad experience.

The demand on the palate of customers with handmade ice cream is very high, so they can easily move away if your ice cream does not have, nor meet the expected and promoted.

Points in favor: it is a business idea that allows you to offer a delicious, healthy and profitable alternative to a public that does not stop growing, so it becomes an option that we can not discard if we seek an idea of entrepreneurship. You can start by preparing the ice creams from the comfort of your home and even sell them from there to people close to you, neighbours and friends.

Although we will have to allocate much of the investment to the purchase of equipment to maintain the ice cream, we can reduce other variable costs such as the amount and the place of operation. Make sure you stay active with promotion and advertising, because with good pictures your public will not be able to resist.

Success stories

Desserts are one of the most sought-after fields in the sector for the public, but it is also undoubtedly a field full of possibilities for entrepreneurs. That is why companies like those you will see below have managed to create their own franchises with a growth process that involves effort, commitment and passion

Start your own artisan ice cream business today and enjoy an ever-growing market.